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The Bionic Boy (1977) & Leody M. Diaz filmography

Leody M. Diaz, The Bionic Boy and Bobby A. Suarez’s Singapore Connection by Andrew Leavold

A suprisingly vibrant Singapore film industry was producing between ten and twenty films a year throughout the Fifties into the late Sixties [1]. One of its major studios, Hong Kong's Shaw Brothers, then decided to relocate its South East Asian outpost to Kuala Lumpur in 1967; by then, production of Malay language films had ground to a halt, and Singapore was becoming just another exotic backdrop for European and Hong Kong productions. The country's one attempt to cash in on the kung fu craze, Ring Of Fury (1973) starring local karate blackbelter Peter Chong, wound up in limbo following the government's decision to suppress its screenings. It wasn't just the sex and violence, they reasoned, but its depictions of “gangsterism” and promotion of vigilante-style justice.

Sensing a vacuum in the wake of the Shaws' departure, Bobby A. Suarez decided to form a pan-Asian production company called BAS Film Productions. On the payroll were ex-wrestling promoter and managing director of Intercontinental's Singapore wing, Sonny Lim [2], and Mohamed Ashraf from Malaysia's Zahraine Films. Using the Shaw's model, Bobby intended to create a South East Asian base of operations and, utilizing funding from a number of countries, exporting genre films to the international market.

BAS reunion, Singapore 2005 - (left to right) Peter Chong, Gene Suarez, Marrie Lee, Bobby A. Suarez, Johnson Yap

Bobby secured the services of Leody M. Diaz, prolific local director of primarily Tony Ferrer and his Agent X-44 films as well as Balut westerns and the criminally long-lost Batman Fights Dracula (1967), to direct BAS Films' maiden production, The Bionic Boy (1977). With Leody came his nephew Pepito Diaz, who would become Bobby's assistant or “associate” director over the next twenty-odd years, and Pepito's good friend Franco Liwanag, soon to be christened 'Guerrero'.

Franco or 'Chito' Guerrero was born Francisco Almodovar Liwanag in Laguna Province on 3rd December 1947. He started in the film business around the same time he began martial arts; his uncle owned a successful chain of cinemas and was good friends with Fernando Poe Jr and Tony Ferrer, who both encouraged young Francisco to try his hand at acting and action scenes.

Young 'Chito' (his nickname from childhood) received his first call sheet from Tagalong Ilang-Ilang (TII) Pictures, run by Ferrer’s brother Espiridon Laxa, one of the most powerful independents at the time that had stamped its mark in the early Sixties promoting Fernando Poe Jr (or FPJ) and Joseph Estrada as the screen’s rough and tough action heroes. The action-ready Chito’s first film however was Sweethearts (1970), a teen weepie with a young star-on-the-rise Vilma Santos, directed by TII’s workhorse Diaz. More roles followed with Tony (Agent X44) Ferrer AND with Fernando Poe Jr; on the set of Salaginho’t Salagubang (1972), his debut for FPJ Productions, Fernando himself changed Chito’s screen name from Liwanag (“Light”) to the more warlike Guerrero.

These days Franco looks almost exactly as he did in the mid-Seventies – youthful vigour, immaculate pompadour, and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “I was really making good with the local movies, Tagalog Ilang-Ilang, FPJ,” Franco told me as we filmed at the Intramuros Golf Club, right next to the crumbling walls of old Manila. “Somehow Leody Diaz brought me to Bobby Suarez. [Leody] was a very good friend, like a father to me. He was the one who convinced me to get into this movie business. I said, 'If I'm an actor, then I'm an actor.' Although secretly I was already into martial arts. I didn't know then I was going to use this through filmmaking. Because I all I know was to be a little bit 'boy next door' look and nice lighting. Then I get into this contrabida thing, character roles. I play it very well. So I started with Bobby.”

