Sunday, March 15, 2009

Johnny Rambo Tango (1985)

1985 - Johnny Rambo Tango (Larry Santiago Productions/Entertainment Phils. Inc)

[Philippines release date 22nd August 1985, original title “Johnny Rambo Tan-Go Part III”; also released on Spanish VHS as “Johnny Tan-Go Rambo Parte III”]

Director Ricky Santiago Screenplay Rick Acasio Executive Producer Ricman Cinematography Rudy Quijano Editor Samuel Dumondon Sound Joe Climaco

Cast Redford White, Roderick Paulate, Palito, Jograd [de la Torre], Liz Alindogan, Nanette Inventor, Herbert Bautista, Rowell Santiago, Max Alvarado, Joaquin Fajardo, Lucita Soriano, Tony Roxas, Geron Vega, Efren Pader, Cachupoy, Victor Garcia, Seratin Fernandez, Isidora Pitago

Review from the Internet Movie Database:

I cannot believe I am commenting on this one, I saw it quite a long time ago and I don't think I can find it now. As far as I recall it was a pitiful parody of the Stallone movie, but sometimes I miss this turkeys. The same actor made other movie "Rocky Tango 4", I never saw it but sure it was even worse. To sum up, this was incredibly cheesy, jokes was just unbearable including a reference to the delightful song: "We are the world" but despite everything I do not know why Spanish freaks don't recover this, for the freaky fans, this is a must. And oh!, I was about forgetting about it but the acting is the most atrocious I have ever seen, specially the Gay character.

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