Saturday, November 21, 2009

Triple Impact (1992)

1992 - Triple Impact (Davian International Ltd)

Director/Producer David “Hunt”/Hung [Writer credited on IMDB as Steve Rogers] Executive Producer Anjantre Hunt Associate Producers Andy Andico, Vivian Andico Cinematography/Technical Advisor Arnold Alvaro Music Marita Manuel Editor John Landas Production Design MBC Movie Specialist Casting Nick Nicholson Production Manager Manuel Leonardo 1st Assistant Director/Fight Supervisor Fred Esplana 2nd Assistant Director Mando Pangilinan Production Assistant Mannix Leonardo Script Girl Mia Calangi Wardrobe Master Ron Heri Tan Field Cashier Glenn Tanada Post-Production Manager Ago Maiscotes Location Manager Fred Sta. Ana Makeup Artist Flora Mendoza Stunt Co-ordinator Manny Samson Stills Jun Agravante Wardrobe Assistant Mayette Sabco, Eleanor Salazar Assistant Makeup Esther de Leon Propsman Al Mecer Special Effects Jun Marbella Armoury Roger Pacion Setmen Julio Tapaz, Junjun Salazar Carpenter Boy David Utility Philip Sy, Christopher Cruz, Ramil Balarosa Production Drivers Johnny Koa, Fernando Attenza, Virgilio Olaira, Jimmy Abalos Field Soundman Bert de Santos 1st Assistant Cameraman Rodel Quijano 2nd Assistant Cameraman Lito Lapara Gaffer Arnie Alvaro Boom Man Mike Curran Clapper Alfredo Garcia Chief Electrician Joselito Remedios Electrician Jamie Juson Focus Puller Rogelio Linda Jr Key Grip Rey Trinidad Best Boy Grip Roger Lorista Grips Maning Cabides, Roel Dona, Rudy Alvaro, Eden Pobe Camera Crew Rogelio Linda Jr, Nanding Botther HMI Caretaker Peping Magallanes Generatorman Jimmy Abalos

Cast Dale “Apollo” Cook (Dave Masters), Ron Hall (James Stokes), Bridgett “Baby Doll” Riley (Julie Webb), Robert Marius (Sergeant Adams), Steve Rogers (Captain Burroughs), Nick Nicholson (McMann), Ned Hourani (Karl), Tom Seal (Russo), Sheila “Lentin”/Lintan (Toi), Mike “Cobra” Cole (Cobra Cole), Barbara Dougan (Mabel), Andie Anderson (Thai Pilot), Gie Gayoma (Thai Girl Fighter), Ernie David (Thai Fighter) William Romero (Pit Fighter) Cristy Portugal (Julie's Woman Fighter), Johnny Koa (Thai Bartender), Teddy East (Rugged Man) McMann's Bodyguards Philip Gordon, Santi Laurenti, James Brewer, Paul Jones, John Brouse, David Davis Mercenaries Richard Olney, Anders Karlsonn, Hassan Saber, Greg Rocero, Manny Samson, Al Nanca, Bong Vergas American Soldiers Larry Caravajal, Franco Wagner, Jeff Pierce, Charlie Vincent, Mark Morgan, Abdul Raza Drug Runners Chris Ocampo, Jackie Tan, Elpie Sy, Philip Sy, Rod Martin, Edgar Enoc, Fred Garcia, Fredie Atienza, Nards Berz, Gerry Hardy


  1. Hi, I thught that JCVD and Gary daniels would shoot a film toghter, is this true? Why don't we here about this? I want to know what they desite, are they shooting a movie togheter or not? he can speak desent English if he want.
    A JCVD and gary danielsfan

  2. Dale Cook and Ron Hall made some fun and impressive low budget films. I'd like to find them on DVD. Dale had a very likable easygoing screen persona and Ron Hall simply dominated the film every single time he fought.

    Maybe someone will put them both in a low budget B movie version of " The Expendables"

  3. Those low budget movies were great fun. Ron Hall had the potential to be the black Jackie Chan but never got the kind of roles that focused on him. He and Dale Cook had a very likeable chemstry. The fight scenes were fun and entertaining. Maybe some smart producer will bring on the B movie expendables.