Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Story Of The Dolls (1984)

1984 - The Story Of The Dolls (Geiselgasteig-Film-Productions Ltd/W.v. Schiber/First-Film Organization Ltd)

[West German production shot in the Philippines, original German title “Taifun Der Z√§rtlichkeit”; also released on US VHS as “The Dolls”]

Director/Writer Hubert Frank Producer/Production Manager Luis Mayr Executive Producers Wolfgang von Schiber, Hoi Wong Cinematography Franz Xaver Lederle Music Gerhard Heinz Editor Gabriela Bergmann Assistant Director Frecy D. Iniego Makeup Dorothy Perseke Camera Assistant Pavel Hispler Assistant Editor Doris Wutz

Cast Tetchie Agbayani (Lee), Max Thayer, Josephine Manuel, Carina Schally, Brigitta Cimarolli, Vanessa Vaylord, Sabine Mucha, Leo Hermosa, Mario S. Layco (Pedro), Jean Saburit

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