Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Raiders Of Atlantis (1983)

1983 – I Predatori Di Atlantide (Regency Productions)

[export title “The Raiders Of Atlantis”, also released in the UK as “The Atlantis Interceptors”, in France as “Les Predateurs Du Futur”, and in Germany as “Atlantis Inferno”]

Director “Roger Franklin”/Ruggero Deodato Executive Producer [on IMDB only] Maurizio Amati Script “Robert Gold”/Tito Carpi, “Vincent”/Vincenzo Mannino Music “Oliver Onions”/Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis Director of Photography “Robert”/Roberto D'Ettorre Piazzoli, [listed on IMDB only] Sergio D'Offizi Editor “Vincent Thomas”/Vincenzo Tomassi Art Director Tony Amalfitano Costume Designer ???y Serano Associate Producer Alex Ti??? Dialogue Editor Michael Billingsley Post Sync Director Nick Alexander Assistant Director Mary Anthony Script Continuity Georgia Sullivan Unit Manager Ted Dobson Assistant Unit Manager Tom Ward Assistant Camera Operators “Fred Vicar”/Fabrizio Vicari, Vince Aronica Action Stills “Frank”/Franco Vitale Special Effects “Gene Reds”/Gino De Rossi Set Dresser Joe Peters Wardrobe Assistant Cindy Martins Gaffer Lewis Patters Key Grip Alfred Donovan Props Sandy Brown Wardrobe Lucille Bennett First Assistant Director Peter Thomas First Production Assistant Geraldine Picar Second Production Assistant Pat Gauvan Dizon Makeup Artist Maurizio Trani Hair Stylist Mary Morris Sound Supervisor Dean Peterson Boom Operator Janet Bock Sound Mixer “Benny”/Bruno Moreal Wigs Rocchetti & Carboni Foley Al Gramigna Miniatures Al Passeri [on IMDB only] Sound Recorist Antonella Boetani Special Effects Paolo Ricci Stunt Co-Ordinator Rocco Lerro Stunts Angelo Ragusa

Cast Christopher Connelly (Mike Ross), “Marie Fields”/Gioia Scola (Dr. Cathy Rollins), Tony King (Mohammed/Washington), Mike Miller (Klaus Nemnez), Ivan Rassimov (Bill Cook), “John Blade”/Giancarlo Prati (Frank), Bruce Baron (Crystal Skull), George Hilton (Professor Peter Saunders), Mike “Monti”/Monty (George), “Michael”/Michele Soavi (James), Audrey Perkins, “Morris Fard”/Maurizio Fardo (Larry Stoddard), “Benny Lewis”/Lewis E. Ciannelli (Oil Rig Commander), John Vasallo (Manuel), James Demby, Gudrun “Schemissner”/Schmeissner, [uncredited] Benedetta Fantoli, Gianni Franco, Gianni Gianfranco, Adriana Giuffrè, Ruggero Deodato (Oil Rig Assistant), Angelo Ragusa (Motorcycle Raider w/headband)

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