Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shaolin Master (1976)

1976 - Shaolin Master (Luis San Juan Productions)

[Release date 5th November 1976; exported to Hong Kong, on-screen title “The Shaolin Masters”]

Directors Luis San Juan, Ronaldo P. San Juan Story/Screenplay/2nd Assistant Director Ben Peralta Producer Benny Manalo Executive Producer Florencia P. San Juan Cinematography Joe Tutanes Music Carlos Rodriguez Editors Jose Mendoza, Joe Solo Supervising Editor Edgardo “Boy” Vinarao [as Boy Vinarao] Trovador Ramos’ Fight Instructors Rey Ognita, Rudy Evangelista Rey Malonzo’s Routines Rey Malonzo, Larry Esguerra Production Manager Baby San Juan 1st Assistant Director Renato L. Villapando Publicity Director Sol Antipala Sales Manager Ella San Juan Manalo Assistant Editors Rafael Alberto, Rene Tien Stills Roger O. Burullo Schedule Master Bong Sagul Makeup Artist Deborah Fernandez Setting Ben Cruz Sr Assistant Setting Sabino P?, Oscar Sapko? Propsman Juanito San Juan Utility Man Moises Bicol

Cast Rey Malonzo, Suzanne Gonzales, Ingrid Salas, Tange, Trovador Ramos, Nello Nayo, Marilyn Gutierrez, Roma Mercado, Penggot, Larry Esguerra, Rudy Evangelista, Chinita, Peping Mendoza, Dagul Se, Ben Peralta, Anthony “John” Kennedy, Andro Andrade, Cito? Santos, Doming Reyes, Mel Esparza, Ric Bautista, Ben Romano, Rico Fariman?, Danny Zurband?, Rey Yemus?, Henry Sapukgaw, Tito Hermosa, Teddy Vito, Pete Francisco, Willie Harris, Cristine Grace, Rose Lacuata, Marites Gonzales, Jack Montes, Gonzalo Ramirez, Jun Matagay, Tracma Consolidateo?, Arap Taipa Boys?, SOS Daredevils, Jessie “Jet” Bullido, Protacio Dee, Ben Perez, Danny Rojo, Louie Florentino, Ruben Ramos

Would-be Lee of the Philippines, Trovador Ramos, 14th Dan Red Belt: his claim to fame was training once with Bruce!

Rey Malonzo fights off three opponents on top of a jeep!

Trovador in Chinese

Rey Malonzo's part in the 30 minute finale, shot in a Cirio-friendly quarry

Rey scissors an opponents head almost clean off

Trovador faces off against a vicious knife-wielding Ruben Ramos


  1. My Mum was in this (Rose Lacuata). We'd love to be able to see it - do you know where it's possible to get hold of a copy?

  2. I am Rose Lacuata now Turk. Grandmother but still drop dead gorgeous. Living in England married with David for 34 years.
    I had another film with Luis San Juan Productions but I cannot remember the title. Maybe you can find it for me. My email address is