Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shudder On The Skin (2005)

2005 – Shudder On The Skin (La Perla Nera/Diamonds Film International)

[Italian title “Un Brivido Sulla Pelle”, also listed as “A Shudder On The Skin”]

Director “Pierre Le Blanc”/Bruno Mattei Story/Screenplay Anthony Trenton Producer “Gianni”/Giovanni Paolucci Cinematography Luigi Ciccarese Music Flipper Editor Daniele Campelli Scenography/Costumes Emanuela Rota

Cast Margherita Milan [listed on IMDB as “Margarita Milan”] (Arianna), Claudio Morales (Dr George Bennett), Yvette Yzon (Striptease dancer)

Synopsis from the Diamonds International Film website:

Dr George Bennet, an attractive middle-aged gentleman, finds himself in an Asian metropolis for a medical congress. Outside of his hotel, he takes a taxi and makes the unexpected but delightful acquaintance of the fascinating Arianna, a young lady driver with obviously Asian features. From this time onwards Arianna completely takes over George’s private life, involving him in an irresistible escalation of eroticism, making him crazy with desire, but without reaching the point of ever conceding her favours. In the days George is staying in that city, the shameless girl takes him into the streets of the most forbidden and unexpected oriental pleasures, introducing him to every possible sinful sensation. After leading George until the extreme limits of desire, finally Arianna decides to give herself to him but, on his awakening, George discovers the bitter truth. Hidden behind the furniture he finds a camera thanks to which Arianna has filmed innumerable erotic encounters, and now he too has become a part of her collection. George gives free vent to his disappointment and marches out, furious, leaving Arianna alone. The next day a good-looking man walks out of the same hotel from which George first made his appearance. He too calls a taxi and inside the taxi who does he find out ….

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