Bobby and Johnson Yap, Singapore 2005 (photo courtesy Marrie Lee)

The lead role of Bionic Boy went to a pre-pubescent Singaporean black belt, only eight or nine years old at the time, called Johnson Yap. “I was reading a magazine when I was in Hong Kong,” remembered Bobby, “I think it‘s also sold in Singapore, and I saw this young boy. So I call up Sunny Lim and get him to call the boy because I would like to meet him. So Sunny Lim calls up the father of the boy, and we met. I asked the boy, 'Do you want to be an actor?' He says, 'Yes, sir. When can I start?' I said, 'Next week, instead of going to school.' So one week I trained him, and the next week, he’s making the movie.”

In a plot aimed squarely at seven year olds of all ages, Singaporean Sonny Lee lands in Manila for a martial arts contest along with his parents; his father Johnson is posing as a solicitor, but Mafia thugs - led by Frank, a Vegas greaseball who’s constantly yelling at his chain-smoking cohorts, calling them “meatheads” and “idiots” - recognize him as one of Asia’s top Interpol agents. Frank orders his Filipino thugs to crush the Lee’s car with a pair of earthmovers. Both parents are pancakes, but Sonny miraculously survives with legless and with empty sleeves, most of his organs turned into pate, his ears shot to hell and his left eyeball gone. Johnson's millionaire friend Ramirez pays he world’s experts in bionics to reconstruct Sonny into a trionic machine, complete with supersonic hearing and a zoom lens in his left eye.

His new trionic powers not only improve his kung fu, but see him running like a miniature racehorse - in slow motion, of course, with a rather shrill, insipid sound effect that comes nowhere near the majesty of Steve Austin’s “da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na!”). He finally sets out to avenge his parents and allows himself to be captured and taken to the baddies’ island lair, and even when chained and drowned in quick-drying cement, still kicks a sizable number of thugs to death with a smug smile and doesn’t bat an eyelid. His reasoning? With a voice that sounds like an anxious schoolgirl, he tells us “It was kill or be killed.”

Amidst the exciting bongo-driven and wah-wah-soaked music and the explosions, and Bobby's trademark half-hour marathon conclusions, The Bionic Boy is his gleeful plundering of The Six Million Dollar Man TV series for the still-lucrative international kung fu market. But surely, I asked Bobby, the word 'copyright' would rear its ugly head? “They [the producers] contacted me. They wanted to litigate. I said, 'Look, the word 'bionic' is in the dictionary. So anybody who can refer to the dictionary, they can find that word.'” Surely Bobby was aware that there was also a TV pilot of the same name in production at the time? Wouldn't THAT be grounds to sue? “They tried,” laughed Bobby, and I'm still not certain if I believe him or not. “But I said ‘Bionic Boy’ belongs to me.”

Pepito: “Unfortunately he never saw the finished product. Bobby had just arrived from Hong Kong, he gave him some money and told him as soon as possible we'll start Cleopatra Wong, and you'll direct it. So he was very happy. He went to see a movie nearby, and inside the movie house, that's where he had his heart attack.” Bobby told how he'd paid Leody for his services, and that the money was still in his pocket when his body arrived at the hospital. Leody was just 52 years old.

1. Raphael Millet, Singapore Cinema, Editions Didier Millet, Singapore, 2006, pp. 117-137)

2. Also known as Sunny Lim, real name Lim Peng Hock

LinkLEODY M. DIAZ FILMOGRAPHY (all images courtesy Simon Santos and Video 48)

1965 – Labanang Babae (Kamagong Films)

[Release date 1st November 1965]

Director/Producer Armando Garces Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Divina Valencia, Stella Suarez, Robert Campos, Eddie Garcia, Max Alvarado, Ezar Visenio, Johnny Baylon, Rudy Moreno, Rocky Lopez, Jimmy de la Fuente, Ely Ventus, Arthur Villegas, Leody M. Diaz, Napoleon Tort, Ric Arellano


1966 – Gunfighter (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 15th June 1966]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Henry Cuino

Cast Jess Lapid [Sr], Eddie Garcia, Max Alvarado, Victor Bravo, Joe Sison, Bert Olivar, Rocco Montalban, Nort Nepomuceno, Joaquin Fajardo, Paquito Diaz, Val Castelo, Natalia Crisandra, Menchu Morelli


