Monday, March 9, 2009

Counterthrust (1959)

1959/1960 – Counterthrust (Lynn-Romero Productions)

[TV adventures of Victor Kane, a U.S. government counter-intelligent agent operating in the Phillipines; 13 half hour episodes for ABC TV]

Director Eddie Romero Producers Kane W. Lynn, “Edgar F.”/Eddie Romero “Plane From Tokyo” Episode: Writer Albert Simmons Music Tito Arevalo Production Manager A.B. Jescon Cinematography Pedro Santos Assistant Director Jose Dagumboy

Cast Tod Andrews (Victor Kane) “Plane From Tokyo” Cast Diana Jergens, Vic Diaz, Gayle Balfour, Oscar “Keesey”/Keesee, Nello Nayo, Rudy Salcedo, Denico Padilla

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