Friday, October 8, 2010

Return Of Bruce (1977)

1977 - Return Of Bruce (English credits list Satiago Film, presented by “Alkapalita” as producer; company listed on HKMDB as both “Insan Film” and “P.T. Insantra Film”)

[Hong Kong production filmed in the Philippines; released in various territories as “Bruce's Return”, “Dragon Returns”, “Ninja vs Bruce Lee” and “Return Of Fists Of Fury”]

English on-screen credits: Director Joseph “Velaco”/Velasco [also known as Joseph Kong and Kong Hung] Executive Producers Roger Entote, Barry Cornor Cinematography Federick France Lighting Peter Scales Manager Thomas Cooper “Working” David Smith Music Celso Ferro Mixing Edna Castillo Fight Instructor "Kenneth Rivero"/Bruce Le Editor Dante Ortiz

Credits listed on IMDB: Writers Richard Dai, William C.F. Lo, Joseph Velasco [listed on HKMDB as “Joseph Kong Hung”] Producers Robert Jeffery, Chen-Wo Liu Producers [listed on HKMDB only] Lam Shun-On, Lau Chan-Yu, “T. L. T.” Executive Producer Sun-An Lin Presenter Chin Dai Editor Marco Mak Che Shing Production Designer Lo Giap Hoei Production Manager Peter Ronald Guest Assistant Directors King Hu, Chun Ouyang Sound Recordist/Dubber Chen Kok Mang Camera Operator Ho Hap Wai Advisor Tso-Han Haung Martial Arts Director Wong King Long

Cast [on credits]: “Kenneth Rivero”/Bruce Le

Cast [listed on the Hong Kong Movie Database]: Meng Fei, Lo Lieh (Sakata, Chiro's brother), James Nam Gung-Fan(Goateed killer), Nick Cheung Lik, Chan Lau, Kong Do, Baak Siu-Man

Additional Cast [listed on the Internet Movie Database]: Tao Chiang, Tien Lung Ma, Mulo Tong, Tai-Tung Kang, Christina Cheung, Tu Ban, Feng Ku, Bill Lake, Renee Pai

Additional cast [uncredited]: Elizabeth Oropesa

Synopsis from The Clones Of Bruce Lee website:

Wong Lung arrives in Manila to stay at his Uncle's house. After he discovers that he no longer lives at the address, he decides to have a look around town. On his travels, he comes across a orphaned boy called Piggy and decides to treat him to some food. Whilst eating, a girl comes running in chased by some gangsters. Stepping in to save the girl, Lung soon sends the thugs running away.

Not having much money to continue living in Manila, Piggy suggests to Lung that he can find work at the local hotel. However, whilst Lung is doing his morning exercise and martial arts practice, a guest is accidentally injured, and he is subsequently fired.

Meanwhile, working undercover for the gangsters, Policewoman Lisa is investigating a sex slave operation run by Mr. Kross, and longs for the time when the case will finally be over.

When a buyer arrives to arrange shipment of the girls, Lisa sees that time is running out and attempts to set the girls free but she is discovered by the very camp lackey of Mr. Kross.

Out of a job and unable to find his Uncle, Wong decides to go back to Hong Kong but is then persuaded by the girl he previously saved to stay and visit her brother Chen. Kung Fu instructor Chen is also a victim of Mr. Kross and is often harassed to close down his school.

When Chen is later ambushed in a graveyard, Wong Lung helps fight them off but accidentally kills one of the attackers. Seizing the opportunity to try and blackmail Chen, they tell him that he must close down the school or they will send the police after Wong.

As Bruce gets near to solving the case, he is helped by his new friend, Teacher Leung, as they both aim to capture the mad killer master of Iron Finger kung fu technique.

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