Monday, February 16, 2009

Phantom Soldiers (1987)

1987 - Phantom Soldiers (Regal Films)

[released on French VHS as "Commando Phantom"]

Director “Irvin Johnson”/Teddy Chiu Story/Screenplay Rod Davies, Jim Gaines Cinematography “Victor Anders” Music James Fabre Art Director Edward Lambert Production Design Alfred Lowry Editor Edgar Vincent Production-in-Charge Joy Tunners Production Manager George Will Production Assistant Leah Bianca Liason Officer John Seymour Location Manager Albert Winston 1st Assistant Director Rod Davies 2nd Assistant Director Martin Casey 3rd Assistant Director Andy Wilson Script & Continuity Connie Leslie Dialogue Coach Max Thayer 1st Unit Cameramen Thomas George, Robert Sullivan 2nd Unit Cameramen Jim Black, Andrew Newman 3rd Unit Cameramen James York, Adrian Hayes Camera Assistants Ronald Porter, Nelson Holmes, Sandy Welch, John Harold, Stephen Howard, Tom Banner Boom Operator David Robertson 1st Assistant Editor Mark Vincent 2nd Assistant Editor Fred Coger 3rd Assistant Editor David Gates Stunt Coordinator Dhan Habel Assistant Stunt Coordinators Ryan Smith, Dick Shaw, Jayson Edward Set Designer David Alpen Construction Coordinator Adam Sean Standby Carpenters Robert Rivard, Russell Watson, Mark Whitaker Standby Painters Nelson Dixon, Stephen Smith, Patrick Bradbury Gaffer Al Anders Costume Supervisor Brian Powers Wardrobe Designer David Herbeck, Jake Davidson Wardrobe Assistants Evan Thomas, Alex Seamann Best Boy Electric Felix Bass Electricians John Whitman, Ross Shawn, Conny Windwood Key Grip Lincoln Spencer Best Boy Grip George Jardell Grips Martin Burke, William Drew, Sam Selbert, David Tyler Special Effects William Marbach Special Effects Assistants Alexander Burger, Pete Axthelm, Sammy Taylor Armory Ross Leyton, Frances Saint, Richard Simmon Loader David Wyland Focus Puller Thomas de Frank Field Sound Mixer Edwin Lindsay Studio Sound Mixer Rick Thomas Music Editor John Conway Sound Effectmen Anthony Cohen, Christopher Dickey, Ray Elliott Casting Ed Davidson Field Cashier Annabel Bentley Transportation Manager Lyon Osward Generator Man Philip Barclay, Stephen Danbury Property Master Joseph Dwyer Property Assistants Pinn Fox, Sidney Jones Makeup Artist Katrine Ames Assistant Makeup Artist Elisa Williams, Jennifer Wainwright Hair Dresser Lynn James Stills Willy Anders Caterer John Parker Vietnamese Dialogue Interpreter Veronica Lili

Cast Max Thayer (Daniel Custer), Jack Yates (Colonel Hammer), “Corwyn”/Corwin Sperry, Jim Gaines (Red Legs), Richard King (KY), David Light (Hammer’s Aide), Mike Monty (Colonel Barker), David Anderson (Captain McFarland), Edward Burnett (Cook), John Fulch, Howard Fineman (Radio Operator), Dave Swanson (Navy Lieutenant), Willy Tang (Taxi Driver), John Alexander (Interrogator), Dave Owen (Jail Guard) Green Beret Team Michael Welborne, Don Holtz, Jeff Griffith, Jim Moss, Robert Clinton, Warren Smith FDA Agents Richard Steels, Thomas Manning, Joseph Coenza, Bill Powell Bar Goons Ted Slate, Peter Prescott, David Gates, Archer Speers Pilots Gerard Smith, Guy Cooper, Bob Aaron, Larry McNeil Phantom Soldiers Darell Adams, Joseph Arena, Martin Burke, Ron Kennedy, William Phanon, Andrew Eckmann, Gary Faulkner, David Friedman, Michael Hudson, Renee Daniels, Kenneth Seggerman, Sam Seibert, Ronald Wilson, Richard Elman, Rudolph Adam Jr, Christopher Dickey [uncredited] Eddie Gaerlan (Colonel)

Max Thayer on Phantom Soldiers from his interview on the Nanarland website:

I was called back to the Philippines by Teddy Page for “Phantom Soldiers” in ‘88. This picture has been reviewed online but it’s another one I never saw. If you have any further information regarding this movie please let me know because I think I did some good work on it and I would like to get a copy. Teddy Page told me he suggested me for the lead in “Phantom Soldiers” but the head of Regal Studios wasn’t sure. “No Retreat No Surrender 2” happened to be playing in Manila and they walked around the corner to see it and, voilà !, I was Philippines bound again. I don’t know why Teddy Page isn‘t credited for directing “Phantom Soldiers”. Irvin “Magic“ Johnson is a famous basketball star and maybe Teddy was having some fun trying out a nom de plume. It was my last visit to those lovely islands.

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