Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SEARCH FOR WENG WENG: Week #2 update!

Dear friends and colleagues,

As you may have heard, I'm currently running a crowdfunding campaign to finish my THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG documentary -

The film has been a labour of love since I started filming in 2006. In short (no pun intended, I swear), it's a guerrilla-shot chronicle of my obsessive quest to find the two-foot-nine James Bond of the Philippines. Funnily enough, THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG is shaping into a film as much about obsession and following one's passions to extremes as it is about its two-foot-nine subject.

With over 100 hours in the can, it's finally time to deliver a 90 minute documentary feature. The $30,000 we're asking for from Kickstarter pledges is to pay for its post-production and, down the track, touring the film internationally. The idea is to fund its completion in the same way it was filmed - guerrilla style - to retain as much control as possible over the project. The finished film will subsequently be released in this country theatrically and on DVD by Monster Pictures in Melbourne (

At two weeks into the eight-week campaign, we are currently more than a third of the way towards our goal, and that's a very encouraging beginning.

However, there's a long way to go, and for that reason I'm asking for a personal favour from each of you.

Could you please visit the link, watch the video, and then forward the link and this blurb to anyone who might be interested. This would include:

- would-be investors, both small and large (and with a huge list of incentives on offer, even a $10 pledge to Kickstarter receives a VIP ticket to its Australian premiere);

- media outlets (newspapers, TV and radio stations, bloggers, social media);

- family and friends;

- and overseas distributors, exhibitors, film festivals etc.

I apologize for imposing on your valuable time, but I really believe you will recognize in this venture the tenacious spirit of independent filmmaking alive and kicking. Needless to say there is a lot riding on this for me, both professionally and personally, and I hope I can inspire you into coming along with me on my adventure of a lifetime.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to continuing this conversation here, by private message, or via email at

Warmest regards,

Andrew Leavold (Writer/Director, THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For Your Height Only on German DVD - with my extras!

WENG WENG FANS REJOICE! The new German DVD of For Your Height Only (titled "Agent 003 1/2") just arrived in the post yesterday from its Film Art label, and the bonus features I supplied are all there! I'm extremely happy and proud to announce it's the most definitive DVD release of FYHO anywhere in the world thus far:

- Small hardbox with leather improvement - like a small leather-bound book! - limited and numbered to 1000 copies

- Picture format: 4:3 (fullscreen), with an alternative version of the main film (1.66:1 anamorphic widescreen)

- Sound: German & English language

- Featurette: "The Weng Weng Story" (with German subtitles) is actually three episodes of my Schlock Treatment program on Weng Weng, half an hour in total!

- On-Disc-Booklet by Andrew Leavold (also as an audio book, spoken by Charles Rettinghaus, the German dubbing actor of Jean-Claude van Damme), both in German

- Extensive picture Gallery with rare movie posters and stills

- Original English language trailers for "For Your Height Only" and "The Impossible Kid"

Discs may be purchased from and Film Art's main distributor

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Eye Of The Eagle (1987)

1987 - Eye Of The Eagle (Premiere Productions/Concorde Pictures)

[US/Filipino co-production released internationally by Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures; released in Germany as "Battlefield Vietnam" and "Jungle Force", in France as "Commando Rebelle", in Finland as "Kotkan Silma" and in Poland as "Oko Orla"]
Director/Producer Cirio H. Santiago Story Catherine Santiago Screenplay Joseph Zucchero, Nigel Hogge Executive Producer [uncredited] Roger Corman Cinematography Ricardo Remias Music Marita Manuel Editor Gervacio Santos Sound Supervisor Rollie Ruta Sound Effects Rudy Cabrales Soundman Do Bulatano Assistant Soundman Vicente Dona 2nd Unit Directors "Joe"/Jose Mari Avellana, Bobby Santiago Assistant Director Jose Torres Production Coordinator Anne Roth Production Supervisor Emilio Guatelara Production Manager Aurelio Navarro Production Designer "Joe"/Jose Mari Avellana Art Director Ronnie Cruz Special Effects Gapo Marbella Stunt Coordinator Fred Esplana Assistant Stunt Coordinators Ronald Asinas, Day Guerrero Makeup Teresa Mercarder Makeup Assistant Edna Veleriano Wardrobe Mistress Elvie Santos  Wardrobe Assistants Gloria Garcia, Remia Mendoza Set Dressers Boyet Camaya, Jerson Arrididon, Max Paglinawan 2nd Unit Cameraman Ben Lobo Assistant Cameramen Rene Pancheco, Ricardo Dumigpi Casting Director Enrique Reyes [IMDB lists Al Guarino, not in credits] Assistant Casting Director Henry Strzalkowski Assistant Production Manager Honorato Perez Jr Continuity Supervisor Chining Sagarbarria Production Assistant Albert Macapagal Production Nurse Vicky Banzuela Transportation Captain Geronimo Holandez Legman Caloy Luna Assistant Editor Danny Pantua Production Accountant Armando Lacsamana Purchaser Ricky Tolentino Comptroller Dulce del Pilar Auditor Octavio Mabilangan Production Secretary Rachel Bernardo Stills Nilo Odiaman 

Cast Brett [Baxter] Clark (Sgt. Rich Stratton), Robert Patrick (Johnny Ransom), Ed Crick (Sgt. Bo Rattner), William Steis (Capt. Carter), Cec Verrell (Chris Chandler), Rey Malonzo (Cpl. Willy Leung), Mike Monty (Col. Stark), Vic Diaz (Colonel Trang), Henry Strzalkowski (Cpl. Weasel Watkins), Willie Williams (Gimme Five), Nick Nicholson (Pfc. Crazy Dog), David Light (Sgt. Maddox), Mel Davidson (Cpl. Beller), Jim Moss (Sgt. Warden), Tony Beso (Lol Pot), Jerry Hart (Doctor), "Dave"/David Anderson (Special Forces Officer), [uncredited] Steve Rogers

Mini-review by Andrew Leavold:

Oliver Stone's Platoon marked a change in the film market's prevailing wind from rampaging Vietnam War vets and missing POWs to actual combat, and Cirio Santiago, like the proverbial bamboo reed, bent with it. EYE OF THE EAGLE (1987) is the first in a substantial barrage of Vietnam War films from Cirio and company, a breathtaking, rapid-fire montage of explosions and head-shots which, luckily, leaves little breathing space for character development and pointless exposition. Brett Clark, a bulky blow-waved Corman and Andy Sidaris regular, plays Rich Stratton, leader of the crack three-man Eagle Team alongside sixgun-toting Johnny Ransom (T2's Robert Patrick, in one of four Cirio appearances) and Willy Leung (the Pinoy Bruce Lee and Search For Vengeance star/director Rey Malonzo). Firey war reporter Chris Chandler (Silk's Cec Verrell) brings news of a Lost Command of renegade American soldiers looting and killing US troops behind enemy lines to Eagle Team's commanding officer Colonel Stark (Mike Monty), but is told by intelligence officer Captain Carter (William Steis) to dismiss it as dangerous rumour. Carter, meanwhile, is knee-deep in dirty dealings with the Lost Command's leader Bo Rattner (Ed Crick, one of the rapists from Naked Vengeance), and once the ragtag group kill Leung during a payroll hijack and take Johnny Boy prisoner, Stratton flies into a solo rage and firebombs their hideout - actually the World War 2 ruins of Corregidor - in a typically incendiary Cirio finale. 

