Monday, March 16, 2009

Zimitar (1982)

1982 - Zimatar (Larry Santiago Productions)

[Philippines release date 7th October 1982]

Directors Ric Santiago, Jose [Flores] Sibal Producer Larry Santiago

Cast J.C. Bonnin (Zimatar), Ace Vergel, Al Tantay, Michael De Mesa, Leo Delfin, Jing Abalos, Tony Carreon, Rosemarie Gil, Leila Hermosa, Lucita Soriano, Ruel Vernal


  1. For fuck's sake I hate when these stupid comment boxes fuck you over!!! I just wrote a comment on this a it just fucking deleted it all. Bummer!! Haha.

    Alrigh, here we go again (like I haven't got better things to do, Andrew!!). I just watched ZIMATAR on German DVD and it's an exciting and wild adventure film. In Germany it's described as a "kid's film" so maybe I'm too childish for my own good because I quite enjoyed it although I left childhood a long time ago. The film plays like an old fairy tale about monsters, witched, evil kings, and obviously a good ten y.o. hero to save the day. It's very long, clocks in at around 130 min. afair but it's alright. It never gets boring. One funny thing I noticed is the score which in parts is stolen from the German film DAS BOOT!!! I'm not kidding. Weird that nobody reacted to this considering the German DVD was released in, well, obviously, GERMANY!!
    The picture quality isn't great and the disk only carries the German dubbed audio track. The Japanese VHS is dubbed in English but is VEEERY difficult to find and if you do be prepared to pay an arm and a leg to the collector who sells it. The few times it turns up on eBay it goes for astronomical prices! Another Filipino flick, ZUMA, is also out on (VEEERY rare) Japanese VHS and it has a trailer for ZIMATAR (the Zimatar VHS has an English dubbed trailer for Zuma).
    Recommended to people who like wild and fun films but don't expect blood, gore and sleaze cos there ain't none.
    (Now, I'd better save this before I try and post it again!!! LOL)

  2. PS: oh, and I see you used my scans ;-)
    Good on ya, Andrew, LOL.

  3. PS: the title is ZIMATAR, not "Zimitar" as you've written in the headline and in the link. LOL.

    1. 12 years later and the headline still hasn't been corrected. Honestly, Andrew! hahaha