Sunday, March 15, 2009

Soldyer! (1986)

1986 - Soldyer! (Arte Films International)

[Philippines release date 27th August 1986; also known as "Demonyo Squad" and released on Spanish VHS as "La Camiseta Metalica"/"Full Metal T-Shirt"]

Director Angel Labra Writers Jerry O. Tirazona, Woodrow Serafin Cinematography Rey de Leon Music Rey Ramos Arranger Amado Trivino Theme Song Singers The Soldyeri Editor Pepe Marcos Sound Engineer Bobot Tejada Field Soundman Rolly Donoso Art Director Rolly Sto. Domingo Assistant Director Tony Concepcion Makeup Geli Valensona Costumes Jessie Sto. Domingo Property Custodian Mel Arce Propsman Jacky Salistino Assistant Cameraman Egay Lavariaz Assistant Art Director Nestor Duron Assistant Effectsmen Roger Sayson, Bobot Putlan Setting Assistants Boyet Sto. Domingo, Edmund Sto. Domingo Assistant Sound Effects Mong Capule Schedule Masters Jaime Cuales, Boy Saga Utility Andy Argame, Santos Tupas Field Cashier Jacob Dalay Caterer Efren Pader Assistant Cook Achie Lapitan Assistant Editors Tony Sy, Juancho Zafra Color Consultant Rafael Uy Layout Artist Pete Villapna Stills Roger Peralta Publicity/Promotions Efren M. Esteban, Rod V. Samson, Robustiano Lu. Morota & Associates Liason Officer Manny San Juan

Cast Redford White, Cachupoy, Don Pepot, Raquel Itlog, Rene Itlog (Private Daluyong), Boyet Itlog (Private Hagabat), Woodrow, Joseph de Cordova (Major Problem), Boy Alano (Corporal Guidaben), Pia Moran (Nomi), Pugak (General Kawasaki), Maning Bato (General Suzuki), Jack Vera (General Honda), Gregg Salavera (Japanese Soldier), Efren Pader (Japanese Soldier), Isidro Dulay (Japanese Soldier), Boy Arce (Japanese Soldier), Ben Jacobo (Japanese Soldier), Nardo Bilansig (Japanese Soldier), Tanay Boy Original [Tanay Movie Stuntmen], Rene Topaz Jr, Ronald Sayson, Landro Borsigue, Mike Paderes, Bernard Paderes, Heide Melendrez (Pregnant Woman), Tony Concepcion (Husband of Pregnant Woman), Marilou Bendigo (Amazon Leader) Amazons Baby Conda, Elsa Santos, Nympha Canlas, Fanny Corpus, Maria Abenuen, Mel Nadongga, Gloria Valencia, Magdalena Maddawin, Love Birds Models

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  1. hi andrew!..nice blog you have here. these are hard to find pinoy comedy movies. i wish they could make comedy films like these today. they stop making good comedy films since rene requiestas died. of course dolphy, joey and vic are still active but they have different style compared to this kind of wacky riot films. do you know where can i download these films? thanks in advance.