His regulation Pigs In Space crew are well represented in Rattner's band of losers: Nick Nicholson, his hyena laugh pitch-perfect, is Crazy Dog, Henry Strzalkowski's character is appropriately named Weasel, and Willie Williams is "Gimme Five". Portly Vic Diaz briefly appears as a Vietnamese Colonel before he's shot in the skull, and David Light and Jim Moss, Cirio's dependable White Goons, make up Eagle's rival Condor Team. If it looks and sounds familiar by now, it's not surprising, as the screenplay by Cirio stalwarts Joseph Zucchero and Nigel Hogge plays its tripartite power struggle - Americans, the NVA and Rattner's Lost Command - like its iconic post-apocalypse counterparts. Montagnards with bows and arrows look suspiciously like Wheels Of Fire et al's mountain tribe, Robert Patrick's rebel hat is identical to the one he wore in Equalizer 2000, and even the Philippines' stand-in wastelands for Vietnam makes Eye Of The Eagle, more than Cirio's other 'Namsploitationers, feel like a precursor to the inevitable Apocalypse. Click here for the trailer:

Nick Nicholson on Eye Of The Eagle (from his blog):

This was one of my favorite films. I got to work with a lot of my friends and made some new friends here. This was a good start for Robert Patrick’s career. We shot this at Valenzuela, Bulacan, which is where most of Cirio’s family lived. The mother’s side owns a tannery there as well. But we had set up a base camp near the church on the same street where his cousins lived. It was cool and we had a place to relax at Ricky Tolentino’s house. They let us use a small hut in their backyard to relax in. The other time, we spent time at Corregidor Tanay and Mt. Makiling, Los Banos where we found a giant poop at the base of a Banyan tree that quickly became the set controversy for many days and I still vividly remember to this day.

I remember that Henry and I went to find a smoking site away from the set and we went to this Banyan tree and as we moved to the side not visible to the set, Henry said, “Holy Shit Pare, look at that!” and he was pointing at a fresh pile a poop that was fucking huge! I would guess that the diameter was at least 3″ and it must have been no less than 3 feet long kind of coiled up. You wouldn’t think it was possible for a human to take a dump like that, but there it was complete with a couple of pieces of tissue that were used to wipe this super humans butt! It was times like this that I kick myself for not bringing a camera with me to capture this oddity. Throughout the day various people went over to that tree to look at that magnificent piece of shit and speculation ran wild with, “Who did it!?!” A lot of people pegged Gloria from wardrobe as the culprit, others claimed it could only have come from her brother Lino who was gay, and made our coffee. Nobody ever claimed it, but, it was talked about for years! It ell you, it was fucking scary!!!

Anyway, as I said earlier this is kind of where Robert Patrick’s career took off! Brett Clark was supposed to be the lead but he ended up wimping out. There was a minor stunt where he was supposed to jump from the roof of a 3 storey building into some boxes below. He chickened out and we told Robert to tell Cirio that he could do it. Well he did, and he got the stunt and the film suddenly focused on him. We were quite happy about that! Robert was a good guy and real fun to work with. He was thus inducted into the “Pigs in Space”!

Los Banos was always a cool place to shoot due to the fact that we would always stop at the Dairy outlet for UP Los Banos and we would load up on chocolate milk and Keso Puti which was a kind of fresh mozzarella cheese. Also we would purchase Buco pie which was a pie made with young tender coconuts.

Nick Nicholson and Henry Strzalkowski
On this particular film, it was much like any other Cirio movie in the sense that a lot of running was involved, not to mention explosions and gunfire. We did all of this and in between we smoked weed and did some exploring. We weren’t too far from the boiling mud spring as Mt Makiling is a volcano. Hence, Los Banos means “the baths” there is a lot of geothermal activity in the area and I still believe that this sucker will pop its cork one of these days.

Above is a picture of Me, Ed Crick and Robert Patrick in makeup on Mt. Makiling Below is Steve Rogers and myself doing some of the “running and shooting”.

Nothing really interesting happened here. We shot some fun stuff at the Valenzuela set. I don’t have any pics from there. The real stuff happened at Tanay and Correigidor.

We went to Mariveles Bataan which is now a Sweatshop for footwear manufacture and BASECO which is the Bataan Shipyard. We stayed at the Hilltop Hotel which was a pleasant place to stay. Food in the restaurant was edible. Me, Henry and Steve cracked up one night while we were there. Brett demanded that food served to him by our caterer should be steamed. No fried foods at all as he was on a strict diet. Holy Jebus! One night we walk into the restaurant and who do we see? Brett! And.. what was he eating? A whole fried chicken with a huge plate of French Fries! What a fucking joke!

Anyway, in the morning we would get on a jeepney which would take us to the pier at BASECO and from there we would ride a boat going to Corregidor.

Above is me, Mike Soques and Steve Rogers on the boat. It was a nice ride over to the island. Once on the island we would get situated, find the coffee, and adjust our attitudes. The rest of the day was filled with more running, gunfire and explosions. Cirio loved explosions. The bigger the fireball the better. We all had survived numerous encounters with these blasts. Henry has a photo of us going up the stairs of one of the batteries on Corregidor where he and Ed Crick are engulfed by a fireball. The thing is, before doing a scene, if we see a red flag, we check it out. We look to see how big is the powder charge, then how much gasoline is being used, then we guide ourselves accordingly. Unfortunately for Ed Crick, he didn’t do his homework before the scene. He lost his eyebrows and got 2nd degree burns on his face. Steve and I were in front of Henry and Ed and we hauled ass going up the stairs and our heads looking away from the blast. Henry did the same thing, but Ed was just looking forward. he learned fast and it didn’t happen to him again.

Nick Nicholson and Steve Rogers

I think it was our first day there at Corregidor that we were met by our buddy Bill Steis. He and the other Hollywooders had already been shooting a couple of days. Henry, Bill and I quickly started to explore the area. We crawled in between the magazine walls, up and down the gun batteries. We were all over the place! No matter where you went there were spent bullet casings all over the place. We took a piss at the entry of one of the gun batteries and uncovered a pile of .30 cal machinegun casings. I Can only imagine what it was like when the US Army retook Corregidor from the Japanese. There were bomb craters within bomb craters. The US Army Air Corps pounded the shit out of the island before dropping paratroops. There wasn't a living tree or bush left on the island. later the island was seeded with Ipil Ipil seeds. After that it was Ipil Ipil Trees, Birds and cobras. It is said that the waters around the island are shark infested. We never went swimming there to find out.

