Friday, February 13, 2009

Final Reprisal (1988)

1988 - Final Reprisal (Solar Films International)

[Released on Turkish VCD as “Soylu Kan”;IMDB claims various alternate titles, all unconfirmed: “Assault System”, “Platoon Without Return” and “Warriors Without Return”]

Director “Tedd Hemingway”/Teddy Chiu Story/Screenplay Rod Davis, Jim Gaines Executive Producer Douglas D. Davidson Cinematography Vic Sanders Music Patrick Corman Editor Edgar Vincent Production Design Vic Dann Art Director Rad Payne Casting Eddie France Associate Director Rod Davis Dialogue Coach James Gaines Script & Continuity Girl Charry Arlaine 1st Assistant Director Christopher Moss 2nd Assistant Director Kenneth Moore Makeup Dorothy Johnson Wardrobe Yazmin Samantha Property Master Jay Robinson Schedule Master John Maine Set Dresser George Hardy Set Construction Ed Rays Stunt Co-Ordinator Dan Bell Titles Boy Quilatan Graphics Vic Velasco Motorcycle Stunts Dan Bell, Matthew Doyle, Henry Calder Car Stunts Dennis Carlberg, Tim Bowie Special Effects Joe Cadbury Production Manager Manfred Grafton Camera Operator William Powers Focus Puller James Marshall Soundman Timothy Holmes Boom Operator Greg Altman Dolly Operator Joe Shooter Grips Leigh Foreman, Larry Chase Sound Mixer Keith Harness

Cast Gary Daniels (David Callahan), “Jaimes”/Jim Gaines (Charles Murphy), David Light (Douglas Anderson), Richard King (Captain Vinai), Protacio Dee (Tran Van Phu), Glaiza Herradura (Mai Linh Phu), “Christine Erlingson”/Kristine Erlandson (Kate Callahan), Peter Rise (Paul Callahan), Jeff Griffith (Moore), Michael Welborn (Steve), Jack Serra (Mark), Frank Wannack (McGuire), Clinton Young (Stepehn), Oscar Daniels (The Colonel), Leff “Erlingson”/Erlandson (Ratso), Ingrid “Erlingson”/Erlandson (Cindy), Eric King (Police Captain), Andy Joseph (Sam), Hassim Hassam (El Charmaison)

Gary Daniels on Final Reprisal in his interview on the Nanarland website:

I think most people know that I started martial arts in England at around the age of 8 or 9 years old. I first went to the U.S in my early 20's where I got involved in acting classes and started doing commercials and small parts before going to the Philippines when I was around 23/24 years old, which is where I met Wilson Tieng who was at that time running Solar films that signed me to a 2 year contract. It was Wilson that introduced me to the director Teddy Chiu [Nanarland: alias Ted Johnson alias Teddy Page. For the release of "Final Reprisal", Teddy Chiu used the pseudonym "Ted Hemingway"] and James (Jimmy) Gaines who was the writer of `Final Reprisal', the first movie that I starred in, in the P.I.

Obviously at that time I was very naïve about the film industry so Jimmy became a kind of mentor and good friend that showed me the ropes. He showed me around Manila and started to help shape me as an actor. Jimmy is a very likable person as he has a great sense of humor and a very calm, mellow personality so it was easy for us to get along. I was young and impatient back then so Jimmy was a good foil to my personality. I spent 2 years in the P.I and they were 2 of the best years of my life. `Final Reprisal' wasn't a great film but I had the time of my life making the film and working with Teddy, Jimmy and a lot of other ex pats, ex military guys living and working in the P.I. I also learned a lot about the realities of film making that you can't learn in an acting class.

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