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Blind Rage (1976)

1976 - Blind Rage (Metropolitan Films)

[Philippines release date 5th October 1976, original title "The System"]

Director Efren C. PiƱon Writers Jerry O. Tirazona, Leo Fong Executive Producers Leoncio Imperial, Pio C. Lee Editor Edgardo “Boy” Vinarao Music Tito Sotto Cinematography Benjamin L. Lobo Assistant Director Jos‚ Torres Sound Effects Editor Teresa Eckton Assistant Editor Rufino Cabrales

Cast Tony Ferrer (Ben Guevara), Leila Hermosa (Sally), Leo Fong (Lin Wang), Charlie Davao (Johnny Duran), Fred Williamson (Jesse Crowder), Carlos Padilla Jr (Captain Reyes), D'Urville Martin (Willie Black), Dick Adair (Anderson), Darnell Garcia (Hector Lopez), Subas Herrero (Chief Rodriguez), Chuck Doherty (Jim Metcalf), B.T. Anderson (Lew Simpson), Golay, Jose Garcia, Romy Nario, Fred Param, Ben Datu, Rocco Montalban, Carlos Diaz, Mandy Bustamente, Telly Babasa, Val Iglesia, Eddie Miriaflor, Nick Miranda, Ricky Nicolas, Johnny Hammond, Johnny Fear, Joe Meyers, Dan Ivan, Gary Hall, Nathan Jung, Cecil Peoples, Bing Velasco, Max Alvarado, SOS Daredevils

Fred Williamson on Blind Rage in an interview with Steve Ryfle, Shock Cinema #15 (1999) p.6

Steve: Blind Rage is a personal favourite of mine.

Fred: (Laughs) That was one of D'Urville's projects. D'Urville brought those guys, I think they were out of Manila. He had worked in a film in the Philippines with them, and so he returned the favour... The main thing about D'Urville is that he was my best friend, a friend I knew socially. He had this flair for comedy, and people seemed to laugh at everything that he did. So I thought it might be a great idea that he and I get together. And since all the films that I made were action-oriented, D'Urville and I could work together and D'Urville would provide the comedy in my films, and that would take the kiss of death off the violence and the action.

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