Monday, February 16, 2009

Cosa Nostra Asia (1973)

1973 - Cosa Nostra Asia (RJR Films International Ltd)

[Philippines release date 07/08/74, distributed by Intercontinental Films [HK]; also released as "Asia Cosa Nostra" (France), Los Invencibles Del Karate (Colombia), "Cosa Nostra - Im Trommelfeuer Seiner Fäuste" (West Germany)]

Director John Liao Executive Producer/Production Manager Terry Lai Story/Producer Bobby A. Suarez Screenplay [on credits] Bobby A. Suarez, Wong Sai Lap [uncredited - Chris Mitchum, Joseph Lai] Technical Director Koo Chi Nong Cameraman Ho Yum Ching Music Ruben Sabiyano Lighting Chao Siu Ping Special Effects Lee Hak Wai Assistant Director Lee Wou Ho Action Directors Ho Wai Hung, Lee Fung Chiu Propsman Lu Lim Pik Makeup Chiu Shau Wan

Cast Christopher Mitchum (Chris Ballinger), Tony Ferrer (Tony Dee), Dick "Chan"/Chen (himself), Jimmy Lee, Larry Chiu (Tony Dee's henchman), Ellie Chow (Nancy Wong), Michael Kaye (Angellini), Rey Saygum, Larry Elkins, Wong Sai Lap

Email from Chris Mitchum 07/02/10: “…you list Bobby as story and writer. Truth is, when I got to Taiwan, they gave me a 20 page synopsis and said that was the script. I told them it wasn't and asked for a typewriter. I wrote a script. Terry Lai's brother also sat down and wrote a script ... mostly by changing pages I handed in. Bobby wrote the "story", Terry's brother - who's name I forget at this writing [Joseph Lai] - and I wrote the script. We were shooting the never-finished American Daredevil Commandos at the time.”

Here's a rare on-the-set report from Bobby A. Suarez's 1973 kung fu actioner Cosa Nostra Asia, the article written by Chris Mitchum's co-star Michael Keys (the actor who plays Don Angellini!). Source: CLASH! KUNG FU magazine, UK, 1975, pp1-6

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