Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wonder Women (1973)

1973 - Wonder Women (General Film Corporation)

[working title “The Terrible Transplants of Dr Tsu”; also released as “The Deadly And The Beautiful”, “The Chinese Puzzle”, “Women of Transplant Island” and in France as “Ongles Rouges et Cuisses d’Acier”]

Director Robert “O’Neil”/Vincent O'Neill Screenplay Lou Whitehill Adapted by Robert “O’Neil”/Vincent O'Neill Producer Ross Hagen Executive Producer Donald Gottlieb, Ronald Remy Cinematography Ricardo M. David Music Carson Whitsett Song "Wonder Women" Charles May Vocals Annette Thomas Editor Richard Greer Art Director Ben Otico Makeup Artist Ernie Carvajal Executive In Charge Of Production Arthur Marks In Charge of Production Nilo Saez Assistant Production Manager Gerry Gerena Sound Elpidio Salvador Special Effects Jessie Sto. Domingo Action & Stunt Coordinator Erik Cord Stills Mike Alejandrino, Beau Marks Script Supervisor Bert Amazan Jr Wardrobe Designer Jerry Bailon Nancy Kwan’s Wardrobe Lumen David Women’s Wardrobe Elcorte Ingles Assistant Cameramen Rodolfo Bautista, Manolito Cuenco Schedule Master Vic 'Basing' Costelo Additional Photography Michael Neyman

Cast Nancy Kwan (Dr. Tsu), Ross Hagen (Mike Harber), Maria De Aragon (Linda), Roberta Collins (Laura), Tony Lorea (Paulson/Lorenzo), Sid Haig (Gregorious), Vic “Dias”/Diaz (Lapu-Lapu), Claire Hagen (Vera), Shirley Washington (Maggie), Gail Hansen (Gail), Eleanor Siron (Mei-Ling), Bruno Punzalan (Nono the Fisherman), Joonee Gamboa (Won Ton Charlie), Rick Revere (Paulson's attendant), Rudy DeJesus (The Boy), Wendy Greene (The Swimmer), Leila Benitez (Lillian Taylor), Ross Rival (Ramon the Jai-Alai Player), Jesus Ramos (The Crabman), Phred Kaufman (The Beggar), Beau Marks (The Blind Athlete), Joe Conners (Joe the Athlete), Logan Clarke (The Attendant), Victor Vematsu (The Servant), Moises Sia (Paulson's attendant), Sal Vaca (The Desk Clerk), [uncredited] Marilyn Joi

Michael J. Weldon’s review from Psychotronic Video Magazine #30 (1999) p.12

Mike Carver (Hagen), a macho mercenary ex-CIA agent in leisure suits, is hired to investigate the disappearance of several athletes. Dr. Su (Nancy Kwan) has had them kidnapped to her private island for use in brain transplant experiments. Except for her assistant (Sid Haig with hair), all her agents are machine gun firing females in mini skirts. The fu fighting Maria De Aragon (from the director's BLOOD MANIA) has the most screen time and there's also blonde Filipino drive-in movie vet Roberta Collins and Afro hair Shirley Washington (DARKTOWN STRUTTERS). An eccentric cab driver (Vic Diaz) becomes Carver's guide and translator, so you get to see a lot of Manila (and a slo/mo cock fight). The General Films release substitutes "brain sex" for the expected skin scenes (it must have been rated PG), but pays off when Su's mutant failures escape from their cells. The score is typical funky wacka wacka wha wha music. Arthur Marks was the exec. in charge of production.

Michael Weldon’s review in Weldon (ed), The Psychotronic Encyclopedia Of Film, New York, Ballantine Books, 1983, p.790

Flower Drum Song star Nancy Kwan is the evil Dr. Su, whose all-female army kidnaps the world's top athletes to dismember and use for spare parts. Their organs are sold to aging millionaires. An insurance investigator arrives at the doctor's island fortress to stop the lady cutups. Producer Ross Hagen gave himself the hero role. With some pitiful monsters and Sid Haig.


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