1966 – Duelo Sa Tierra Libre (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 17th August 1966]

Director Leody M. Diaz Writer Henry Cuino Music Augusto Buenaventura

Cast Jess Lapid [Sr], Eddie Garcia, Miriam Jurado, Anna Gonzales, Victor Bravo, Joe Sison, Vivian Lorrain, Rocco Montalban, Nort Nepomuceno


1966 – Sharpshooter (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 20th October 1966]

Director Leody M. Diaz Screenplay Quentin de Guia Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Jess Lapid [Sr], Max Alvarado, Natalia Crisandra, Victor Bravo, Rocco Montalban, Vivian Lorrain


1966 - Frame Up! (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 25th December 1966]

Director Leody M. Diaz Writer Felipe Baron Music Carding Cruz

Cast Tony Ferrer (Tony Falcon, Agent X-44), Miriam Jurado, Lucita Soriano, Alicja Basili, Anna Gonzales, Rod Navarro, Lauro Delgado, Victor Bravo, Max Alvarado, Ray Marcos, Manolo Noble, Rocco Montalban, Nort Nepomuceno, Leon Pajaron, Steve Alcarado, Alex Flores, Lope Policarpio, George Bayot, Nellie Madrigal, Danny Rojo


1967 – Ito Ang Karate/“This Is Karate” (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Production)

[Release date 23rd February 1967]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story Quentin de Guia Screenplay Henry Cuino Jr Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Tony Ferrer, Anna Gonzales, Alicja Basili, Daisy Romualdez, Max Alvarado, Lauro Delgado, Victor Bravo, Bert Olivar, Rocco Montalban, Joaquin Fajardo, Leon Pajaron, Steve Alcarado, Alex Flores, Lope Policarpio, Danny Rojo, Abraham Cruz


1967 – Durango (Six Bullets For A Gunman) (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 9th April 1967]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Felipe Baron Music Francisco Buencamino Jr

Cast Max Alvarado (Durango), Anna Gonzales, Miriam Jurado, Marissa Delgado, Stella Suarez, Victor Bravo, Joe Sison, Vic Andaya, Rocco Montalban, Joaquin Fajardo, Nort Nepomuceno, Jeon Pajaron, Steve Alcarado, Alex Flores, Lope Policarpio, Doming Viray, Sai Betsayda, Lauro Delgado, Dencio Padilla, Doming del Valle, Joy del Sol, Elaine Brown, Danny Rojo, Marissa Delgado, Joe Sison


1967 - Batman Fights Dracula (Lea Productions/Fidelis Productions)

[Release date 3rd June 1967, also known as “Baty and Roby Against Crime”]

Director Leody M. Diaz Writer Bert R. Mendoza Music Tony Maiquez

Cast Jing Abalos (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Dante Rivero (Dracula), Vivian Lorrain (Marita Banzon), Rolan Robles (Ruben), Ramon D'Salva (Dr. Zerba), Nort Nepomuceno (Turko), Angel Confiado, Ruben Ramos, Greg Lansang, Tina Lava, Lope Policarpio, Sai Betsadya, Jeanette Gonzalez, Rudy Dominguez, Tiva Lava, Marcelo Bernardo, Eddie Castro, Buddy de Jesus, [uncredited] Johannes Christof von Heinsburg (Mevik)


1967 – Magnificent Bandido (Junar Productions)

[Release date 23rd July 1967; sometimes listed as “Magnificent Bandit”]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Bert Duenas Jr Producer “Junar”/Jun Aristorenas Music Carding Cruz

Cast Jun Aristorenas (Johnny Valiente), Eddie Garcia, Paquito Diaz, Tony Cayado, Bessie Barredo, Arlene Salgado, Sofia Moran, Vic Andaya, Rocco Montalban, Angel Ventura, Larry Silva, Nort Nepomuceno, Jimmy Morato


