Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hustler Squad (1975)

1975 – Hustler Squad (Premiere Productions/HPS Films)

[Philippines release date 29th August 1975, original title “Kumander Agimat”; export version distributed in the US by Crown International Pictures, also known as “Queens Are Wild” and released in UK as "The Dirty Half Dozen", and in France as "Super Femmes Contre Chiens Jaunes"]

Director “Cesor”/Cesar Gallardo Screenplay [uncredited] Joseph Zucchero, Ken Metcalfe Producers Cirio H. Santiago, “Bob”/Robert E. Waters

Cast John Ericson (Maj. Stony Stonewall), Karen Ericson (Lt. Jennifer West), Lynda Sinclaire (Cindy Lee Dawson), Nory Wright (Rose Carson), “Lisa”/Liza Lorena (Sonya), Johanna Raunio [Miss Finland 1974] (Anna Oleson), [uncredited] Vic Diaz (Japanese Officer), Ken Metcalfe (General), Ramon Revilla Sr (Paco Rodriguez), Joseph Zucchero (Colonel), Vic Silayan, Karen Houston

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  1. it was ist locally released as KUMANDER AGIMAT ;RAMON REVILLA in the title role;shown in 1975