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Supercock (1975)

1975 - Supercock (Audio Films Specialists Inc/ Hagen-Wayne Productions Inc/The Superchicken Co)

[also released as “Fowl Play”, “Superchicken” and “A Fistful of Feathers”]

Director Gus Trikonis Story Gus Trikonis, Leland Lando Lilly Screenplay Michael Laton Producer Ross Hagen Executive Producers for Audio Films Specialists Inc Lettie B. Soriano, Fred C. Soriano Jr Associate Producers Jorge B. Vargas, Miguel L. Lorza Executive Producer for Hagen-Wayne Productions Inc Gail Wayne Associate Producer Anthony J. Lorea Producers Representation for AFS/HWP Miguel L. Lorza Music Tito “Soto”/Sotto Cinematography Fred C. Soriano Jr Editor Gervasio I. Santos First Assistant Director/Executive in Charge of Philippine Production Fred Galang Titles Roman Arambula Assistant to the Producer Russ Tinsley Production Manager Bien David Production Supervisor Eric Lidberg Wardrobe Design Claire Hagen Assistant Director Dick Adair Script Coordinator Hernan Robles Assistant Editor Rudy Cabrales Sound Effects Editor Antonio Gonzalez Public Relations Hilda Galang Production Secretary Roupert Sese Schedule Master Tony Ramos Transportation Manager Ted Favis Mr Hagen’s Jewellery Dante

Cast Ross Hagen (Seth Calhoun), Nancy Kwan (Yuki Chan), Tony Lorea (G.I. Joe), Subas Herrero (Seeno Nono), Joonee Gamboa (Speeno Nono), Louie Florentino (Heeno Nono), Eric Lidberg (Swede), Charlie “Davad”/Davao (Spaniard), Joe Garcia (Yaso the Turk), Logan Clarke (Cocknapper), Marissa Fernandez (“Tinikling” Dancer) Friendly the Supercock (himself) Goons Cricket Lorza, Johnny Vicar, “Frank”/Franco Zarate, Rene Roque, Johnny Rio, Rolan Montes, SOS Daredevils The Children Roderick Paulate, Dawnie Soriano, Fred Soriano III, Yvette Soriano

Review from the Brains On Film website:

Don't run away kids, this one was also released as SUPERCHICKEN and (yeesh) FOWL PLAY , so it's not about someone's filthy sinful tallywhacker, we wouldn't stoop to that sort of thing on this site. Heck no, this movie's about that wholesome, misunderstood OTHER sport of kings. Yep it's a cockfighting movie. Not to toot our own horns or anything but while everyone else is doing their umpteenth Fulci or Argento review, who else but us is writing about chicken-sploitation?

Anyhow, I myself find cockfighting kinda stupid but I've consumed way too many hot-wings in my lifetime to really be offended by it, so lets just strap in and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it will be since SUPERCOCK is another masterpiece from the Greek and geek tandem of Gus Trikonis and Ross Hagen, the same team that brought us biker flicks THE HELLCATS and THE SIDEHACKERS (aieeeee!!)! And not only that, it's shot in the Phillippines and features Nancy Kwan just like THE DEADLY AND THE BEAUTIFUL! Toss in a few bloody chickens and how can you go wrong?

So anyway, Ross plays a shit-kickin' Oregon pullet-pimp by the name of Seth Calhoun who's in Manila for the annual cockfighting olympics, we can't make this shit up. In the Pines cockfighting is not only legal, but they have an arena for it (complete with PEPSI banners) and chickenfighters from all over the globe are flying in to get a piece of "friendly", Seth's bad-ass motherfucker of a yard pheasant. Seth is immediately on the radar of the local chickenfighting heavy who sends the lovely Ms. Kwan to scope out the competition ("What is your opinion of the American?" "He has the largest cock I've ever seen.") but of course she is quickly enamored with this plucky foreigner because hes Ross Hagen for Christ's sake. This leads to a touching bar-room soliloquy by Seth which illustrates that, like all men, he really loves his cock.( "Have you ever seen a cock that dearly loves good red wine, ,fresh vegetables, and pretty women?")

By the way, if I listed every bad pun using the word "cock" contained in this film we'd have to dump the streaming video off the site for lack of room. Ahhh screw the video, here's but a few:

"Why are you throwing your cock against the wall? Won't you hurt it?"

"Do you have anything to declare?" "Nothing but my cock."

"When my cock smells blood, the fight is over"

"When did you know your cock was a champion?" "When he was just a little pecker."

"Would you like to come up to my room and meet my cock?"

"Your cock must be made of prime hard muscle and free of excess fat."

"One's cock must not only be strong, but look beautiful as well."

"Have you ever noticed that if your cock's dehydrated it turns into a dud?"

"Gentlemen! I would like to propose a toast to our cocks!"

The bad guy sets up a meeting with our hero to try to buy his....cock, but of course Seth refuses, and of course this leads to lots of low grade Bond-esque intrigue and gunfights and well, no car chases, but there is a horse-drawn carriage chase. I don't have to tell you that Kwan and Hagen end up in love but the lovingly filmed slow motion finale is something to see.

Yep, real live animals ripping and tearing the holy living shit out of each other just so Gus Trikonis could film an 80 minute penis joke. (Up yours Raging Bull!!). Friendly wins the big fight of course, and everyone is happy. Well, except for all the mortally wounded chickens.

8 piece box anyone? I'll have extra crispy.

Review from the All Movie website:

Don't be fooled by the packaging of this violent action-comedy's video release; despite its claims of "family fun" and an animated credit sequence, Fowl Play (originally released as Supercock) is not for children. Why anyone would assume that the brutal sport of cockfighting would be appropriate for the whole family is a headscratcher in itself, and the fact that the film gets barely subtle comic mileage out of the double meaning of the word "cock" further proves it was originally meant for adults. Director Gus Trikonis captures the seediness of his tropical setting, focusing on back alleys, crowded streets, and the dilapidated arena that hosts the tournament, and a climactic horse-and-buggy chase is an unintentional hoot. However, the main character's attempts at justifying his sport are weak at best, and despite his radical "affection training" the whole enterprise is ultimately just a way for him to bet heavily enough to avoid work. Of course, if the viewer has no qualms with cockfighting, then Fowl Play will appear to be just another lightweight, predictable drive-in picture, though the controversial nature of the subject will likely raise questions for most.

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