Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zuma II: Hell Serpent (1987)

1987 – Zuma II: Hell Serpent (Cine Suerte Inc)

[Philippines release date 9th October 1987, original title “Anak Ni Zuma”/“Daughter Of Zuma”]

Director/Executive Producer Ben “M7”Yalung Story Jim Fernandez based on his Aliwan Komik strip Screenplay Ben “M7” Yalung, Tony A. Calvento Producer Horace “M2” Yalung Supervising Producer Rene “M4” Yalung Music Venancio Saturno Cinematography Ernesto “Boy” Dominguez, Alfonso Alvarez, Ver Reyes Editors Augusto Salvador, Joe Solo Special Effects Tony Gozalves Makeup Artist Tita Dominguez Production Manager Louie Mico Assistant Directors Santiago Garcia, Buddy Dator Production Head/Advertising Manager Tony A. Calvento General Manager Raul Bagatsing Assistant Makeup Flor Navarro Setting/Props Department Lando Enriquez, Mario de Guzman, Boogie de Guzman Mechanical Snake Operators Ismael Budiongan, Ed Marcelino, Herbert Hernandez Effectsman Czar “Bakal” Abejuela Post Production Manager Julie Viray Schedule Master Edmond Cruz Titles/Opticals Rolly Santiago Optical Operator Boy Quilatan Optical Assistant Egay Marcelo Sound Mixer Albert Rimas Stills Wilmore Barruelo, Oscar Barruelo Service Drivers Zeus Mangabat, Andy Razon, Bogart Villanueva Assistant Editors Ernesto Jacinto, Ciriaco Item Dubbing Editor Ernesto Jacinto Loopers Rudy Dumlao, Ramon Escamillan Dubbers Pepsi Guerrero, Olive Madridejos, Bobby Borjal, Liz Santia, Myrna, Nelia, Ronnie

CSI Unit I Assistant Camera Mel Dapilus Camera Lifter Bernabe Valdez Clapper Mark Balibalita Soundman Rudy Teope Boom Man Chito Almusen Electrician Cesario Abulok Crew Gilberto Villaverde, Eden Pobe Unit Bus Driver Paquito Relliega

CSI Unit II Assistant Cameraman Roy Sangco Camera Lifter Ben Villaverde Soundman Elpidio Mariscotes Boom Man Miguel Curran Clapper Juanito Romano Electrician Jimmy Abalos Crew Rudy Vergara, Marting, Bogart Villanueva

Cast Max Laurel (Zuma), Dang Cecilio (Isabel), Rey 'PJ' Abellana (Morgan), Lorraine Schuck, Mark Gil (Philip), Jenny Lyn (Galema), Sonny Erang (Dino), Sharon Hughes, Florian Bernabe, Rene Hawkins, Marilyn Bautista, Ernie Zarate, Buddy Dator, Ver Pineda, Ronnie Olivar, Nato Tanchingco, Bert Garon

Review from the Internet Movie Database:

The big screen adaptation of the most widely read Filipino comic book, it's a cheesy production that grossed big in the local box office. The special effects are crude and low-budget, but the mass of snakes are real! Editing is choppy and the acting is terrible.

Basic plot is the green bald man with the snakes on his shoulders (Zuma) fights the military and police, while his daughter (Galema) chases him to put an end to his killing spree. Zuma is finally flushed out of his lair by Galema into a battalion of soldiers, where one shot from a tank fells him. The final scene leaves room for a third sequel (the original movie being "Zuma"), which I understand is being developed.


This is one of those films that you just sit back and watch and enjoy all the madness coming at you from the screen. To list all of the hilarious things with this film would take far longer than we have here. We have obviously fake snakes hanging around the necks of Zuma and his daughter. The grandson of Zuma is really a hilariously bad costume with some huge rubber mask set-up stuck on top of some guy's head. He also has a rubber tail that he has to wear as well. The monsters in the cave are all obvious rubber masks as can be seen in the close-up shots. This only scratches the surface of the craziness of this film. You've got to love a villain who cackles with glee every time he does something. Even without subtitles, this film is well worth watching.