Sunday, March 15, 2009

Over My Dead Body (1983)

1983 - Over My Dead Body (Sunfilms International Inc)

[Philippines release date 25th December 1983]

Director/Writer Arsenio Bautista

Cast Tony Ferrer, Efren Reyes Jr, Bembol Roco, Raoul Aragon, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Lolita Marquez, Jing Abalos, Dave Brodette, Charlie Davao, Romy Diaz, Baldo Marro, Bomber Moran, Boy Padilla, Bobby Tabalis, Vic Varrion, Zandro Zamora, Arsenio “Boots” Bautista, Nick Romano, Philip Gamboa, Larry Silva, Bing Davao, Roxanne Recto, Rey Sagum, Olivia Obregon, Susie Jane, Christopher Paloma

Review from the WTF DVDs online catalogue:

Very rare and obscure Filipino film - yep you saw it here first - about a Mafia hitman who cleans for another Mafia bigshot who wants to rid the area of any rats who may leak information to the police. Next thing you know, there’s a war between the major mafia bosses in Asia. Lots of great action including shootings, fights, police brutality, etc…

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