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Blood Chase (1989)

1989 - Blood Chase (Silver Star Film Company)

NOTE: As with most of Silver Star’s films from 1983 onwards, the majority of the Filipino crew member’s names have been anglicized to obscure the film’s Philippine origins

Director “Ted Johnson”/Teddy Chiu Writers “Ted Johnson”/Teddy Chiu, Jeffrey Griffith Producer [uncredited] K.Y. Lim Cinematography Felix Bayer Music Pat Wales Editor René Tucker Casting Katrine Auchincloss Production Design Jonathan Alber Art Direction Olwen Clarke First Assistant Director Rod Davies Second Assistant Director Kristopher Crawford Third Assistant Director Lawrence Balter Property Master Richard Andrew Setman Donald Keith Assistant Editors Ben Tucker, John Fuller, Buell Fuller Assistant Cameramen Robert Leventhal, Paul Levy Location Manager Edwin Meese Makeup Artist Janet Huck Hairdresser Nancy Cooper Field Cashier John Crocker Script Girl & Continuity Carol Bogert Transportation Manager David Gates Special Effects David Tyler, Steven Strasser, Carl Robinson, Mark Starr 2nd Unit Cameraman Jim Miller Field Soundman Wendell Douglin Sound Effects Christopher Dickey Sound Mixer David Swanson Production Manager Bob Aaron Production Assistant Andrea Stevenson Production Secretary Penelope Wilson Fight Instructors Tony Chang, Jerry Bailey Grip John Ricara Key Grip Erik Calonius Electrician Larry Downing Caterer Linda Wright Utilitymen Bill Gentile, Charles Lane Wardrobe Master Ruth Marshall Wardrobe Assistant Patricia Mooney Stillman Thomas Dougherty

Cast Andrew Stevens (John Hayes), Karen Sheperd (Cheryl Anderson), Ian Senzon (Stiwell), David Light (Eddie Nichols), Jerry Beyer (Diego), Jim Moss (Bob Hopper), Mike Monty (Ross Anderson), Jeff Griffith (Lou Harvey), Henry Strzalkowski (Brian), Marvin Bund (Cranston), Tony Chang (David Hung), Joe Ann Griffin (Samantha), David Anderson (Police Interpol), Eric Hahn (Young Ross), Janet Price (Policewoman), John Cox (Bell Hopper), Katherine Graham (Hotel Receptionist), Elisa Williams (Flower Shop Attendant), [uncredited] Philip Gordon (Robber) Garage Goons Nick Nicholson, Steve Rogers, Bruce Dick, Tony Ogunsanya Ambushers David Wyland, Richard Zelman, Ted Slate, Thomas Manning, Mike Silva, Raymond Wallace, Bob Clinton Soldiers David Swanson, John Alexander, Timothy Noah, Richard Vokey, Christopher Little, Howard Smith, Carl Robinson, Bobby Parks, Bill Russell, Perry Moss, Paul Tarnley Policemen Stephen Smith, Edward Behr, Alfred Lowry, Scott Sullivan Lupo's GuardsNichol’s Men Peter Lindsay, Eduardo Levy, Bob Cohn, Bill Powell, Martin Burke, Kevin McVea, Bob King, Irvin Hayes, [uncredited] Ned Hourani Thomas Defrank, James Wilson, David Newell, Andrew Nagorski

Review from the IMBD: Andrew Stevens and Karen Sheperd are two cops trying to find out if Karen's father - a robber - was really killed in a car explosion or not, while his previous partners, who were betrayed by him, escape from jail and start looking for the money that he kept for himself after their last job. Obviously "Blood Chase" was a cheap production, but come on, they couldn't even afford title cards? The robbery-betrayal-car explosion stuff all happens five years before the film's present time, but you wouldn't know that until Karen mentions it. And after Andrew and Karen have gone to a fictional South American country looking for her father, they suddenly appear back in the USA, then after a few scenes they're back in "Costa Brava". The gaps of time and place in this film are unbelievable - it's as if parts of it were randomly pieced together and nobody bothered to check the final cut before releasing the film. The one and only redeeming aspect is that the fight scenes are plentiful and pretty good. Karen Sheperd must be one of the most beautiful legitimate female martial artists-turned-actresses, and she does a lot of nice kicks and throws. And Andrew Stevens manages to be convincing in his fights despite his lack (as far as I know) of formal martial arts training. Still, any grade higher than *1/2 out of 4 for this film would probably be misleading.

Review from the Trash-Online catalogue:

Ross Anderson disappears after a million dollar robbery. His teenage daughter Cheryl co-operates with the police to pay off her dad's debt. Five years later, she receives a birthday present from him, along with an envelope containing information on his past. Cheryl is kidnapped by his former partners in crime and that is when all hell breaks loose! From the maker of PHANTOM SOLDIERS comes this explosive crime/martial arts film. Non-stop action starring Andrew Stevens of 10 TO MIDNIGHT fame. Guest appearance by Mike Monty who seems to be in every action film shot in the Philippines. Pat Wales (PHANTOM RAIDERS) does a good job in ripping off the music score from FIRST BLOOD. You can't possibly get tired of these trashy Filipino actioners!

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