Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mutiny In The South Seas (1965)

1965 - Mutiny In The South Seas (Metheus Film/Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie [SNC]/Aragon Brothers [a possible Filipino company])

[A West German-Italian co-production shot in the Philippines, original title “Die Letzten Drei Der Albatros; also released in France as “Aventure à Manille” and “L’Aventure Vient de Manille”, in Italy as “La Morte Viene Da Manila” and in Greece as “Kolasmenoi Ton Notion Thalasson”]

Director Wolfgang Becker Writer Werner P. Zibaso Producer Wolf C. Hartwig Cinematography Rolf Kästel Music Francesco De Masi Editor Herbert Taschner Assistant Director Eberhard Schroeder Camera Operator Klaus Werner

Cast Joachim Hansen (Lieutenant Hannes Carstens), Gisella Arden [listed in Italian credits as “Kim Arden”] (Lieutenant Dany Wilkinson), Harald Juhnke (Kuddel Lehmann), Horst Niendorf (Walter Pitters), Alfredo Varelli [listed in the Italian credits as “Fred Warell”] (Witch Doctor Namu), Jacques Bézard (Chick), Philippe Guégan (Kaminsky), Eva “Montez”/Montes (Mona), Lucita “Sorriano”/Soriano, Lilly Oliveros, Frank Fielding, Horst Frank (Sven Broderson)

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