Tuesday, March 8, 2011

W.I.A. (Wounded In Action) (1966)

1966 - W.I.A. (Wounded In Action) (Myriad Productions)

Director/Writer Irving Sunasky Producers Irving Sunasky, Samuel Zerinsky Associate Producer Leopoldo Salcedo Cinematography Enrique Rogales Music Polding Silos [as Leopold Silos] Editor Gregorio Carraballo [IMDB also lists Fred von Bernewitz]

Cast Steven Marlo (Private Joe Goodman), Maura McGiveney (Lieutenant Marietta Dodd), Leopoldo Salcedo (Major Armando De Leon), Mary Humphrey (Lieutenant Joan Marsh), Albert Quinton (Major Slater), Victor Izay (Sergeant Roman), Bella Flores (Carmen), John Horn (Corporal Bliss), Pete Duel (Private Myers), Joe Sison (Sanchez), Brennan Wood (Captain Ed Bill), Romy Brion (Ruther)

Synopsis (from the AFI Catalog): In the Philippines during World War 2, US and Filipino soldiers who have been wounded in action against the invading Japanese are taken to a military evacuation hospital. One patient, Filipino Major Armando de Leon, nearly begins an affair with Nurse Joan Marsh but she is transferred from the hospital. US Private Joe Goodman also falls in love with a nurse, Marietta Dodd, but he is returned to the United States when the officers learn of their romance. Before he leaves, however, Joe pledges to marry Marietta when they can be reunited.


  1. Is there any way that you have a hard copy of this or know where I can get one? I've looked everywhere!

  2. Hi Jessica, thanks for posting. I've never seen a copy anywhere either - the only info I could find was on the AFI Catalog. If you do find one, please remember me!

  3. My father was an extra in this movie! His name is Al Sumell and he's never seen it himself. I've been looking for a copy for years, as it'd mean a lot to him (and to his children). If anybody has or knows where to get a copy of this film...please contact me at mSumell@hotmail.com. I'm willing to pay! --Matt

  4. I am a friend of Steve Marlo, the actor who played the doctor and he too is looking for the movie. If I ever find it I will post it here (or watch here for postings). Tough movie to locate.