Monday, February 9, 2009

The Gunfighter (1983)

1983 - The Gunfighter (Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions)

[An entirely Filipino production filmed in the United States, Philippines release date 26th December 1983; distributed internationally by Saga Film International in 1985, released on Greek VHS as "The Gunfighter And The Kid" (on-screen title), and on the cover as “The Kid And The Gunfighter” ]

Director Romy Suzara Story/Screenplay Tony Calvento Producer [uncredited] Espiridon Laxa Music Jun Latonio Production Manager Cayetano B. Lalic Sound Engineer Vic Macamay Editor Augusto Salvador Cinematography Rey Lapid, Bhal Dauz Post-Production Coordinator Leonides Laya Assistant Cameraman Efren Lapid Assistant Director Mike Mariano Special Effects/Routine Instructor Eddie Nicart Sound Effects Jun Martinez Assistant Editors Toto Natividad, Efren Salvador, Boy Gloria Dubbing Director Jess Ramos Opticals Amano Buencamino Unit Manager Murray Ord

Cast Lito Lapid (Tejan), Connie Angeles (Wawona), Chuck Biller (Frank Smith), Cole McKay (JJ), Paul Jones (Lex Jake), Marlene Chavez (Mother of Tejan), Rey Lapid (Father of Tejan), Vernell Dizon Arquero (Lito The Kid), Brad Fletcher (Desperado), Bret Davidson (Desperado), Kurt Campau (Desperado), Rooster Cortez (JJ’s Henchman), Terry Reynolds (JJ’s Henchman), Don Moody (JJ’s Henchman), Greg Willowman (JJ’s Henchman), Jerry Hall (Sheriff), Emil Varga (Judge), Linda King (Saloon Keeper), Rod Casteel (Store Keeper), Ken Wilson (JJ’s Man), Warren Simons (JJ’s Man), Mike Valentine (JJ’s Man), Mark Janco (JJ’s Man), Eddie Nicart (Chief Aide) Indian Village People Bonnie Delgado, Mary Patino, Mary Melina, Rory Delgado, “Baby” Casey Delgado, Anita Cruz, Armin “Chico” Sanchez, Frank “Don” Hogya Indian Warriors Bill Porter, Larry Bruce, Chico S├ínchez, Don Hougie Stagecoach Passengers Joe Anderson, Frank Blakeney Indian Girls Cassandra Delgado, Mary Petino Wife Of The Judge Soakie Chacolla, Vicky Varga

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  1. I played Frank Smith. I found a copy of the dvd but poor quality (pic above, greek subtitles). It would be nice to find a copy of better quality. - Chuck Biller