Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alfredo Sebastian (1981)

1981 - Alfredo Sebastian (Supreme)

[Philippines release date 18th April 1981; released on German DVD as “Frisco King”]

Director Leonardo Garcia Screenplay Enrique Dimacali Music Tito Arevalo Cinematography R. Herrera

Cast Ramon Revilla (Alfredo Sebastian), Bambi Arambulo, George Estregan, Eddie Garcia, Mona Lisa, Ruben Rustia, Rosemarie de Vera

Synopsis from the German DVD cover: “Tony, the only son of a Mafia Boss from San Francisco gets murdered in the Phillipines during a street robbery. Raymond, his best friend flies to the States and joins the Boss's organization. The Boss adopts him. In a Mafia meeting the members wanna kill the Boss 'coz he brought in Raymond. Ray takes revenge and kills everybody his own way. He also needs to find Anita his girlfriend from way back in the Phillipines (she's working as a nurse now in San Francisco). He finds her and takes her with him. But Joe, another criminal (who was the old boyfriend of Anita) seeks revenge and a bloody fight starts between them. Who will win?”

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  1. Interesting dialogues, solid acting, emotional depth... This movie will change your life. Buy without hesitation!