Friday, February 13, 2009

The Secret Of King Mahi's Island (1988)

1988 – The Secret Of King Mahi’s Island (Solar Films International/FLT-Moredel)

[released on Spanish VHS as “El Secreto del Tesoro”]

Director Leonard Hayes, [uncredited] James Gaines Story Concept William Timmerman Screenplay Eric Hahn Additional Screenplay Leonard Hayes, James Gaines Producer Rhoda L. Freemont Executive Producers Rose Loanzon Flaminiano, Delta V. Lazatin, Donald Davidson Music Mon del Rosario Editor Ronald Santillan Cinematography Joe Tutanes Sound Supervision Silvio de Santos Jr, William Light Casting PEC Casting Ltd Production Design Dante Mendoza Art Direction Don T. Menders Production Manager Lydia de Leone Controller/Production Supervisor Jhet Peters Assistant Director Fred Cummings Preproduction Co-ordinator Dana Dalton Production Co-ordination Arleen de Leone Post Production Supervisor Marie Jessamine Lazzare Sound Effects Editor Gilbert de Santos Set Supervisors Tony Bright, Bill Hawkins Property Masters Jon Cajun, Ric Century Wardrobe Masters Oscar Manzano, Randy Grasse Set Dressers Joe Tex, Radji Abdul Anvil Makeup Artists Virgie Miro, Beth Hammond Assistant Film Editors Dan Ford, Edmund Piper, Allan Borge Negative Cutter Hero Kings Stills/Photos Wilmore Barry Titles/Opticals Rudolf Winkler, Ronald Santillon Special Effects Danny Torrente Talent Co-ordinator Edd Saveittsen Schedule Master Chris Monarch Stunt Co-ordinator Ben Romano Stunt Performers Ed Boyce, Dan Bell, Ron Norton Field Soundman Bing de Santos Unit Sound Man Willie Anton Cameramen Julian Zorre, Henry Richards Gaffers George Tutanes, Ace Romulade Lifters Gerry Proud, Anthony Schroeder Clappers Tony Lolla, Steven Frost Grip Men Richard Oppenheimer, Alvin Horace, Tim Reilly Unit Drivers Randolph Goldstein, Leopold Bruce

Cast Gary Daniels (Chuck), Michelle Frankenberger (Leah), Jerry Bailey (Brent), James Gaines (Tony), Tsing Tong Tsai (Kimo), Kurt Otto Frankenberger (Joe), Anthony East (Ben), Michael James Welborn (Marino), Jim Moss (Bo Browning), Avel Morado (Chief), Alan Klem (Matt), Boy Clinton (Boy), Fred Cominos (Fred), Majid Jadali (Erick), William Romero (Black Legs), Tony Ogunsanya (Tatu), Gomez (Chief’s Right Hand Man), Vincent Okeke (Witch Doctor)

Gary Daniels on “Secret…” from his interview on the Nanarland website:

The second film I did was called The Secret of King Mahi's Island which was supposed to be an Indiana Jones style action/adventure film but it did not go so well. The original director quit after about 1 week and Jimmy took over but there were many problems and the film turned out terrible. It is not surprising and I am glad that it never received a wide distribution.

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