Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hell Hole (1978)

1978 - Hell Hole (company unknown)

[also released as "Escape From Women's Hell Hole" and on US VHS as "Women Of Hell's Island"]

Director/Executive Producer Cirio H. Santiago Story/Screenplay Ken Metcalfe, Cirio H. Santiago Music Nonong Buencamino Cinematography Benjamin L. Lobo Editors Willy Ascunion, Rufino Cabrales, Gervacio Santos Production Designer Ben Otico

Cast Ingrid Greer, Nanette K. Martin, Kerry Nichols [listed on IMDB as Carry], Bernadette Williams [listed on IMDB as Beate], Ken Metcalfe, Rosemarie Gil, Sherry Greenwood, Jose Mari Avellana, Bill Baldridge, Nigel Hogge, Victor Ordonez, Bob Hood, Easy Black, Helen Kennedy, Marlene Robbins, Chona Alcaras, Adriane Donion, Cathy Schroeder, Karen Muller, Lory Sherman, Kim Wilkin, Julia Barry, Veronica Candia, Tricia Melosa, Liza Ohlen, Jill Guges, Cathy Guges, Russ Jenkins, Medy Gillego, S.P. Victoria

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