Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movie In Action (1987)

1987 - Movie In Action (Silver Star Film Company)

Director “Ted Johnson”/Teddy Chiu Story/Screenplay Robert Paul Marius Producer “Silver Star Film Company”, [uncredited] K.Y. Lim Music “Pat”/Patrick Wales Cinematography “Vic Anderson”/Vittorio Anders Editor Edgar Vincent Production Design Jack Lyons Art Director Tim Campbell Assistant to the Producer Conrad Taylor Production Co-ordinator Bugsy Davies Stunt Co-ordinator Benny Russell Production-in-Charge Mel Davidson Production Secretary Patricia Cocker Field Cashier Daisy Madison 1st Assistant Director Tom Thompson 2nd Assistant Director Don Gibson 3rd Assistant Director Ted Thomas Propsman Donald Harris Wardrobe Master Rey Roosevelt Makeup Artist Rina Cabot Stillman William Anderson Transportation Manager Peter Hunter Dialogue Coach David Brass 2nd Unit Cameraman Roy Anders Gaffer Victor O’Neil Assistant Camerman Alex Cohen Focus Puller James Park Key Grip George Sanders Grip Frank Wilson Bestboy Anthony Hope Special Effects Bobby Petterson, Ben Lawford Sound Effects Bob King Sound Editor Rolly Gardner Sound Mixer Ron Miller

Cast Bo Svenson (The Director), Robert Mason (Effectsmjan), Jim Gaines (Soundman), Don Holden (Lead Actor), David Brass (Cameraman), Liza Hutton (Makeup Artist), Peter King (Cambodian Guide), Mike Monty (The Producer), Chantal Mansfield (Lead Actress), Anthony Young (Rebel Leader), Michael Walter (US Military Attache), Frank Nicholson (Assistant Director), Anne Joseph (Scriptgirl), Bill Davidson (Assistant to the Producer), Daniel Simpson (Assistant Effectsman), Gerald Stone (Assistant Cameraman), Bugsy Davies (Armorer) Guards James Harvey, Jan Holden, Jerome Laughlin, Kirk Morgan US Marines Eddie Bartel, David Kurt, Eric Nixon, Paul Allen Khmer Rebels Paul Van Kee, Ma Thien, Po Yee Tam, Cao Thien, Nguyen Teo’s, Duc Thuong, Yen Duc Tru, Lay Oun, Pol Sann, Heng Veng, Son Pot Ky, Lon Sen Ngor, Hen Bjorn Kong, Nol Thuong, Tatum Heng Samrin Restaurant Customers Ron Jacobs, Simon Keswick, Harvey Miles, Brick Township, Nicholas James, David Jefferson, Gertrud Sigurdsen, Piers Jacobs, Richard Mayers, William Best, Mary Beth “White Head”/Whitehead, Elizabeth Jackson, Glenda Taylor, Liza Whitehead

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