Fred Adelman's review from his Critical Condition Online website:

EYE OF THE EAGLE (1987) - This film, the first of Filipino director Cirio H. Santiago's full-on 80's Vietnam War action flicks, finds Sgt. Rick Stratton (Brett Clark; ALIEN WARRIOR - 1985), Cpl. Johnny Ransom (Robert Patrick, wearing the same rebel cap he did in Santiago's EQUALIZER 2000 - 1986) and Cpl. Willy Leung (Rey Malonzo; SEARCH FOR VENGEANCE - 1984) saving a squad of American soldiers who are pinned-down by the enemy in the jungle. Sgt. Stratton fires his pistol in one hand and an AK-47 in the other, Cpl. Leung keeps the enemy at bay with his automatic rifle and Cpl. Ransom shoots his Winchester rifle from the hip. All three of them are crack shots, kill all the VC and lead the American soldiers to a waiting helicopter. We then witness a group of traitorous American soldiers, led by Sgt. B.O. Rattner (Ed Crick), invade the headquarters of Company C, laying waste to all the buildings and killing all the American soldiers stationed there. Col. Stark (Mike Monty) and Capt. Carter (William Steis) assign Stratton, Ransom and Leung on a mission to kill enemy Col. Trang (Vic Diaz) as he is traveling by train through the mountains. The trio sneak on-board the train, kill Trang and are forced to steal some enemy motorcycles and drive to safety when, for some reason, Capt. Carter never picks them up by helicopter. When the trio get back to headquarters, they make sure to voice their displeasure to Carter and then get into a bar fight with Sgt. Maddox (David Light) and his men (who were supposed to back them up on the last mission) when someone calls Leung a "gook". Meanwhile, journalist Chris Chandler (Cec Verrell; SILK - 1986) has discovered the secret location of the "Lost Command", a squad of rogue soldiers that are officially listed as AWOL or MIA, commanded by, you guessed it, Sgt. B.O. Rattner. When Chandler is discovered taking photos of the secret location, Rattner orders his men to kill her and get the film. That's not going to be easy, because Chandler's assistant, Lol Pot (Tony Beso), is also the leader of a local tribe of spear and bow-carrying freedom fighters. When Chandler makes it back to her base camp, she manages to get one radio message out before Rattner and his men appear to destroy the camp. Chandler is saved, but loses her camera and the film. When Stratton finds out that Rattner is involved, he has Chandler lead him, Ransom and Leung to the location of the Lost Command. You see, it turns out that Rattner murdered Stratton's brother years earlier and it's payback time. It looks like it's going to be a hot time in the old jungle tonight, especially after it's revealed that Capt. Carter is in cahoots with Rattner. When Rattner kidnaps and tortures Ransom, Stratton and Chandler race to the Lost Command headquarters to save him. Will they get there in time?  

I'm not going to pretend that this film is nothing but a low-budget PLATOON (1986) rip-off, but it's still damn entertaining. Director/producer Cirio H. Santiago, working with a script by frequent Santiago collaborators Joseph Zucchero and Nigel Hogge, has fashioned a fast-paced, mindless actioner that's basically a non-stop series of action set-pieces connected by the barest of plots. Brett Clark is stiff as a piece of one inch-thick plywood and Robert Patrick, who would appear as the same character in Santiago's next Nam film, BEHIND ENEMY LINES (1987), only this time as the lead, mugs for the camera and screams out his lines. Luckily, we don't watch these films for the acting talent and Santiago doesn't disappoint when it comes to the carnage. People are shot in the head (our trio's preferred method of disposing of the enemy), blown-up or riddled with automatic gunfire and Santiago also includes a shot of a man on fire, a recurring gag in nearly all his films. I'm still trying to figure out why Ransom dresses like a Southern rebel from the Civil War and why he was allowed to bring a Winchester rifle and a Colt pistol to Vietnam, but I suppose it's best not to dwell on such matters. Unfortunately, Cec Verrell keeps her clothes on throughout, but there's a brief shot of a topless prostitute during the bar fight. If you like war action films, EYE OF THE EAGLE is a good way to spend 82 minutes. Two unrelated sequels followed, EYE OF THE EAGLE II: INSIDE THE ENEMY  (1988; directed by Carl Franklin and produced by Santiago) and EYE OF THE EAGLE 3 (1990; with Santiago returning to the director's chair). Other Santiago Nam epics include THE EXPENDABLES (1988), NAM ANGELS (1988), FIELD OF FIRE (1990), BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY (1992), KILL ZONE (1992) and FIREHAWK (1992). Also starring Nick Nicholson, Henry Strzalkowski, Willie Williams, Mel Davidson, Jim Moss and Jerry Hart. Originally issued on VHS by MGM/UA Home Video and later released on DVD by Roger Corman's New Horizons Home Video as part of their AMERICAN VALOR series.

Timothy Young's review from the Mondo Esoterica website:

At the height of the Vietnam War a brutal attack on an American base kills dozens of soldiers. In charge of an elite team known as 'Eagle', Sergeant Rich Stratton leads his men on a commando attack on a train carrying a Viet Cong officer - they kill their target but are abandoned by their pick-up and forced to trek back to base. Meanwhile a journalist Chris Chandler manages to get close to an abandoned military base where she discovers a 'lost command' of American soldiers who have absconded from their units and hidden in the jungle, carrying out covert attacks on American troops and bases for loot. Stratton and his Eagle team are sent to investigate...

The Vietnam war affected a whole generation of young Americans and divided a nation over what many saw as a needless war. As a result the conflict has been treated with earnest sincerity by most American film makers, examining its brutality and suffering in films from the viewpoint of the men on the ground in Platoon (1986) to the suffering of the neglected veterans in Born on the Fourth of July (1989). However in the Phillipines during the 1980s there was a boom in exploitation film making and a number of enterprising producers saw the potential for using the country as a double for Vietnam leading to a slew of action packed war movies throughout the decade. Attracted by the incredibly cheap production costs of these films, American exploitation producer Roger Corman provided funding and several American actors for the first of what would become a trilogy of films.

Scripted by Joseph Zucchero (who had previously written director Cirio H. Santiago's Rambo rip-off The Devastator (1985)), Eye of the Eagle starts off with a bang, literally - the opening frame of the film shows a soldier being shot in the head - and it never seems to let up on the action with well over two-thirds of the film's runtime being dedicated to explosive gunfighting and action scenes with the plot coming a distant second place. The storyline that there is, is incredibly simple (with its absconding officer theme it does seem to be a homeopathically distilled take on Apocalypse Now (1979)), serving to get our characters into innumerable fights with minimal exposition. Of course this does leave all sorts of important questions unanswered, like the actual motives of the 'lost command' (they are making money from their looting, but what they can do with this in the middle of a jungle is never stated), however none of this seems to matter particularly as the storyline speeds on to the next explosion - even what might have been a token romantic sub-plot is bypassed (although this does deny us the chance for a gratuitous sex scene). Obviously the pacing never gets time to slacken and the film builds to an inevitable but suitably dramatic climax.

