Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Secret Of The Sacred Forest (1970)

1970 - The Secret Of The Sacred Forest (William Copeland-Sari-Manok/Shermart Distribution)

[Also known as “Sacred Forest”]

Director Michael Du Pont Writer/Producer William Copeland Cinematography Vincente Sempio Music Herschel Burke Gilbert Orchestration/Arranger Ernest Hughes Songs "Has Any One Seen Chris" by William Copeland & Herschel Burke Gilbert, "Filipina Filipina" by William Copeland & Angel Pena Singer Maurice Santa Lucia Editor Anthony DiMarco Sound Demetrio Carrianga

Cast Gary Merrill (Mike Parks), Leo Martinez (Bayarti), Michael Parsons (Chris Carpenter), Henry Duval (Garcia), Vic Silayan, Jon Provost (Jimmi), Rolf Bayer, Laurie Agudo (Annie), Zenaida Amador, Poch Apostol, Lola Boy, Joseph de Cordova, Louis Florentino, Dave Harvey (Brownie), Mona Morena, Christina Ponce-Enrile (Fely), Bruno Punzalan, Vincente Sempio, Don Smith, Carol Varga, Fred Viray, Gami Virray

Sandra Brennan’s review on the AllMovie website: In this adventure, a courageous teen sneaks into the Philippines so he can find his missing brother whose plane went down in the jungle. The brother he seeks is a renowned investigative reporter who had gone to the islands to expose a ring of drug smugglers. When an American embassy official learns that the younger brother is in the Philippines illegally, he rushes into the jungle to find him. Meanwhile, with the help of a native guide, the young man continues his search. He is undaunted by the smugglers, angry government agents, and headhunters who pursue them. When he finally does find his brother, he is shocked to learn that the reporter has joined the smugglers. Fortunately, the older brother explains that he had simply gone undercover to infiltrate their ring so he could write a more effective expose.

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