1967 - Target: The A-Go-Go Generation (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 29th October 1967]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story Felipe Baron Screenplay Henry Cuino Music D’Amarillo

Cast Tony Ferrer, Greg Lansang, Helen Gamboa, Doming Viray, Anna Gonzales, Rocco Montalban, Romy Luartes, Victor Bravo, Jimmy Roldan, Rocco Montalban, Gaston Garcia, Joaquin Fajardo, Frank Laurence, Leon Pajaron, Danny Rojo, Steve Alcarado, Lope Policarpio, Joe Sison, Cora Varona, Ric Avellano, Campus Capers, The Rolling Beats, The Tilt Down Men


1967 – The Deadly Seven (Dan-Sil Productions/Delta Films)

[Release date 10th December 1967]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story Manoling Varong Screenplay Ruben Tizon Music Carding Cruz

Cast Tony Ferrer, Bert Martinez, Rocco Montalban, Marissa Delgado, Nort Nepomuceno, Danny Rojo, Lope Policarpio, Eddie Garcia, Anna Gonzales, Joe Sison, Martin Marfil


1968 – Magnum Barracuda (Junar Productions)

[Release date 28th March 1968]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Henry Cuino Producer “Junar”/Jun Aristorenas Music Carding Cruz

Cast Jun Aristorenas (Magnum Barracuda), Verna Gaston, Bessie Barredo, Vic Andaya, Joaquin Fajardo, Bentot, Lope Policarpio, Boy Chico, Sancho Tesalona, od Navarro, Kim Ramos, Rocco Montalban, Helen Thompson, Agnes Moran (Michelle), Bert Martinez, Nort Nepomuceno, Tita Lava, Joe Sison


1968 – Rancho Diablo (Gilbert Roland Productions)

[Release date 27th April 1968]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Bert R. Mendoza Music Francisco Buencamino Jr

Cast Jun Aristorenas, Josephine Estrada, Eddie Garcia, Joe Sison, Jackie Belmonte, Cora Varona, Gilbert-Venchito Galvez, Fred Param (The Sheriff), Kim Ramos, Vic Andaya, Rocco Montalban, Joaquin Fajardo, Lope Policarpio, Greg Lansang, Leon Pajaron, Rudy Dominguez, Nort Nepomuceno


1968 – Junior Cursillo (Gilbert Roland Productions)

[Release date 9th August 1968]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Bert R. Mendoza Music Restie Umali Adviser Reverend Father Rodolfo A. Gallardo

Cast Josephine Estrada, Dindo Fernando, Ricky Belmonte, George Estregan, Ike Lozada, Jackie Belmonte, Nort Nepomuceno, Verna Gaston, Norma Ledesma, Gilbert, Rolling Beats, Bits N’ Pieces, Jess Vargas, Eddie Garcia, Rosa Mia, Alfonso Carvajal, Tita de Villa, Menchu Morelli


1968 – Deadly Jacks (Junar Productions)

[Release date 28th September 1968]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Greg B. Macabenta Producer “Junar”/Jun Aristorenas Music Pete Aristorenas

Cast Jun Aristorenas, Eddie Garcia, Eddie Torrente, Lope Policarpio, Greg Lansang, Boy Sison, Bino Garcia, Jing Abalos, Johnny Monteiro, Jorge Chico, Rosanna Ortiz, Dado, Nort Nepomuceno


1968 – Quinto De Alas (Scorpio Productions)

[Release date 16th November 1968]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Greg B. Macadenta Music Pablo Vergara

Cast Vic Vargas (Gringo), Jing Abalos (Jumbo), Dindo Fernando (Matanglawin), Van de Leon (Talahis), Cesar Ramirez (Barbaro), Sofia Moran, Boy Alano, Bert Olivar, Rocco Montalban, Renato del Prado, Rey TOmenes, Jaime Javier, Alex Flores, Willie Dado, Randy Pimentel (Indio), Pablo Guevarra, Ven Medina, Santiago Duenas, Joe Sison, SOS Daredevils, PMP Commandos, OMS? Survivors


