Sunday, March 8, 2009

Driving Force (1989)

1989 - Driving Force (Eastern Film Management Corporation)

Director “A.J.”/Andrew Prowse Writer Patrick Edgeworth Producers Rod S.M. Confesor, D. Howard Grigsby Associate Producer Mike Fuller Executive Producers Antony I. Ginnane, Marilyn Ong Music Paul Schutze Cinematography Kevan Lind, Richard Michalak, Jun Pereira Editor Tony Paterson Production Design Toto Castillo Art Direction Armando Raysag Make-up Tony Artieda Hair Editha Sanchez Production Manager Ana Maria Dans Assistant Production Manager Tracy Tuason First Assistant Directors Soc Jose, Phil Rich Second Assistant Director Ricky Brioso Financing David Ball

Cast Sam J. Jones (Steve), Catherine Bach (Harry), Don Swayze (Nelson), Stephanie Mason (Becky), Ancel Cook (Pete), Gerald Gordon (John), Renata Scott (Leslie), Robert Marius (Surf), Billy Blanks (Pool), Zenaida Amador (No Risk Radio Operator), Ric Anderson (Station Wagon Driver), Joey Aresco (Charles), Jun Bantigue (Black Knight Mechanic), Alex Barles (Fork Lift Driver), Liza Baumann (Fruit Stall Holder), Eden Bautista (Diner Server), Marilyn Bautista (Leather Clad Girl), James Brewer (Black Knight Boss), Kathleen Buck (Maid for John & Leslie), Curtis Carter (Petrol Pump Attendant), Chris Castillejo (Low Loader Driver), Kenneth Christine (Miler), Sonny Cruz (Dazed Driver), Ernie David (Policeman), Luis Del Castillo III (No Risk Driver), Robert Denny (Diner Customer), Rey Doloso (Black Knight Mechanic), Kristine Ellis (Leather Clad Girl), Ingrid Erlandson (Pretty Vendor), Bert Francisco (Petrol Pump Attendant), Jimmy Gaerlan (People in need of meal), Luv Gaerlan (People in need of meal), Robert Ginnivan (Black Knight Mechanic), Earl Godefrey (Butler), Mohsen Hassani (No Risk Labourer), Nigel Hogge (Sergeant), Paul Holm (Levin), Chally Ike (No Risk Welder), Leila Anneli Johnson (Leather Clad Girl), David Kater (Young Man in Accident), Peter Kniaseff (People in need of meal), Alfred Lemonds (Black Knight Mechanic), Rudy Licos (Petrol Pump Attendant), Gonzalo B. Macabalitao (Petrol Pump Cashier), Edgar Mariand (Miler), Thomas Obazee (Car Driver), Banjay Oges (No Risk Welder), Anthony Ogunsanya (Doctor with Nelson), Froilan Domanog Ong (Diner Cook), Jess Palma (Diner Customer), Monette G. Palo (Nurse), Jan Reed (People in need of meal), Allan Robles (Chauffeur), Ogie Salinas (Black Knight Mechanic), Siegfried Sepulveda (Jason), Wendy Stone (Young Woman in Accident), Jojo Tagonon (Diner Customer), Harold U (Porter Aide), Ben Uri (Porter), Val Victa (Doctor), Frank Wannack (Car Driver), Nick “Russell”/Whiley (Constable), Aurora Yumul (Clothes Stall Holder), Ernie Zarate (Accountant)

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