Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Up From The Depths (1979)

1979 - Up From The Depths (New World Pictures)

Director Charles B. Griffith Writers Anne Dyer, Alfred Sweeney Producer Cirio H. Santiago Executive Producers Jack Atienza, Roger Corman Associate Producers Jill Griffith, Nanny Norman Music James Horner, Russell O'Malley Cinematography Ricardo Remias Editors G.W. Bass, Gervacio Santos, [uncredited] R.J. Kizer Production Design “Maurice Gallagher”/Peque Gallaga Special Effects Sandy Hill, Robert Short, Chris Walas Underwater Director “Pete Gallagher”/Peque Gallaga Musical Director Russell O'Malley Production Assistant [uncredited] Kent Adamson

Cast Sam Bottoms (Greg Oliver), Susanne Reed (Rachel McNamara), Virgil Frye (Earl Sheridan), Kedric Wolfe (Oscar Forbes), Charles Howerton (Dr. David Whiting), Denise Hayes (Iris Lee), Chuck Doherty (Ed Bennett), Helen McNeely (Louellen Bennett), Ken Metcalfe (Mr. Holland), Randy Taylor (Jimmy), Dave D'Martyn (Tourist #1), Clem Persons (Maintenance Man), Peter Cooper (Nieberg), Katherine Scholy (Darleen), Ken Petruic, Bobby Greenwood (Tourist #2), Dorothy Burham, [uncredited] Joe Crawford, Phyllis Crawford

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