1969 – The Bandits (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 10th March 1969]

Director Leody M. Diaz Music Francisco Buencamino Jr

Cast Tony Ferrer, Max Alvarado, Alicia Alonzo, Bessie Barredo


1969 – Angkan Ng Mga Karatista (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 9th May 1969]

Director Leody M. Diaz Music Francisco Buencamino Jr

Cast Tony Ferrer, Divina Valencia, Antonio Ganiela, Bessie Barredo, Amando Diaz, Joy Dee, Emilio Galicinao, Arlene del Rio, Captain Meliton Geronimo, Stella Suarez, Max Alvarado, Victor Bravo, Nort Nepomuceno, Joe Sison, Doming Viray, Leon Pajaron, Ruben Ramos, Joe Cunanan, Larry Esguerra, Edwin Lumagbas, Steve Alcarado, Alex Flores, Rolly del Fierro, Joaquin Fajardo, Bert Olivar, Larry Silva


1969 – Hari Ng Samurai (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 16th July 1969]

Director Leody M. Diaz Music Fortunato Buencamino Jr

Cast Tony Ferrer, Eddie Garcia, Perla Bautista, Johnny Monteiro, Marissa Delgado, Victor Bravo, Arlene Del Rio, Joe Sison, Jose Padilla Jr, Rocco Montalban, Ruben Ramos, Joaquin Fajardo, Larry Esguerra, The Samurai Daredevils


1969 - The Magic Samurai (RFJ Brothers Pictures/Barangay Productions)

[Release date 12th September 1969]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Consuelo P. Osorio Music Demetrio Velasquez

Cast Roberto Gonzales, Johnny Monteiro, Dencio Padilla, Joaquin Fajardo, Rocco Montalban, Leon Pajaron, Rudy Dominguez, Greg Lansang, Jun Santos, Lope Policarpio, Ernie Ortega, Lito Calzado, Jessette, Angela Montes, Matimtiman Cruz, Jose Villafranca, Alex Flores, Ruben Ramos, Mario Escudero, Efren Montes, The Deadly Ninjas


1969 - Blue Seal: Matahari (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 26th October 1969]

Director Leody M. Diaz Music Carding Cruz

Cast Tony Ferrer, Rod Navarro, Liza Belmonte, Georgina Fairy


1969 - Ang Sekreta/“The Secret” (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 14th December 1969]

Director Leody M. Diaz Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Tony Ferrer, Max Alvarado, Lourdes Medel, Bella Flores


1970 - The Kidnappers (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 25th January 1970]

Director Leody M. Diaz Writers Felipe Baron, Henry Cuino Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Tony Ferrer, Leopoldo Salcedo, Divina Valencia, Georgina Fairy, Van de Leon, Rocco Montalban, Larry Silva, Reuben Ramos


1970 - Deadly Fighters (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 15th March 1970]

Director Leody M. Diaz Writers Quentin de Guia, Henry Cuino

Cast Tony Ferrer, Rolly Lapid, Thelma Kennedy, Georgina Fairy, Rex Lapid, Raul Lapid, Rey Lapid, Max Alvarado


1970 – Lihim Ng Mga Maka-Salanan/“Secret Of Sinners” (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 3rd May 1970]

Director Leody M. Diaz Writers Henry Cuiono, Quintin de Guia Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Tony Ferrer, Rita Gomez


1970 – Because You Are Mine (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 14th May 1970]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story Quentin de Guia Screenplay Henry Cuino Music Danny Subido

Cast Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Anita Linda, Sonny Cortez, Ben David, Metring David, Bobby Roldan, Scarlet, Levi Celerio, Cloyd Robinson, Ernie Vega, Wilhelmina Landicho, Etang Discher, Inday Jalandoni


1970 – Sweethearts (Tagalong Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 9th August 1970]

