Monday, February 16, 2009

Sparrow Unit: The Termination Squad (1987)

1987 - Sparrow Unit: The Termination Squad (Cine Suerte Inc/Davian International Ltd)

[listed variously as “Target Sparrow Unit” and “Sparrow Unit: The Extermination Squad”]

Director Ben Yalung [listed in the Philippines creedits as "M7"] Story/Screenplay Tony Capo Producer Romy Yayung [Yalung?] Executive Producer George Amber Production Manager Louie Michaels Cinematography Dominic Blacksmith Music Themescore Production Supervisor Antonio Bridge Art Director Brian Drake Editor Stephen Soul Post-Production Supervisor Julie Viray Sound Effectsman Jun Martinez Props/Special Effects Danny Abadeza Sound Supervision Tony Faustino Assistant Editors Ciriaco Itim, Popoy Crisostomo Field Cashier Jimmy Bacar Script Girl Keya J. Flores Production Assistant Pam M. Olviga Storyboard Artist Ben Barrameda Assistant Cameraman Mel Dapilus Soundman Rudy Teope Clapper Armando Mariano Camera Lifter Bernabe Valdez Boom Man Chito Almacen Electrician Eddie Quintana Driver/Generator Man Johnny Ramirez Grip Mark Bali-Balita Crew Cesar Abulok, Gilbert Villaverde, Eden Pobe, Rolly Tolentino Props/Setting Lando Enriquez, Lito dela Cruz Utility Danilo Din, Ansel Ramirez Titles/Opticals Rolly Santiago Optical Supervisor Boy Quilatan Optical Assistant Egay Marcello Schedule Master Ben Rojas Makeup Artist Tita Dominguez Assistant Makeup Flor Navarro Catering Marina Yalung Service Drivers Andy Razon, Bogart Villanueva, Nato Oronos Loopers Inong Encarnacion, Randy Crisostomo

Cast Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr, Ronnie Ricketts, Debbie Miller, Sonny Parsons, Dick Israel, Allen Balman, Ernie Ejercito, King Gulliver, Bomber Moran, Vic Diaz, Mario Kasser, Romero Rivera, Robert Tame, Ernest Forte, Fred Moro, Jimmy Reyes, Johnny Vicar, Jose Romulo, Connie Angels [Angeles?], Rocita Summers, Rey Tomenes, Bebot David, Lito Francisco, Boy Media Villo, Dante Abadeza, Boy Sta. Maria, Ben Padria, Renato Tanchingco, Joe Estrada, Mario Fernandez, Thunder Stuntmen

Review from the Video Junkie catalogue:

Super violent and bloody Filipino actioner with great cheesy moments, a Vic Diaz cameo and did I mention bloody? Sheesh! Nobody dies a clean death here! Certain provinces have taken a strong dislike to the military and are pushing to break away from the government. To do this, they decide to send squads of guerrillas called “sparrow units” into Malta to kill every cop and military guy they can get in their gunsights! After the papers start taking note of the massacres, the military decides that it’s kill or be killed and the body count starts piling up. Brainless, violent cheese at it’s finest.

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