Although hardly likely to be authentic the production looks as good as you could expect - the screen is continually filled with explosive effects and enough gun wielding extras to give the combat scenes a large scale feel, there is a good selection of American military hardware on show (including the requesite UH-1 helicopters and M113 troop carriers) and the Phillipine jungles do make a suitably convincing Vietnam (certainly much more so than the American rural locations used in many US produced low budget 'namsploitation films). The commando unit conform to all of the usual genre clichés with completely inplausible uniforms (including a noticable lack of any supply packs, even when dropped far behind enemy lines) and a habit of successfully wielding several guns at once. Probably the most inadvertantly humourous scene is the attack on a train which is built up as a major operation with commandos boarding at both ends, but turns out to be a tiny narrow gauge steam train with four coaches bouncing along the tracks.

Director Cirio H. Santiago is never more than workmanlike behind the camera, but adds enough variation to the combat scenes to keep the film from feeling repetitive - only one of the battle scenes, an attack on a village, becomes rather confusing with it being hard to tell just who is fighting whom. Despite the endless gunshots and explosions, gory effects are surprisingly understated - a few bloody head-shots are the most vivid effects on display, while some bikini-clad dancers in a nightclub are the closest the film comes to female skin, probably a reflection of the film's intended American release market. The soundtrack is a very mixed bag - sometimes fitting, often rather less so - one combat scene plays out to soft jazz and not in an deliberately ironic way.

Bulky American actor Brett Baxter Clark plays Stratton and does seem to be perfectly suited for this sort of film, he is joined by a very young Robert Patrick (best known as the T-1000 in Terminator II (1991)) in one of three films he made for Santiago in the Phillipines in 1986. Filipino exploitation film veteran Vic Diaz (The Big Bird Cage (1972)) has a very brief part as the Viet Cong commander targetted in the train assault.

For an audience wanting a serious, worthy Vietnam war film, this will doubtless prove disappointing (if not completely insulting), however to an audience looking for an all-out low-budget action-fest and prepared to accept the limitations of the genre, Eye of the Eagle does not disappoint - an almost non-stop parade of over-the-top gunplay and explosions with just enough storyline to keep things moving, plus the amusing sight of a pre-fame Robert Patrick - only the lack of gratutious nudity stops this from being the ultimate exploitation action film.

Eric Reifschneider's review from the Blood Brothers website:

Antonio Margheriti may be the king of likable cheesy 80's Italian actionploitation but halfway around the world in the Philippines, a Filipino director by the name of Cirio H. Santiago was also making a name for himself in the cheesy low budget world of actionploitation. The one difference is his films tend not to be nearly as likable or enjoyable as his Italian counterparts. Eye of the Eagle is no exception.

Though Santiago flirted with a Vietnam War film in his First Blood rip-off Final Mission, Eye of the Eagle would mark his first full fledged Vietnam War film which desperately tries to copy the macho hero successes of Rambo: First Blood Part II and Missing in Action. Here we get a lame Rambo type hero in the form of Brett Baxter Clark who seems a rather oddball with his blond highlighted 80's hairdo despite the film taking place in 1970. He is in charge of a military assassination group called "Eagle" (catchy code name isn't it?). After a botched mission our group comes in contact with a reporter who has proof of an existence of a rebel American military group made up of MIAs. This rebel group just happens to be headed by the same asshole that killed Brett's brother in cold blood! Brett and his trusty sidekick (Robert Patrick, pre T-1000 role!) set out to shoot lots, and lots of bullets.

When it comes to no brain action, Eye of the Eagle could be the dictionary definition. No thought goes into this plot what-so-ever and it seems machine guns are fired through most of it's 90 minute run time. Everything cliché in an war action film is here, including a typical bar fights and double crosses. All aspects of this film are just downright poor, from its writing, to its editing, to its acting. Hell even the sets are so damn cheap that they almost fall down when Robert Patrick slams a door! You also got to love that ultra lame model helicopter explosion at the end.

The absolute worst part however is the jarring editing during the action sequences. Whenever an explosion goes off, the film has a very jarring edit before people go flying. The film is filled with these awful edits! This is the cheap filmmakers way around action sequences as he cuts at an "opportune" times to switch people out with stunt men. I have never seen this an action film utilize this technique so much and so badly.

I enjoy no-brain 80's action as much as the next guy but Santiago's action outings tend to be not only no-brain but also brain killing. It has some amusing unintentional laughs but this comes nowhere near the enjoyment factor of other cheesy Vietnam flicks produced in Italy and America. The Last Hunter... now that's a likable B-grade Vietnam war flick. My advice is to check out the work of Margheriti instead. If for some God forsaken reason you were floored by the awesomeness of Eye of the Eagle... don't worry, it was followed by two sequels!

Henry Strzalkowski's on-set photos:


Monday, January 7, 2013


UPDATED 07/01/13 - As part of my PhD thesis on the history of genre filmmaking in the Philippines, I am proposing a list of features filmed in the Philippines, either by local or foreign companies, for international release. These include international productions such as Apocalypse Now and Platoon, Cirio Santiago's co-productions with Roger Corman and others, European and Asian films using the Philippines as a location, and local films dubbed into foreign languages for international markets.

NOTES: This list is far from complete, and is merely a work in progress. Additions, retractions and suggestions are more than welcome!

Films with an asterisk next to the title are already on DVD-R in the Bamboo Gods archives. Titles without an asterisk are desperately needed.

