Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Black Panther Of Shaolin (1975)

1975 - The Black Panther Of Shaolin (Ophelia San Juan Productions/Lyra Ventures)

[Philippines release date 1st August 1975, original title “Mababagsik Na Anghel”; also released internationally as "Bamboo Trap"]

Director/Screenplay Ernesto Ventura Producer Ophelia San Jaun Cinematography Felipe Sacdalan, Higino J. Fallorina Music D'Amarillo

Cast Leo Fong, "Ronnie"/Ron van Clief, George Estregan, Lotis Key, Eddie Garcia, Chanda Romero, Nory Wright, Darnell Garcia, Jun Garcia, Perla Bautista, Cloyd Robinson, Rez Cortez, Abubakar Jalmaani, Joey Abad Santos, Tony Carreon [as Tony Carrion], Bien David, Juano del Gallego, Jose Garcia, Lito Hermosa, Santy Hermosa, Ruel Martinez, David de Martyn, Rene Matias, Ken Metcalfe, Larry Silva, Adoracion Soriano

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  1. This movie has ABUBAKAR JAMAAR who is or should be familiar for his books on arnis/silat and also as a FILIPINO BODY BUILDER....and, of course, Ron VAn Clief and Leo Fong among others....nice film and I have this in my collection somewhere...