Friday, April 15, 2011

Cannibals - Legend Or Reality? (c.2005)

c.2005 - Cannibals - Legend Or Reality? (Diamonds International Film Production/La Perla Nera)

[Originally planned as four 60-minute TV episodes, partly shot in the Philippines in the mid-00s and edited into a feature film in 2009. Original Italian title “Cannibali – Leggenda O Realta’…” Released on US DVD as “The Real Cannibal Holocaust” and on Czech DVD as “Kanibalové - Legendy a Skutečnost”]

Technical Director “David Hunt”/Bruno Mattei Subject: Texts Bruno Mattei Screenplay: Anthropologist Pierluigi Tentori Producer Gianni Paolucci Cinematography “Richard Goldberg” Music Flipper/Beat Records Editor “Daniel Campello”/Daniele Campelli Advisor Daniele Di Stasiu Production Manager Ariel Castillo Sanchez

Synopsis (from the Diamonds International Film website):

The story of cannibalism starts from the very beginnings of humanity but to identify traces of cannibalism is the hardest job for any archaeologist. However important elements could be particularly revealing: engravings on bones made by cutting objects, breakages made with the goal of extracting nutritional elements such as spinal marrow, or burns that can reveal even rudimental cooking… Our report will continue using expert archaeologists and palaeontologists expertise, re-tracing Christopher Columbus’ famous journey to discover the Antilles islands, a place where the “Indios Caribi”? practised Anthropophagi. We will continue our trip through the South-American continent with the “tupi-guaranì” tribe, a people with a common language living along the Brazilian coast. Cannibalism could be caused by the alteration of the hormonal balance that determines the incapacity of the brain to control and to measure the emotions. The questions are various and open for such a complex and disquieting subject. Instincts and cannibalism fantasies are part of the deep structure of the human psychology; and just to add an ironic touch to our report we would like to suggest that all of us has a potential cannibal inside us. How many times have we said “You look good enough to eat!”? Or “I must have you for dinner!”?

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