*Above The War/Search And Destroy (1989) - JAPAN
Action Is Not Missing (1987) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
The Adventurers (1995) - 90s HONG KONG
Aibou The Movie 2 (2010) - JAPAN
*Aladdin and the Adventure of All Time (2000) - CIRIO
*Alien From The Deep (1989) - MARGHERITI/GICO
Alfredo Sebastian (1981) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Ambush Bay (1966) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*American Commandos (1986) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
*American Force 2: The Untouchable Glory (1988) - IFD
*American Force 3: High Sky Mission (1988) - IFD
*American Force 4: Soldier Exterminators (1988) - IFD
*An American Guerrilla In The Philippines (1950) - US PRODUCTIONS 1950s
*American Kickboxer 2 (1993) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
*American Ninja (1985) - CANNON FILMS
*Angelfist (1993) - CIRIO
*Angel In The Dark (1991) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
*Angel of Destruction (1994) - CIRIO
*Angel On Fire/Matira Ang Matibay (1995) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*Apocalypse Now (1977-79) - 70s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*The Arizona Kid (1970) - EARLY CIRIO
Armour Of God II: Operation Condor (partly shot in the Philippines, 1991) - 80s HONG KONG
*Arnis The Sticks Of Death (1979) - KUNG FU
Assault Platoon (1988) - 80s FILIPINO PRODUCTIONS FOR EXPORT
*Atrocities Of The Orient (1948) - EARLY FILIPINO EXPORTS
*Attack And Destroy (1981) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Back Door To Hell (1964) - HELLMAN
*Back To Bataan (1945) - US PRODUCTIONS 1940s
*Bamboo Gods And Iron Men (1974) - 70s CIRIO
*Barracuda: Terror Of The Sea (1984) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Battle Rats (1989) - CINE SUERTE/DAVIAN
Bayside At Midnight (details unconfirmed) - JAPAN
*Beach Red (1967) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*Beast Of Blood (1970) - ASHLEY/ROMERO
*Beast Of The Yellow Night (1971) - CORMAN/NEW WORLD
The Beggar/Ang Pulubi (1969) - NEPOMUCENO
*Behind Enemy Lines (1997) - 90s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Beyond Atlantis (1973) - ROMERO
*Beyond The Call Of Duty (1992) - CIRIO
*The Big Bird Cage (1972) - CORMAN/NEW WORLD
*The Big Doll House (1971) - CORMAN/NEW WORLD
*The Bionic Boy (1977) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
Blackbelt (1992) - CIRIO
*Blackbelt II (1993) - CIRIO
*Black Cobra 2 (1988) - MARGHERITI JR
*Black Cobra 3 (1990) - MARGHERITI JR
*The Black Dragon (1974) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
*Black Dragon (Ron Van Clief, 1974) - KUNG FU
*Blackfire (1985) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Black Mama White Mama (1973) - ROMERO
*Black Mamba (1974) - ASHLEY/TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Black Panther Of Shaolin/Bamboo Trap (1975) - LEO FONG
Blades Of The Sun (2001) - JAPAN
Blasting Bullets (1985) - DAVIAN
*Blind Rage/The System (1976) - LEO FONG
*Blood Chase (1989) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Blood Debts (1984) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*The Blood Drinkers (1964) - PINOY HORROR
*Bloodfist (1989) - CIRIO
*Bloodfist II (1990) - CIRIO
*Bloodfist 2050 (2005) - CIRIO
*Blood Hands (1990) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Blood Hero/The Bloody Hero (1973) - KUNG FU
Blood Hunt (1981) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
Blood Of Bataan (1953) - EARLY FILIPINO EXPORTS
Blood Ring 2 (1995) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
*Blood Surf (2000) - 2000s EXPORTS
*Blood Thirst (1965/71) - DUPONT
*Blood War (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Blowback 2 (1992) - JAPAN
Body Blow (David de Coteau, 2010) - RECENT INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Bodyguard (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS/VIKING FILMS
*Body Parts/Vital Parts (2001) - CIRIO
*Boni En Klayd/Los Intocables De Redford White (1981) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
Born On The 4th Of July (1989) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Born To Gamble (1987) - 80s HONG KONG
*Boy God/Stone Boy (1982) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*The Boys In Company C (1978) - 70s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
Braddock: Missing In Action 3 (1988) - CANNON FILMS
*Brides Of Blood (1967) - ASHLEY/ROMERO
Brides of Sulu (1937) - EARLY FILIPINO EXPORTS
Brokedown Palace (1999) - 90s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Bruce And The Shaolin Bronzemen (1980) - KUNG FU
*Bruce's Fists of Vengeance (1980) - KUNG FU/KINAVESA
*Bruce The Super Hero (1979) - DICK RANDALL
*Bruka Queen Of Evil (1975) - JIMMY PASCUAL/ HK FANTASY/HORROR
Buddy 1 (2007) - JAPAN
*Caged Fury (1982) - 80s CIRIO
*Caged Heat II: Stripped Of Freedom (1994) - CIRIO
*Calibre .357 (1984) - LILIW INTERNATIONAL
Cannibals - Legend Or Reality (2008) - PAOLUCCI
*Cannibal World (2004) - MATTEI PART 2
*A Case Of Honor (1988) - ROMERO/GINNANE
Caxambu! (1967) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*Chaku Master (1974) - REY MALONZO
*Champion Fighter/The Fighter The Winner/Grease Gun Brothers (1991?) - IFD
Chateau de Roses (2005) - JAPAN
*Checkered Flag Or Crash! (1977) - AMERICAN MISC PART 2
The Children Of An Lac (1980 TV Movie) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*China And Sex (1993) - MASSACESSI
*Chinese Kamasutra (1993) - MASSACESSI
*Classified Operation (1983) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Closer To Home (1995) - 90s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Clouds/Alapaap (1984) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
Cobrador (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Cobra Mission (1986) - DE ANGELIS/DIETRICH
Code Name K-9/Kill (1980s) - JAPAN
*Codename: Wildgeese (1984) - MARGHERITI/DIETRICH
Combat Killers (1968) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*The Commander (1987) - MARGHERITI/ASCOT [DIETRICH]
*Commander Lawin (1986) - DAVIAN/SUNNY
*Commando Invasion (1986) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Commando Leopard (1985) - MARGHERITI/DIETRICH
*Cosa Nostra Asia (1973) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
Counterthrust! (1959) - ROMERO
*Cover Girl Models (1975) - CORMAN/CIRIO
The Crazy Bunch/Hepe (1980) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Crime Stopper (1990) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Crossbone Territory (1985) - 80s FILIPINO PRODUCTIONS FOR EXPORT
*Cruel Horizon (1989) - BELGIUM
The Cruel Stone/Yûsha No Hihô (2005) - JAPAN
*Cry Of Battle (1963) - ROMERO
*Curse/Cannibal Curse (1987) - 80s HONG KONG
*Curse Of The Vampires (1966) - PINOY HORROR
*Dance Of The Dwarfs (1983) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*A Dangerous Life (1988) - 80s AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTIONS
Dangerous Passion (1998) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