Director Leody M. Diaz Screenplay Henry Cuinco

Cast Edgar Mortiz, Vilma Santos, Arnold Gamboa, Snooky [Serna], Von Serna, Mila Ocampo, Eddie Mercado, Elaine Stuart, Ernie Vega, Scarlet, Cloyd Robinson, Imelda Alonzo, Rico Villa, “Chito”/Franco Guerrero


1970 - Pag-Ibig Ng Ma Salarin/ “Love That's A Sinner” (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 6th September 1970]

Director Leody M. Diaz Screenplay Quintin de Guia, Jose Flores Sibal Music F. Buencamino Jr

Cast Tony Ferrer, Von Serna, Divina Valencia, Rosanna Marquez, Victor Bravo, Marissa Delgado, Rebecca Rocha


1970 – Soliman (Junar Productions)

[Release date 3rd December 1970]

Director Leody M. Diaz Writer Bert R. Mendoza Producer “Junar”/Jun Aristorenas Music “Juver”/Jun Aristorenas, Virginia

Cast Robin Aristorenas, Jun Aristorenas, Merle Fernandez, Elizabeth de Leon, Efren Montes


1971 – Bella Bandida (Valor Productions)

[Release date 5th May 1971]

Director/Screenplay Leody M. Diaz Based on the Liwayway Magazine komik serial by Francisco V. Coching Cinematography Jose Batac Jr Music Restie Umali

Cast Rosanna Ortiz (Bella Bandida), Tito Galla, Eddie Garcia, Gina Lafoteza, Danny Rojo, Vicky Sandoval, Larry Silva, Jaime Javier, Lope Policarpio, Rudy Gamboa, Tony Villar, Rocco Montalban, Jose Villafranca, Roderick Paulate, Ernesto Rivera, Jimmy Reyes, Ben Bernal, Pons de Guzman, Lito Frnacisco, Kent Gonzales, Bert Garon, Eddie Tagalog, Nardy Medina, Lope Villar, Eddie Castro, Feling Cudia, Thunder Boys, Max Rojo


1971 – Tapang Brothers (Mirick Films)

[Release date 8th August 1971]

Director Leody M. Diaz Screenplay Maning Songco Music Carlos Rodriguez

Cast Tony Ferrer, Alicia Alonzo, Adriano Papa, Ernesto Estrada, Manuel Paner


1971 – Alyas Bagsik/“As The Cruelty” (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 3rd October 1971]

Director Leody M. Diaz Screenplay Felipe Baron, Henry Cuino Music Danny Subido

Cast Tony Ferrer, Max Alvarado, Daisy Romualdez, Gina Laforteza, Rocco Montalban, Marilou Ver, Marikit Liwanag, Linda Ordonez, Von Serna, Joaquin Fajardo


1972 - The Smugglers (Liberty Pictures)

[Release date 1st April 1972]

Director Leody M. Diaz Writers Henry Cuino, Napoleon Labrador Music Demet Velasquez

Cast Tony Ferrer, Sofia Moran, Lyn Roselle, Liza Vergara


1972 – Dulce Corazon (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 3rd June 1972]

Director Leody M. Diaz Writer Pio Oreta Cinematography Ben Lobo Music Danny Subido

Cast Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz


1972 – Trafcon-Ancar (Liberty Pictures)

[Release date 9th July 1972]

Director Leody M. Diaz Cinematography Enrique Rosales Music Carlos Rodriguez

Cast Tony Ferrer, Jules King


1973 – Hill 91 (Liberty Pictures)

[Release date 21st March 1973]

Director Leody M. Diaz Screenplay Ric Serrano Cinematography Enrique Rosales Music Carlos Rodriguez

Cast Vic Vargas, Jing Abalos, Edgar Salcedo, Johnny Delgado


1973 – Sa Ngalan Ng Batas (Liberty Pictures)

[Release date 27th April 1973]

Director Leody M. Diaz Cinematography Enrique Gonzales Music Carlos Rodriguez

Cast Romy Diaz, Roberto Gonzalez


1973 – Tayo’y Mag-Basketball (Liberty Pictures)

[Release date 30th August 1973]

