Saturday, March 14, 2009

Heroes' Blood (1988)

1988 – Heroes' Blood (Goldstar Pictures/Roadshow Films International)

[also released on US VHS as “The 13th Mission”]

Director Antonio Perez Story/Screenplay Jose Javier Reyes [IMDB incorrectly lists Claudio Fragasso] Producers Marilyn G. Ong, Tony I. Gloria Cinematography Edmund Cupcupin Music Mon del Rosario Editors Ruben “Tikboy” Natividad, Jose Solo

Cast Robert Marius, Jeff Griffith, Mike Monty, David Harrison, Paul Holme, John Falch, Albert Bromski, Chantal Manz, Isadora, Ruby Real, Theline Nuval, Crispen Medina, Eddie Gaerlan, Ernie Forte, Ernie David, Buddy de Leon, Alex Mondragon, Soc? Jose, Roger Santos, Karen Sto. Domingo, [unconfirmed] Steve Rogers

Renny Christopher, “The 13th Mission” in Viet Nam War Films II (edited by Jean-Jacques Malo and Tony Williams) quoted in Reviews and Criticism of Vietnam War Theatrical and Television Dramas compiled by John K. McAskill, La Salle University

Action/adventure film set in contemporary Southeast Asia. Two soldiers (known only as the Sarge and the Corporal) who deserted from the US Army in Vietnam after they were misled into attacking a North Vietnamese hospital, have since lived as fugitives in the “Sultanate of Feliz.” They are recruited by a local plantation owner to train a private army for defense against Muslim Jihad guerrillas. The mercenaries drive off a guerrilla attack, but not before the plantation owner’s daughter is killed. At this point the Americans are approached by local CIA operatives who want the pair to rescue an American Colonel who seems to have been kidnapped by the guerrillas. In return they are promised their past record will be forgotten. They attack the guerrilla base camp but discover that the Colonel is in fact making an arms deal with the guerrillas, as the US government is supporting both sides in the civil war. The Corporal is killed but Sarge survives to return and kill CIA agents who recruited him.