The Dark Side of a Woman (2005) - MATTEI
*Daughters Of Satan (1972) - SCHENCK
*Day Of The Trumpet/Cavalry Command (1957) - ROMERO
Days Of Being Wild (partly shot in the Philippines, 1990) - HONG KONG 90s
*The Day They Robbed America/The Sangley Point Robbery (1985) - DAVIAN/SUNNY
*Deadly Commando/Suicide Force (1982) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
Deadly Target (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS/VIKING FILMS
*Deadly Target /Walang Kasukat Sa Tapang (1994) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
Dead Men Can't Dance (1997) - 90s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Death Bond (1989) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Deadringer (1985) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Deathfight/Rage (1992) - SELLERS/MAHARAJ
*Death Force/Fighting Mad (1978) - 70s CIRIO
*Deathhhead Virgin (1974) - AMERICAN MISC
Death Match (details unconfirmed) - JAPAN
*Death Raiders (1984) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990) - CANNON FILMS
*Demon Of Paradise (1987) - CIRIO
*Demonstone (1989) - GINNANE
*Desert Warrior (1988) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*The Destroyers (1985) - 80s CIRIO
*Devil's Angels/Devil's Three/Pay Or Die (1981) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
*Dirty Games - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder (1982) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Doomsdayer (2000) - SELLERS
*Double Blast (1994) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
Double Dragon (1994) - 90s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Double Edge (1986) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Dragons Never Die (1974) - JIMMY PASCUAL/KUNG FU
*The Dragon, The Lizard, The Boxer (1977) - RAMON ZAMORA
*Driving Force (1988) - GINNANE
*Drug Connection (shot in Japan, USA and the Philippines, 1992) - JAPAN
*Dune Warriors (1991) - CIRIO
*D'Wild Wild Weng (1982) - LILIW INTERNATIONAL
*Dynamite Johnson (1978) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
*Eagle Of The Jungle (1987?) - SUNNY
Eastern Condors (1987) - 80s HONG KONG
*Ebony Ivory And Jade (1976) - 70s CIRIO
Emanuelle in Manila (details unconfirmed) - JAPAN
Emergency Call/Kinkyû Yobidashi (1995) - JAPAN
*The Enforcer From Death Row (1975) - LEO FONG
*Enter The Ninja (1982) - CANNON FILMS
*Equalizer 2000 (1987) - CIRIO
*Escape From Blood Plantation/Island Of The Bloody Plantation (1983) - DIETRICH
*Escape To Mindanao (1968) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*Escape To Nowhere/Battle Geese (1990) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
*Eternal Fist/Fist Of Steel (1991) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
*Ethan (1964) - DUPONT/GROFE JR
*Evidence (1974) - KUNG FU
*The Expendables (1988) - CIRIO
*Eye of the Eagle (1987) - CIRIO
*Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy (1989) - CIRIO
*The Fantastic Sword (1976) - HK FANTASY/HORROR
*Fast Gun (1993) - CIRIO
*Fatal Chase (1993) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
Fatal Desire (1998) - CONFIRM!! 90s HONG KONG
*Fatal Vacation (1989) - 80s HONG KONG
*Field Of Fire (1991) - CIRIO
*The Fighter/The Kickfighter (1987) - MAHARAJ
*Fight For Us/Orapronobis (1989) - TAGALOG EXPORTS
*The Fighting Dragon/Challenge The Dragon/Challenge Me Dragon (w/Yusuka Kurata, 1975) - KUNG FU
*Fighting Spirit (1992) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Final Mission (1984) - 80s CIRIO/MAHARAJ
*Firebird Conspiracy (1983-85) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Fireback (1983) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Firecracker/Naked Fist (1981) - 80s CIRIO
*Firehawk (1993) - CIRIO
*The Firing Line (1991) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Fist Of Glory (1992) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
Five And The Skin (1982) - FRANCE
*Flight To Fury (1964) - HELLMAN
*Fly Me (1973) - CORMAN/CIRIO
*Forbidden Women (1948) - EARLY FILIPINO EXPORTS
*Force Of Shaolin Boxer (1980) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Forever Emmanuelle/Laure (1976) - FRANCE
*Fortress In The Sun (1975) - TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Fortress Of The Dead (1965) - MONTGOMERY/GROFE JR
*Fortunes Of War (1994) - SELLERS
*For Y'ur Height Only (1981) - LILIW INTERNATIONAL
*From Hell To Borneo (1964) - MONTGOMERY/GROFE JR
Full Speed Run (1988) - JAPAN
*Future Hunters (1986) - 80s CIRIO/MAHARAJ
*The Game Of Death! (1974) - RAMON ZAMORA
*Genghis Khan (1950) - EARLY FILIPINO EXPORTS
Get My Son: Dead Or Alive (1982) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
Get The Terrorists (1987) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*The Golden Chaku/Bruce And The Golden Chaku (1977) - RAMON ZAMORA/REY MALONZO
*The Golden Nightmare (1998) - 90s HONG KONG
*Golden Triangle (1975) - KUNG FU
Goodbye America (1997) - SELLERS
*Green Eyes (1977 TV Movie) - 70s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Guardian Angel (1994) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*Guerrillas In Pink Lace (1964) - MONTGOMERY/GROFE JR
*The Guys From Paradise (2000) - JAPAN
*Hamburger Hill (1987) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Hard To Kill (1993) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*The Headhunters (1973) - TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Hell Hole/Women Of Hell Island/Escape From Hell Hole/Guardian Angels (1981) - 80s CIRIO
Hell Raiders (1986) - GROFE JR
*Heroes Blood/The 13th Mission (1988) - 80s FILIPINO PRODUCTIONS FOR EXPORT
*Heroes For Hire (1984) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*High Velocity (1976) - AMERICAN MISC PART 2
High Voltage (1995) - 90s HONG KONG
*Hill 171 (1987) - DAVIAN/SUNNY
*Hitman The Cobra/Kumander Sumulong: 1940-1970 (1986) - IFD
Honey I Love You (details unconfirmed) - JAPAN
Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore (1965) - SHAW BROTHERS
*Horror Of The Blood Monsters (w/50s caveman footage from the Philippines, 1970) - AL ADAMSON
*Hostage Syndrome (1988) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*The Hot Box/Hell Cats (1972) - CORMAN/NEW WORLD
*The House Of Pleasure (1993) - MASSACESSI
*The Hunted (1970) - NEPOMUCENO
*The Hunted Hunter (1997) - 90s HONG KONG
*Hunter's Crossing (1983) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*The Hunt For Eagle One (2006) - CIRIO
*The Hunt For Eagle One: Crash Point (2006) - CIRIO
*Hustler Squad (1976) - 70s CIRIO
I Am Blushing (1981) - SWEDEN
I Come With The Rain (partly shot in the Philippines, 2008) - RECENT INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Igorota (1968) - NEPOMUCENO
*Impasse (1969) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*Impetus Fire (1988) - 80s HONG KONG
*The Impossible Kid (1982) - LILIW INTERNATIONAL
*Indio (1988) - MARGHERITI
*Indio 2: The Revolt (1990) - MARGHERITI