Director Leody M. Diaz Screenplay Manuel Songco Music Carlos Rodriguez

Cast Romy Diaz, Liza Lorena, Vic Pacia


1973 - Darna And The Giants (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[Release date 22nd December 1973]

Director/Screenplay Emmanuel H. Borlaza Based on the komik serial by Mars Ravelo Guest Director Leody M. Diaz Executive Producer [uncredited] Espiridion Laxa Cinematography Ben Lobo Music Tito Arevalo Theme Singer Neddie Decena Editor Gervacio Santos Art Direction Ben Otico Set Decoration Alfonso Socito Prosthetic Makeup Cecille Baun Production Manager Bonnie Esguerra In Charge Of Production Cayetano B. Lalic Production Manager Leo Valdes Assistant Director Tito C. Sanchez Property Masters Rolly Tubig, Oscar Ullegue Assistant Art Director Ambrocio Diaz Sound Engineers Greg Ella, Jun Ella Sound Lazaro Guinto Sound Editor Jay Jacinto Sound Effects Danny Salvador Special Effects Jessie Sto. Domingo Special Photographic Effects Tommy Marcelino Titles/Layouts Delfin Antonio Fight Director Romy V. Suzara Stunt Coordinator Danny Rojo Assistant Camera Johnny Araojo Second Unit Camera Fermin Pagsisihan Still Photographer Luciano Punzalan Electrician Romulo Sarmiento Lab Technicians Exequiel Betis, Mauro Navia Assistant Film Editor Ferdie Salvador Operator: Sigma Mariwasa Manny Andrada Printer Jaime Ranches Schedule Master Oddie Reyes

Cast Vilma Santos (Darna/Narda), Divina Valencia (Giant), Helen Gamboa (X3X), Rosanna Marquez, Loretta Marquez, Desiree Destreza, Florence Aguilar (Digna), Romeo Miranda (Romy), Pepito Rodriguez (Doctor), Cesar Ramirez (Giant), Zandro Zamora (Giant), Max Alvarado (Giant), Ike Lozada (Giant), “Katy”/Kathy de la Cruz (Lola), Don Don Nakar (Ding), Renato Robles, Danny Rojo, Protacio Dee, Cris “Buddha” Cruz, Jing Caparas, Pol Ramos, Beth Bernal, Johnny Tania, Emil Arca, Kiti-Kiti, Romy Luartes, Ernie David, Jimmy Reyes, Lito Francisco, Glenn Bautista, Kent Gonzalez, SOS Daredevils, Thunder Boys, [uncredited] Tony Ferrer (Tony Falcon, Agent X44), Gloria Romero (Aswang Teacher), Lotis Key (Lost Villager), German Moreno (Fake Darna), Rod Navarro (Godfather), Georgie Quizon (Frightened Villager), Ben David (Taong), Edgar Mortiz (Taong Bayan), Leopoldo Salcedo (Mayor)

The Planet Women: Lorelei, Elizabeth Vaughn, Karina Zawalsky, Lorna Locsin, Anita Lincoln, Cristie Soriano

The Planet Men: Karlo Vero, Dave Esguerra, Robert Miller, Greg Lozano, Bong Barredo, Ricky Valencia


1974 – Cosag (Dukeland)

[Release date 18th January 1974]

Director Leody M. Diaz Screenplay Henry Cuino Cinematography Zosimo Corpuz Music Carlos Rodriguez

Cast Vic Vargas, Johnny Delgado, Jing Abalos, Edgar Salcedo, Renato Robles, Val Dalton, Bert LeRoy Jr


1974 – Kung Fu Master (Pacific Films/Jowell Film Productions)

[Release date 23rd June 1974]

