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Da Best In Da West (1981)

6. Da Best In Da West (1981)

RVQ Productions (first screened June 12, 1981)

Director Romy Villaflor Executive Producer RVQ [Dolphy] Story Roy Vera Cruz, Ben Feleo Screenplay Ben Feleo General Manager Manny “Boy” Quizon Choreography Lito Calzado Lyrics Dolphy Sound Supervision Luis Reyes Music Dominic Editor Efren Jarlego Director of Photography Alfonso Alvarez Sound Effects Darn Velasquez Layout Artist Eddie Domier Stills Roger Barvelo Schedule Master Butch Peralta Prop Masters Maning Cabides, Doming Ocenar Assistant Editors Armando Jarlego, Dante de Leon Re-Recording Technicians Ramon Reyes, Oscar Magnaye Field Soundman Ledwino Robiso Cameraman Lito Lapara Stunt Co-ordinators/Fight Instructors Fred Esplana, Eddie Nicart, Jay Grama, Jun de Guia Tailoring D’Sharp Shoes E. Morris Shoes Special Effects Eddie Torrente Set Director Pepe Cruz Assistant General Manager Laura Cooper-Nurse Executive Assistant & Comptroller Paquito Principe Bautista Production Manager Boy Pineda Project Co-ordinator Danding Inocencio Assistant Director Danny Hernandez Production Co-ordinator in Baguio City Barangay Capt Manny Tibayan Colour LVN Studio

Cast Dolphy (Wild Bill Hika), Lito Lapid (Dalton), Yehlen Catral (Jane), Nina Sara (Estralita), Romy Diaz (Facundo), Teroy de Guzman (barman), Conde Ubaldo, Weng Weng (Deputy Bronson), “Antonio Carrion”/Tony Carreon (Don Oligareon), Naty Santiago (Estralita’s Aunt), ER “Canton” Salazar, Manny Tibayan, Ben Johnson (Mayor), Amay Bisaya, Luis San Juan, Fred Esplana, Eddie Nicart, Jay Grama, Jun de Guia, Sancho Tesalona, Joe Cunanan, Romy Nario, Robert Talvy, Jing Caparas, Mel Arca, Nonong de Andres, Rene Tupez, Telly Babasa, Raquel Sayson, Dante Javier, Boyet Argame, “Pete”/Peter M. Caballes, Pete Andal, Kent Gonzales, Roger Saulog, Vic Santos, Neri Santos, Eddie Villamor, Remy Nocum, Ben Sanchez, Mando Pangilinan, Oscar Reyes, SOS Daredevils, Lito Calzado’s Body Machine, Panchito (Inkong Gaspar), Paquito Diaz (Diablo), Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia (Vic Tango), Max Vera (Joey Tango), Max Alvarado (Tito Tango), Dely Atay-Atayan (fat woman at film’s beginning), Georgie Quizon, Don Pepot (tribesman spokesman), Florence Carvajal (large native princess), Johnny Madrid, Efred Lapid, Robert Rivera, Steve Alcarado (bandit), Ruben Ramos (thug with sword), Avel Morada, Josie Andico, George Henry Jr

REVIEW COMING SOON! The second and more significant of Weng Weng’s collaborations with Dolphy (after 1980's The Quick Brown Fox) is Da Best In Da West from 1984, an elaborate 2 hour parody of Pinoy westerns again from RVQ Productions featuring Weng Weng in a cameo as Dolphy’s micro-deputy. Weng Weng’s director and instructor Eddie Nicart is stunt co-ordinator here for SOS Daredevils, and Peter Caballes is listed as an actor in the cast, as is For Your Height Only’s Yehlen Catral, Max Alvarado, Rodolfo “Boy” Garcia, and Weng Weng co-stars Romy Diaz and Tony Carreon (The Impossible Kid, D’Wild Wild Weng), Nina Sara (TIK), Steve Alcarado (DWWW) – the Weng connections are seemingly endless.

Dolphy plays a reluctant hero who inadvertently shoot’s a town’s corrupt sheriff, is proclaimed the new Head Honcho, and ropes in the local midget Bronson (nice touch) to be his deputy. To be honest, Weng has little to do in Da Best... other than provide a bizarre novelty backdrop, wear garish black-and-white cowboy outfits and gesture excitedly during the fight scenes. At one point you hear his real voice - as expected, child-like and even higher pitched than his vocal double in For Y’ur Height Only (1981).

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