Saturday, March 14, 2009

Arnis: The Stick Of Death (1979)

1979 – Arnis: The Stick Of Death (M-Kor Productions Inc)

[release date 8th December 1979; also known as “Arnis”, released on Australian VHS as “Sticks Of Death” and on Finnish VHS as “Arnien Tappavat Kädet”]

Director/Story/Screenplay Ave C. Caparas Executive Producers Fred Farquar, Dr Frank Schlercio Jr Associate Producer Rolando Pintoy

Cast Roland Dantes (Johnny Guerrero), Ann Lim (Vicky Lopez), Teody Belarmino (Granpa/Arnis Master), Rusty Santos (Pete Mendoza), Natalie Kazan (Teresa), Cherie Gil (Cherry), Perry Baltazar (Ricky), Mario Montenegro (Don Carlos), Rosemarie Gil (Dona Clara), Anita Linda (Aling Rosa), Chico Ponce Enrile (Captain Adriano), Dr Frank Schlercio Jr (Frank Santini), Frederick Farquar (Moratto), Veronica Jones (Salome), Marilou Ver (Gina), Rodolfo ‘Boy’ Garcia (Benny), Angel Confiado (Lieutenant Mendoza), Renato Robles (Narco Man #1), Tony ‘Blade’ Martinez (Narco Man #2), Joe Cantada (Emcee), Carlos Diaz (Magno), Joe Cunanan (Golem), Rocco Montalban (Basketball Player), Enrique ‘Tintoy’ Ariega (Taho Vendor), Vic Sanchez (Sgt de la Cruz), Richard Olney (Joe), Stanley Johns (Dominic), Joaquin Fajardo (Bong), Avel Morado (Avel), Peping Escucia (Sex Moviegoer) Ricky’s Men Protacio Dee, Renato Del Rado, Romy Nario, Jun Santos, Peping Castor, Jing Caparas, Leo Longalong, Norstor Brillantes Basketball Players Lito Francisco, Leo Conception, Benny May, Mel Arca, Rey Sagum Pachers Max Rojo, Ben Datu, Leon Palaron, Bert Vivar, Chito Baron, Che Lagdamco, Joe Andrade Arnis Players Orlando Miguel, Mario Lagdamco, Rudy Aquino


  1. You can read more and see photos in my album on Facebook, entitled, ON THE SET and a memorium to the late ROLAND DANTES....let me know your comments...MARAMING SALAMAT

  2. TEODY BELAMINO actually appeared in another martial arts movie, entitled, JUNGLE PRINCESS, that dealt with the Spanish and Filipino early era and he did some arnis/sword/stick fighting in it but I wonder if anyone on this movie set actually realized this? GRANDMASTER Vicente 'Vic' Sanchez was the arnis fight stand in in this movie.

  3. Whatever happened to Ann Lim? She was a hottie.