Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost Command (1988)

1988 - Lost Command (Cine Suerte Inc)

[Philippines release date 5th May 1988, sometimes listed as “Platoon 2”]

Director Ben Yalung Screenplay Tony Calvento Cinematography Ernesto Dominguez Editor A. Salvador Music Jun Latonio

Cast Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr, Paquito Diaz, Jean Garcia, Jenny Lyn [Ramirez], Lala Montelibano

Review from the Vomit Bag Video catalogue:

Very violent, action-packed 1988 Phillipine war-action flick, with the same stars and director of BODYGUARD, Ramon BONG Revilla, Jr.! A group of savage terrorists hold a busload of schoolkids and teachers hostage in the jungle, and it's up to the hero to break in and save the remaining survivors before they're all killed. Some real BLOODY head shots, stabbings, machine-gun massacres, nudity, rape, etc. Definitely COOL! Even the KIDS pick up machine guns and start blasting away!

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