Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Witch (1975)

1975 – The Witch (Solar Movie Enterprise Co)

[Release date 22nd March 1975]

Directors Ngai Hoi Fung, Ben Feleo Producers Lee Long Koan, Nellie Ybanez Associate Producer Shen Chun Cinematography Wong Kuid Nam, Gener Buenaseda

Cast Gloria Romero, Gina Alajar, Rodel Naval, Zeny Zabala, Balot, Tange, Etang Discher, Venchito Galvez, Angel Confiado, Nenita Jana

Here’s an interesting pan-Asian project: a horror film co-financed by Hong Kong and the Philippines and released in a Tagalog version in 1975. Despite all efforts trawling the net and cross-referencing the Chinese names on the Hong Kong Movie Database (, I can’t find any trace of a Hong Kong release under “The Witch” or any other title.

Can anybody please help with evidence of a release outside of the Philippines, other than these Thai posters?


  1. The mention "Tagalog version" is unclear, it could be (as it was a copro between the Philippines and Hong Kong) a movie shot in ONE version, then dubbed in each language - or a film shot twice, one with HK actors, the other with Chinese actors. At first view, it seems strange that only Filipino actors are credited on this ad, so it COULD be the case (two versions, like for Universal's 1931 DRACULA).
    This is only an hypothesis - of course...

  2. I've been searching for this old movie because Rodel Naval, who is the main actor of this movie, is my brother. The shooting was done in the Philippines and was first released there. My brother was told that the movie would also be shown in some parts of Asia and would then be dubbed. I still have the original colored poster for this movie. This was my brother's first movie and when this was released I was in Canada so I did not see this movie. Could anyone please contact me if a copy still exists. My email: