Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black Cobra 3: Manila Connection (1990)

1990 - Cobra Nero 3 (L’Immagine s.r.l.)

[export title “Black Cobra 3: The Manila Connection”, on-screen title “Black Cobra 3: Manila Connection”]

Director “Dan Edwards”/Edoardo Margheriti Producer Luciano Appignani Music Piero Montanari Cinematography Wolfgango Alfi Production Manager Paul Costello Editor Alessandro Lucidi Production Designer Joey Luna Art Director Jojo Magno 1st Assistant Director Boy Soquerata Continuity Antonella Margheriti Cameraman Giovanni Xaiz Special Effects Silvano Scasseddu [IMDB lists Antonio Margheriti] Production Assistant Joel Apuyan Military Liason Benny Tarnate Stunt Coordinator Mike Villareal Loader Arturo Dela Paz Wardrobe James Price Assistant Editor Lilli Bonolis Talent Coordinator Nanding Salcedo Transport Captain Fred Marquez Property Master Roy Austria Wardrobe Assistant Raymond Montalegre Make-Up Jolly Unabia Hairdresser Teresa Mercader First Camera Assistant Pio E. Interno Second Camera Assistant Arturo “Boy” Tambien Loader Arturo dela Plaz Recordist Fred Gajudo Boom Man Sonny Neyra Cable Man Roy Baldano Stills Billy Ruelo Electricians Luis Congson, Richard Yap, Ponciano Trinidad, Jun Jacinto Grips Lee “ET” Nugas, Jessie Manalo, Armando Interno, Ferdinand Llenaresas Carpenters Florante Dizon, Orlando Aurezo SPFX/Pyros Peping Carmona

Cast Fred Williamson (Lt. Robert Malone), Forry Smith (Lt. Greg Duncan), Debra Ward (Tracy Rogers), David Light (Jackson), Kelly Wicker, Ned Hourani (Charlie Hopkins), Buddy Norton (Lawrence Brennan), Mike Monty (Capt. Phillips), Edward Santana (Capt. Marton), Maria Isabel Lopez (Sioni), Joe Edwards, Joy Amora, Chris Castillejo, [uncredited] Milton Morris, Geoffrey Copleston (The Senator)

Edoardo Margheriti comment from the Antonio Margheriti website:

…it's strangely available in Videotape and DVD, but in the reality the film was never completed, because of the market crisis in 1990 which caused the bankrupt of many production company, included L'Immagine Cinematografica, which wasn't able to finish the editing of this film.

For this reason there was not sound effects, dubbing, music and titles, made and approved by the production or the director. The copy available (probably and illegally sold to some foreign video company) which comes to my hand in the Far East on DVD, is horrible, taken probably from a working copy of low quality, the sound is not synchronized, the dubbing of some actors is simply ridiculous, the music (who knows were it comes from?) and the editing is missing of some effects never inserted.

The script was a dumb story even when we made it (in fact I decide after this film not to make other low budget like this and I've change section, working for years as Line Producer), but in this conditions it's really horrible and an offence to all the people which work on it, and above all to the poor guy who bought it.

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