Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Igorota (1968)

1968 – Igorota (Nepomuceno Productions)

[Philippines release date 24th October 1968, full title "Igorota : Mountain Maiden". Dubbed into English and released overseas in 1970 in a racier version as “Igorota: The Legend Of The Tree Of Life”; this version was re-released in the Philippines in the 80s as “The Legend Of The Tree Of Life”]

Director/Writer/Producer Luis Nepomuceno Music Tito Arevalo Cinematography Loreto Isleta Editor Elsa Abutal Sound Editor Juanito Clemente Makeup Artists Andrea Manahan, Juanita Manahan, Victorina Manahan

Cast Ric Rodrigo (Albert), Charito Solis (Princess Maila), Fred Galang (Agpo), Eddie Garcia (Mike), Lanie Gentica (Lanie), Mario Monte (Prince Kadangyan), Ben Perez (Apo Pulog)

[all images courtesy of Simon Santos at Video 48 Blog]

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