*Intrusion Cambodia (1983) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Invaders Of The Lost Gold/Greed/Horror Safari (1981) - DICK RANDALL
*I Racconti Della Camera Rossa (1993) - MASSACESSI
*Island of the Living Dead (2006) - MATTEI
*Jailbreak 1958 - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*The Jail: The Women's Hell (2006) - MATTEI
*Jiboa (1989)
*Johnny Rambo Tango (1985) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Joy And Joan (1985) - FRANCE
*Jungle Raiders (1985) - MARGHERITI
*Just A Damned Soldier (1988) - FERDINANDO BALDI/REGAL
Kamikaze (2006) - JAPAN
*The Kid And The Gunfighter/The Gunfighter (1983) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
Kieu (2006) - VIETNAM
Kike Wadatsuminokoe (1994) - JAPAN
*Killer Instinct (1987) - CIRIO/GINNANE
*Killer vs Ninjas (1984) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*The Killing Of Satan (1983) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Kill Zone (1993) - CIRIO
*Kris Commando (1987) - SUNNY
*The Labyrinth Of Love (1993) - MASSACESSI
*Land Of Death (2003) - MATTEI
Land Of Scarecrows (2008) - SOUTH KOREA/FRANCE
*The Last American Soldier/The Commander (1988) - IGNAZIO DOLCE/REGAL
Last Dance Of August 15th (2005) - JAPAN
*Last Flight To Hell (1990) - IGNAZIO DOLCE/GICO
*Last Platoon/Angel Hill (1988) - IGNAZIO DOLCE/GICO
*Last Stand at Lang Mei/Eye Of The Eagle 3 (1989) - CIRIO
*Leathernecks (1988) - IGNAZIO DOLCE/GICO
*Legacy (1998) - SELLERS
*Leopard Hunting (1998) - 90s HONG KONG
*The Lethal Hunt/Partida (1985) - CINE SUERTE/DAVIAN
*Lethal Panther/Deadly China Dolls (1991) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*Lethal Panther 2/Magkasangga Sa Batas (1993) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*Live By The Fist (1993) - CIRIO
*The Longest Hundred Miles (1967) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*The Losers (1970) - GARFIELD/SMITH
Lost Battalion (1960) - ROMERO
Lost Command (1988) - CINE SUERTE/DAVIAN
*Mad Doctor Of Blood Island (1969) - ASHLEY/ROMERO
*Mad Killer (1985) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*The Madonna And The Dragon (1989) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Mad Warrior/Clash Of The Warlords (1984) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Magic Curse (1977) - HK FANTASY/HORROR
*Magic Of The Universe (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Magindanao (1982) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Maharlika (1970) - MARCOS/NEPOMUCENO
*Manila, Open City (1968) - NEPOMUCENO/ROMERO
*Mannigan's Force (1988) - 80s FILIPINO PRODUCTIONS FOR EXPORT
Man On The Run/The Kidnappers (1958) - ROMERO
*Mantis Boxer (1979?) - KUNG FU
Marco Polo - Oriental Sex Journey (2003/05) - MASSACESSI
*Marianna (1982) - 80s HONG KONG
*Master Samurai (1974) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
Merrill's Marauders (1962) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
Midnight Angels (1997) - CONFIRM!! 90s HONG KONG
*Missing In Action (1984) - CANNON FILMS
*Mission Batangas (1968) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*Mission Manila (1987) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Mission Terminate/Return Of The Kickfighter (1987) - MAHARAJ
Moro Witch Doctor (1964) - ROMERO
*Movie In Action (1987) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Murder In The Orient/Manila Gold (1974) - LEO FONG
*The Muthers (1976) - 70s CIRIO
Mutiny In The South Seas (1965) - WEST GERMANY
*My Lai Four (2011) - PAOLUCCI
*Naked In The Dark/Hubo Sa Dilim (1985) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Naked Vengeance (1985) - 80s CIRIO/MAHARAJ
*Nam Angels (1989) - CIRIO
*Narco Dollar (1988) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Night Games (1982) - ROGER VADIM
Nightmare Honeymoon (1997) - MALAYSIA'S HVD ENTERTAINMENT
*Night Of The Cobra Woman (1972) - CORMAN/NEW WORLD
*Nine Deaths Of The Ninja (1985) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Ninja Kids: Phantom Force (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Ninja's Force (1984) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*The Ninja Squad/Hatulan Si…Totoy Angustia (1986) - IFD
*Ninja Ultimate Challenge/Twin Fists For The Blackmasters            (1986) - IFD
*Ninja Warriors (1985) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Ninja, Warriors From Beyond/Maestro Bandido (1986) - IFD
*No Blood No Surrender (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*No Man Is An Island (1962) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
No Place To Hide (1955) - US PRODUCTIONS 1950s
Noriega: God's Favorite (2000) - RECENT INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS          
*Not Another Mistake (1988) - MAHARAJ
*Obsessed (1988) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
An Officer And A Gentleman (1982) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*The Omegans (1968) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*Once Before I Die (1965) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*The One-Armed Executioner (1983) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
*One Man Army (1994) - CIRIO
*Operation: Get Victor Corpus The Rebel Soldier (1987) DAVIAN/SUNNY
Orient Escape (2005) - MATTEI
Outlaw Inferno (1981) ) - CINE SUERTE
*Over My Dead Body (1983) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*The Pacific Connection/Stick Fighter (1974) - NEPOMUCENO
*Pacific Inferno (1979) - AMERICAN MISC PART 2
Passage To Hell (1988?) - JAPAN
*The Passionate Strangers (1966) - ROMERO
Perfect Duo (unconfirmed) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
*Phantom Raiders (1988) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Platoon The Warriors/Diegong Bayong (1987) - IFD
*Pleasure Island (1981) - DICK RANDALL
Portofino: The Philippines (2009) - RECENT INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Power Connection/Tapang Sa Tapang (1995) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*POW The Escape/Behind Enemy Lines (1986) - CANNON FILMS
*Project: Kill (1975) - AMERICAN MISC PART 2
*Purple Hearts (1984) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
Purple Storm (partly shot, 1999) - 90s HONG KONG
Rage Of Justice (1987) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
Raging Angels (unconfirmed, 1998) - CONFIRM!! 90s HONG KONG
The Raging Anger (1987) - SUNNY
*Raging Vendetta - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Raider Platoon (1988) - DAVIAN/SUNNY
Raiders For Victory (1982) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Raiders Of Atlantis/Atlantis Interceptors (1983) - DEODATO
*Raiders Of Leyte Gulf (1962) - ROMERO
*Raiders Of The Paradise (1980) - DAVIAN/SUNNY
*Raiders Of The Sun (1992) - CIRIO
*The Ravagers (1965) - ROMERO
The Rebel Soldier (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Red Roses For A Call Girl/Manila Tattoo/True Confessions Of Diana (1986) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
*Rescue Team (1983) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
