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The Killer vs Ninjas (1984)

1984 - The Killer vs Ninjas (Dove Productions – IMDB lists Artrium Film Production Co. Ltd.)

[Philippines release date 11th January 1984, original title “Pusakal”; sometimes listed as "Killer vs Ninja"]

Director Boots Plata Writer Tony Pascua Producer Lita A. Santos Executive Producer Lydia J. Trajano Cinematography Ricardo Jacinto Editor Ruben Natividad Makeup Artist Yolly Unabla Special Makeup Artist: Ms. Charito Solis Rey Salamat Assistant Makeup Artist Baby Caril Production Manager Rey Trajano Assistant Director Sócrates B. José Props Jun Benitez, Noel Luna, Donato Quilo Utility Sound Rolando Anastacio, Ver Anastacio Sound Effects Rodel Capule Sound Supervisor Bing De Santos Field Soundman Cirilo Pascua Boom Operator Narding Sta. Maria Special Effects Jun 'Gapo' Marbella Stunt Director Rey Sagum Fight Instructors Buddy de Leon, Frank Ramos, Boy Salvador, Rey Solo Electrician Felipe Badilla Assistant Camera/Camera Operator: Second Unit Eddie Buenaflor Animation Camera Operators Carlos Lacap, Oscar Manzon Clapper Loader Ricardo Manguni Stills Roger Peralta Animators/Title Designer Gay Buencamino, Manuel Buencamino Layout Artist Ed Santos Assistant Editors Danny Gloria, Toto Natividad Musical Director Boy Alcaide Unit Driver Benito Badiola Service Driver Rudy Balcita Crew Eddie Boy Badiola, Ricardo Dumigpi, Joe Gleabo, Manuel Manguni, Orlie Sta. Maria Production Coordinators Ed Castillo, Roger Santos Choreographer Rommel Feliciano

Cast Ace Vergel, Kristine Garcia, Myrna Velasco, Dick Israel, Rez Cortez, Lito Anzures, Eddie Arenas, Billy Arevalo, Joe Balagtas, Boy Briones, Tony Carreon, Jo Jo Castro, Nory Cenco, Ernie David, Lito de Guzman, Buddy de Leon, Paquito Diaz, Carmen Enriquez, Jun Escueta, Bella Flores, Buboy Francisco, Eric Francisco, Bobby Henzon, Jolly Jugueta, Japs Luna, Tony Martinez, Mitoy Mijares, Myra Monterz, Lito Navarro, Remy Nocum, Jun Ocampo, Bobby Orio, Ricardo 'Bebong' Osario, Mando Pangilinan, Fred Param, Tony Pascua, Danny Riel, “Chi Chi Salvador”/Ross Rival, Rudy Rivera, Renato Robles, Tan Ronald, Rey Sagum, Paquito Salcedo, Boy Salvador, Anthony San Juan, Roger Santos, Vic Santos, Larry Silva, Dennis Simbol, Charito Solis, Rey Solo, Lucita Soriano, Boy Sta. Maria, Danny Sta. Monica, “Bobby”/ Robert Talabis, Boy Ibanez

Review from the Internet Movie Database:

Young Amber lives with his mother, a back alley prostitute somewhere in the Philippines. He's subjected to daily abuse at the hands of the local kids and his teacher because he doesn't have a 'real' father, but one day, a kindly police officer adopts Amber and his mother and the new 'family' enjoys a modicum of domestic bliss. Alas, their happiness is only temporary, and after an unfortunate misunderstanding, Amber's new dad ends up dead. Flash forward ten years, and Amber is now a mustachioed small time hood--played by an actor who looks nothing like the child actor from the first reel--and his mother, crazed with grief, has been institutionalised. Amber is eager to make it big, and he accepts an assignment to assassinate a wheelchair bound gangland competitor. Having proved his worth by manfully killing a cripple, Amber moves on to bigger things and must confront Martinez, a man who controls a heavily armed army of black clad ninjas.

Ostensibly a Hong Kong production, the credited cast and crew of this low budget action feature is entirely Filipino. Ocean Shores video bears a 1989 copyright date and judging from the clothing and hairstyles, the film (titled The Killer vs. the Ninja on the tape) was almost certainly shot sometime in the Big 80s. There's an anachronistic disco scene to muddy the waters, however, so it's hard to pin down an exact production date. The confusing pre-credits sequence is a highlight reel of what follows, so unless you have a particular interest in the ups and downs of Amber's life, you'll have seen most of the good stuff in the first five minutes.

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