Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Muthers (1976)

1976 - The Muthers (Dimension Pictures)

Director/Producer Cirio H. Santiago Story “Leonard Hermes”/Cirio H. Santiago Screenplay Cyril St James Director of Photography Ricardo Remias Editor Gervacio Santos Music “Edd”/Eddie Villanueva Associate Producers Annabelle Santiago, Florentino Santos Jr Soundman Willie Arce Sound Engineer Willie de Santos Assistant Cameraman Eddie Buenaflor Assistant Editors Willie Asuncion, Boy Aning Special Effects Rolly Sto. Domingo

Cast “Jeanne”/Jeannie Bell (Kelly), Rosanne Katon (Anggie) [Playboy Playmate of the Month September 1978], Trina Parks (Marcie), Jayne Kennedy (Serena), “J. Antonio Carrion”/Tony Carreon (Montiero), John Montgomery (Turko), Sam Sharruff (Sancho), Dick Piper (Murphy), Ken Metcalfe (Barrows), Rocco Montalban [listed in end credits as “Rock Monte”] (Rocco), Bill Baldridge (Capt. Montes), Bert Oliver (Navarro), Claudine Santiago (Child), Robert Miller, Carlo Varca

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