Saturday, December 19, 2009

When Eagles Strike (2003)

2003 - When Eagles Strike (Concorde-New Horizons Corp/Premiere Productions)

[Released in the Philippines as “Operation Balikatan”]

Director/Producer Cirio H. Santiago Screenplay Michael Kinney Executive Producer Roger Corman Associate Producer Sarah Esberg Cinematography Jun Daleways, Ric Remington Music Nonong Buencamino Editor Roy Stark Production Manager “J.M.”/Jose Mari Avellana Unit Director Bobby Santiago Production Manager Jun Cleofas Assistant Director Robert Rivera Assistants to the Producer Joe Zucchero, Al Gomez Art Director Manny Samaniego 2nd Unit Cameraman Pablo Bautista Assistant Camera Robert Dalawis 2nd Assistant Camera Proceso Lazaro 3rd Assistant Camera Constantino Medes Gaffer Hermogenes Romulo Production Cashier Ma. Fe A. Balderama Production Accountants Armando Lacsamana, Malotte San Juan Script Supervisor Nelia Villaflores Production Nurse Jowana Bautista Production Secretary Baby de Leon Production Assistant Abigail Patacsil Field Soundman Jojo Jacinto Special Effects Rolando Salem Fight Instructor Ronald Asinas Assistant Fight Instructors Manny Samson, Renato Morado, Larry Correa Head Makeup Teresa Villaflor Assistant Makeup Nita Camantigue Legman Jojo Basco Armorers Rolly Sto. Domingo, Tex Molinyawe Meal Checker Al Abendano Stills Nilo Odiaman Wardrobe Head Joey Tajanlangit Wardrobe Assistants Gloria Garcia, Juvy Jorolan, Ronnie Bilinario Set Dressers Erning Delina, Roland Dionisio Utility Ambo Lastimoso, Ogie Delina, Allan Abedano, Paul Forbes Film Loader Rommel Santos Clapper Rey Remias Head Electrician Tony Cruz Assistant Electrician Albert Cabiad Crew Rolando Ramoso, Jonathan Nicolas Dolly Crew Dencio Frilles, Jimmy Cruz Grip Jojo Abedano Cineforce Unit Manager Delfin Betis Caterer Lapid Catering Service Drivers Willer Bulac, Cel Fernandez, Rey Mahinay, Richard Gallega, Bello Hagtusan, Jaime Cleofas Post Production Manager Jun “Cleopas”/Cleofas Post-Production Coordinator Mario Rapinan Special Sound Effects Bert de Santos, Steve Dava Assistant Editors Ben Tala, Erwin Tala, Edmund Tugbo Sound Mixer Neel Bruan Title Design Rolly Santiago

LOS ANGELES CREW Director Gwyneth Gibby Cinematography Henry Crum 1st Assistant Director Brian Batkin Key Grip Sunny Lee Gaffer Phil Miller Best Boy Grips Brian Christie, Kelly Price First AC Thomas Spingola 2nd AC David Lincoln Production Sound Mixer Josh Steinberg Boom Operator Mycel Stokes Script Supervisor Matt Clements Cosume Designer E. Dee Biddlecome Makeup/Special Effects Karrieanne Heisner Production Assistants Matt Conrad, Mark Messick, Witney Seibold Unit Production Manager Sarah Esberg

Cast Christian Boeving (Andrew), Nate Adams (Darren), Davee Youngblood (Tyler), Stacy Keach (General Thurmond), Jesse Vint (CIA Chief Spencer), Eddie Garcia (General Espino), Rey Malonzo (Rodrigo), Monsour Del Rosario (Ahmed), Jess Lapid Jr (Salek), Archie Adamos (Mag), Jose Mari Avellana (Ibrahim), Carlo Maceda (Dima), Nigel Hogge (Senator Barnes), Joe Zucchero (Greg), Ernie Zarate (Ramiro), James [Gregory] Paolleli (Louis), [uncredited] Patricia Javier (Teresa), “Santi”/Sanit Larrauri (Gus), Mikka Avellana (Jennifer), Robert Rivera (Killer on Motrobike), Jenor Zapanta (Anna), Orlando “Alan”/Estrada (Isagani "POW"), Brian Katkin (Military Inteligence Commander), Mel Lewis (Lieutenant Herbert)

Scott Weinberg’s review from the E Film Critic website:

One might be tempted to classify this movie as "ripped from the headlines" when in fact "ripped from the trash heap" would be an infinitely more accurate assessment.

Hoping to use our current state of warfare as a hot-button issue, When Eagles Strike (also known as Operation Balikatan) is just about one of the most laughably inept war movies ever produced.

Stacy Keach (the only recognizable actor in evidence and the one who looks the most humiliated about it) leads a gang of gung-ho U.S. soldiers who have to rescue a Senator who's been taken as a POW by evil Iranians...or Iraqis. As far as this movie's concerned, they're just "evil brown people" lined up to be mowed down in an endless series of Machine Gun Moments.

Words like "Al Qaeda", "Taliban" and "Bin Laden" are strewn throughout the bargain-basement banality in an effort to make the proceedings feel topical and...well, interesting. These attempts are constantly thwarted by the atrociously nonsensical dialogue, the uproariously amateurish acting performances and a meandering plot narrative that can best be described as...retarded.

And shock of all shocks: the DVD comes courtesy of Roger Corman's "New Concorde" schlock-house. Taken as a movie worthy of the Mystery Science Theater treatment (get a few drunk, chatty friends and When Eagles Strike is a certifiable hoot) you might find something of entertainment value within.

If, however, you're looking for a solid war movie, just keep on walkin'.


  1. Interesting film production:

    "The film was shot on the Philippines (including Manila and Subic Bay) early in 2003, with shoots starting in February. American as well as Filipino actors were cast in the film, with ex-bodybuilder Christian Boeving taking the lead. Boeving makes his own stunts during the filming. The actor based his image in film (muscular commando) on Arnold Schwarzenegger's image from the late 80's. There was alternative edition of the interrogation-torture scene, which includes Boeving being tortured shirtlessly, longer, and with more violent manner, in tribute to cult classic action film Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) infamous Sylvester Stallone's torture sequence. The scene was cut out of the film's final version."

    Great Z-movie :) love it

    1. Can't understand why the shirtless torture scene was omitted, but Boeving does expose his glorious physique in a memorable shower scene early on in movie.

  2. Would love to see him whipped, electroshocked shirtlessly, stripped to his G.I. shorts or even to nude...