The Resort Murders (1998) - MALAYSIA'S HVD ENTERTAINMENT
Return From The River Kwai (1989) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Return Of Bruce (1977) - KUNG FU
*Return Of The Dragon (1974) - RAMON ZAMORA
*Revenge For Justice (1985) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Revenge Of The Bushido Blade/The Last Reunion (1978) - LEO FONG
*Revenge Of The Lady Lighter (1973) - KUNG FU
*Revenge Of The Stolen Stars (1985) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
Ride The Tiger (1970) - MONTGOMERY/GROFE JR
*Robo Warriors (1997) - CIRIO
*Rocky Tan-Go IV (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Sabotage/Sabotage 2 (1979) - LILIW INTERNATIONAL
Sando In The Diplomat's Daughter (1988) - JAPAN
*Savage! (1973) - CORMAN/CIRIO
Savage In The Orient (1983) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Savage Justice (1988) - ROMERO JR/GINNANE
*Savage Sisters (1974) - ROMERO
*The Scavengers (1959) - ROMERO
*Score (1995) - JAPAN
*Searchers Of The Voodoo Mountain (1984) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
*Search For Vengeance (1983) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Secret Of King Mahi's Island (1989) - 80s FILIPINO PRODUCTIONS FOR EXPORT/SOLAR
*Secret Of The Incas' Empire (1987) ) - CINE SUERTE/ITALIANS
The Secret Of The Sacred Forest (1970) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
Secrets of Women (2005) - MATTEI
Secrets of Women 2 (2005) - MATTEI
*SFX Retaliator (1987) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Sgt Clarin: A Bullet For Your Head (1990) - 90s TAGALOG EXPORTS
Shadow Of The Dragon (1973) - RAMON ZAMORA
*Shaolin Master (1976) - REY MALONZO
Shocking Asia (1976) - WEST GERMANY
Shocking Asia II: The Last Taboos (1985) - WEST GERMANY
*A Shudder on the Skin (2005) - MATTEI
*The Siege Of Firebase Gloria (1989) - GINNANE
*Silip/Daughters Of Eve (1985) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Silk (1986)  - 80s CIRIO
*Silk 2 (1989) - CIRIO
*Silver Dragon Ninja [uses HK film Trap, shot in the Philippines] (1986) - IFD
*The Sisterhood (1988) - CIRIO
Sleeping Dragon (1975) - JIMMY PASCUAL/KUNG FU
*Soldier Boyz (1996) - 90s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Soldyer! (1986) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*South Seas Massacre (1974) - TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Sparrow Unit: The Termination Squad (1987) - CINE SUERTE/DAVIAN
*Spitfire (partly shot in Rome, HK and the Philippines, 1995) - 90s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS/ALBERT PYUN
*Spyder (1988) - CIRIO
*The Steel Claw (1960) - MONTGOMERY/GROFE JR
*Story Of The Dolls/The Dolls (1984) - GERMANY
*The Story Of Woo Viet/God Of Killers (1981) - 80s HONG KONG
*Stranglehold (1994) - CIRIO
*Strike Commando (1987) - MATTEI/FLORA FILM [COUYOUMDJIAN]
*Strike Commando 2 (1988) - MATTEI/FLORA FILM [COUYOUMDJIAN]
*Stryker (1983) - 80s CIRIO/MAHARAJ
*Sudden Death (1975) - ROMERO
*Sudden Thunder (1990) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
*Superbeast (1972) - SCHENCK/GARFIELD
*Supercock (1975) - ROSS HAGEN
*The Surabaya Conspiracy (1969) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*Surrender - Hell! (1959) 50s AMERICAN PRODUCTIONS/DE LEON
*The Suspect (Ringo Lam, 1998) - 90s HONG KONG
*Sweet Revenge (1987) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Tarzan And The Brown Prince (1972) - EARLY CIRIO
*A Taste Of Hell (1973) - GARFIELD/SMITH
Tazza: The High Rollers (2006) - SOUTH KOREA
*Techno Warriors (1998) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*Techno Warriors 2: Lethal Combat/Digital Warriors (1999) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*Teppanyaki (1984) - 80s HONG KONG
*Terminal Virus (1995) - CIRIO
*Terror In Paradise (1995) - CIRIO
*Terror Is A Man/Blood Creature (1959) - ROMERO
*They Call Her Cleopatra Wong (1978) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
*They Call Him Bruce Lee (1979) - KUNG FU/KINAVESA
*They Call Him Chop Suey (1975) - BOBBY A. SUAREZ
*The Third Hand/Judgment Night (1987) - GROFE JR
*The Thirsty Dead (1974) - AMERICAN MISC
The Three Lustketeers (1998) - 90s HONG KONG
*Tiger Force/Kill The Tiger (1975) - KUNG FU/KINAVESA
*Tigershark (1987) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*A Time For Dying/Pipo (1970) - NEPOMUCENO
*TNT Jackson (1974) - CORMAN/CIRIO
*The Tomb (2006) - MATTEI
*Too Hot To Handle (1977) - AMERICAN MISC PART 2
*Too Late The Hero (1970) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
*Top Mission/Diablo Force (1988) - FILMARK
Tough Cop (1987) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Tough Beauty And The Sloppy Slop (1995) - 90s HONG KONG
*Trap/Cop Killer (1982) - 80s HONG KONG
*Treasure Of The Moon Goddess (1987) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS
*Trigon Fire (1989) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Triple Impact (1992) - DAVIAN INTERNATIONAL
Tropical Manila (2008) - SOUTH KOREA
*Troublesome Night 4 (1998) - 90s HONG KONG
*The Twilight People (1973) - ROMERO
*Ultimate Revenge (1995) - 90s HONG KONG
*Ultimax Force (1986) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*Ultracop 2000/Magkasangga 2000 (1993) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*Up From The Depths (1979) - 80s CIRIO
US Commando/Jimbo (1985) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Vampire Hookers (1978) - 70s CIRIO
*Vengeance Squad (1987) - 80s FILIPINO PRODUCTIONS FOR EXPORT
*Vulcan/Anak Ng Bulkan (1997) - CIRIO
*W/W Is War (1983) - CINEX/BOY PUZON
*The Walls Of Hell/Intramuros (1964) - ROMERO
War And Love (2004) - SOUTH KOREA
*Warcamp/POW Deathcamp (1983) - DAVIAN
*War City 3: The Extreme Project/Deadly Brothers (1989?) - IFD
*War City 4: Kingdom Of Power/Bulldog (1989?) - IFD
*War City 5: Law Of Honor/Maynila 1970: Panganib, Araw At Gabi (1989?) - IFD
*Warkill! (1968) - MONTGOMERY/GROFE JR
*War Without End (1986) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Water Wars/Road Raiders (2009) - CIRIO
Weekend Warriors/The Heroes (90s) - SOUTH KOREA
*Wheels Of Fire (1985) - 80s CIRIO
*When Eagles Strike (2003) - CIRIO
*White Force (1988) - ROMERO/GINNANE
*Wild Cats Attack! (1982) - KINAVESA/SILVER STAR
*Wild Force (1985) - DAVIAN/SUNNY
*Wild Whirlwind (1974) - KUNG FU
The Witch (1975) - HK FANTASY/HORROR
*The Woman Hunt (1973) - ROMERO
*Women In Cages (1972) - CORMAN/NEW WORLD
*Wonder Women/The Deadly And The Beautiful (1973) - ROSS HAGEN
Wounded In Action (1966) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
Xtreme Warriors/Digital Man (2001) - GODFREY HO/PHILIP KO
*The Year Of Living Dangerously (1982) - 80s INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS/AUSTRALIA
Zigzag (1963) - US PRODUCTIONS 1960s
Zimitar (1982) - 80s TAGALOG EXPORTS
*Zombi 4: After Death (1989) - MATTEI/FLORA FILM [COUYOUMDJIAN]
*Zombies: The Beginning (2007) - MATTEI
*Zuma (1985) - CINE SUERTE
*Zuma II: Hell Serpent (1987) - CINE SUERTE