Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Surabaya Conspiracy (1969)

1969 – The Surabaya Conspiracy (Meyers Productions/American National Enterprises)

[Also released in US cinemas as “Stoney”, in Italian cinemas as “Fino Allo Spasimo” and on Danish VHS as “Deadly Game”. IMDB lists the US TV title as “The Gold Seekers”, unconfirmed]

Director/Producer Wray Davis Screenplay Walter Anton White Based on the novel “Surabaya” by James M. Fox Executive Producers Hal Meyers, Eric Biedermann Cinematography Jules Brenner Music Charles Bernstein Editor James Decker Production Supervisor Vicente Nayve Art Director Francisco Balague Sound Levy Principe Special Sequences Cinematography William Hines Gaffer Al York

Cast “Mike”/Michael Preston (Steven Blessing), Barbara Bouchet (Irene Stone), Michael Rennie (Harvey Ward), Richard Jaeckel (Dirk), Leopoldo Salcedo (High Commissioner Suwono), Pancho Magalona (Captain Haryan), Vic Diaz (Ah Song), Paraluman (Margaret Suwono), Tony Dungan (Colonel Natursian), Vance Skarstedt (Chuck), Gerald Hardig (Jerry), Hernan Robles (Native Messenger), Andres Centenera (Van Randwyck), Bobbi Greenwood (Joan), Frank Pearson (Vern), Ernest Rohoten (Mel), Burt Raymond (Goldwell), Don Wright (Barnett), Clifford Romack (Doctor), Wolfhart Gaush (Mr Cowan), Jesse (Taxi Driver), Karl Heinrich Meyer (Irene’s Friend), Paquito Fajardo (Japanese Victim), Nick Miranda (Hotel Clerk), Jerry Reyes (Mandur), Narciso Inoncillo (Aide de Camp), Paquito Bebitez (Aide de Camp), Carlos Solano (Civilian Aide), Armando Lucero (Ah Song’s Man), Rod Francisco (Ah Song’s Man), Domingo Mendoza (Ah Song’s Man), Tina Adriano (Princess Hegoro?), Boy Ledesma (Prince Hegoro?), Atilano Corpus (General Susho), PMP Commandos, Lucky Nine Stuntmen


  1. bravo;;leopoldo salcedo .pancho magalona and vic diaz;our local greats for so many int'l films that shot in the PHILIPPINES.

  2. SUPERBLY ACTING for our local great actors