Director Leody M. Diaz Story/Screenplay Wilfredo D. Nolledo Associate Producers Fidel Isip Jr, Roy Sangil Cinematography Ricardo M. Herrera Music Carding Cruz Editor Teofilo de Leon Unit Coordinator Jun Montemayor Production Manager Leonides D. Laxa Associate Director J. Erastheo Navoa Sound Supervision Luis Reyes Sound Effects Demet Velasquez Field Soundman Joe Fortuno Assistant Cameraman Arturo Capulong Associate Editor Nel Crisostomo Assistant Editor Benigno de Leon Prosthetic Makeup Cecile Baun Makeup Artist Cherry Biognoso? Schedule Master Jose Dominguez Properties/Setting Joe Flores, Tony Pangilinan Stills Eddie Villanueva Props/Effects Jesse Sto. Domingo Fight Instructors Tony Ferrer, Rey Sagum, Val Iglesia Assistant Production Manager Roseo “Boy” Huerto

Cast Tony Ferrer, Lotis Key, Romy Diaz, Cesar Ramirez, Omar “Boy” Camar, Rey Sagum, Val Iglesias, “Chito”/Franco Guerrero, Protacio Dee, Virginia Montes, Patria Plata, Karina Zawolski, Joe Cunanan, Steve Alcarado, Ben Dato, Sancho Tesalona, Carmen Romasanta, Nonoy de Guzman, Doming Reyes, Mona Morena, Rusty Santos, Antipas Celerio, Rudy Dimalanta, Marcelo Rocel, Tony Zabalas, Max Alvarado, Ruel Vernal, Romy Nario, Danny Rojo, Ernie Ortega, Rocco Montalban, Ramon Olmos, Pons de Guzman, Lita Vasquez, Israel “Cisco” Oliver, Tony Nepomuceno, Pol Ramos, Boy Nuguid, Lauro Flores, Jaime de Vera, Oscar Reyes, Jay Grama, Jun Laynes, Rolan Falcis, Mando Pangilinan


1977 – The Bionic Boy (BAS Film Productions Inc)

[Also released as "Trionic Warrior" (unconfirmed), "El Nino Bionico" (Spain), "Il Piccolo Superman" (Italy)]

Director Leody M. Diaz [some sources list Bobby A. Suarez as uncredited co-director] Producer/Story Bobby A. Suarez Screenplay Romeo N. Galang Associate Producer Steve Nicholson Director of Photography Arnold Alvaro Editors Romeo N. Galang, Leody M. Diaz, Hung & Cheung Music Ruben Sabiñano [IMDB lists him as “Ruben Schimano”] Additional Arrangement Neo Ragas Assistant Director Pepito Diaz Special Effects Apolonio Abadeza [IMDB also lists Ron Rogers] Action Directors Danny Rojo & Alex "Boy" Pecate Production Manager Melencio (Jun) Montemayor Assistant Production Manager & Paymaster Cheryl Ann Flores Associate Cameraman David Hung 1st Assistant Cameraman Rey Sempio 2nd Assistant Cameraman Rolando Toralba Sound Recordist Blandino Acuin Chief Gaffer Illuminado Cruz Electrician Benny Makabale (Macabale?) Assistant Electrician Dalmacio Legaspi Generator Man Oscar Infantico Setting Director Ambrocio Diaz Still Photographer Eddie Villanueva Schedule Master Willie Henson Wardrobe Girl Elizabeth Dauz Makeup Artist Aida Ortea Lay-Out Artist Eddie Domer Catering Services Margarita Lopez

Cast Johnson Yap (Sonny Lee), Joe Sison, “Chito”/Franco Guerrero, Danny Rojo, David McCoy, Ron "Skip" Rogers, Romy Diaz, Subas Herrero, Clem Parsons [IMDB listed as “Clem Persons”], Omar Camar, David Fry, Steve Nicholson, Karim Kiram, Ruben Ramos, Boy Pecate, Lorli Villanueva (Joanne Lee), Kerry Chandler, Menita Bumanglag, Susan Baecher [IMDB listed as “Susan Beacher”], Carole King, Protacio Dee, Joe Cunanan, Vic Romero, Alfred Raymond, Ronald Baecher, Debbie Rogers [IMDB listed as “Debra Jean Rogers”], Kathleen Scherini, Cherry Grant, Carolyn Sullivan, SOS Daredevils


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