Monday, June 1, 2009

Firecracker (1981)

1981 - Firecracker (New World Pictures)

[Released in Australia as "Naked Fist" and in Sweden as "Kinasmällaren"; also known as "Death Machine"]

Director/Executive Producer Cirio H. Santiago Producer Syde Kechik Associate Producer Ernie Rojas Story & Screenplay Ken Metcalfe, Cirio H. Santiago Music Nonong Buencamino Editor Gervasio Santos Director of Photography Ricardo Remias [IMDB lists cinematography by Benjamin L. Lobo] Unit & Production Manager Aurelio R. Navarro Production Co-Ordinator Martin T. Sagarbarria 2nd Unit Cameramen Proceso Lazaro, Eddie Buenaflor Field Soundman Vicente Dona Associate Director Jose Mari Avellana Dialogue Coach Leo G. Martinez Art Director Ben Otico Finance Officer Roland Castro Field Cashier Bert Dizon General Manager Danilo M. Datu In Charge of Production Ed Santillan Production Accountants Pete Abulencia, Pat Benito, Lili G. Chee Assistant to Producer Mila Raymond Scriptgirl Rachel M. Leuterio

Additional Scenes: Director/Writer Allan Holzman Director of Photography Don Jones Production Manager Mark Allan Music Susan Justin, Paul Fox Stunt Co-Ordinator Ron Pohnel

Cast Jillian Kesner (Susanne Carter), Darby Hinton (Chuck Donner), Reymond King [Rey Malonzo?] (Rey), Ken Metcalfe (Erik), Peter Cooper (Pete), Don [Gordon] Bell, Carolyn Smith, Chanda Romero (Malow), Tony Ferrer (Tony), Vic Diaz (Grip), Omar Camar, Rubiah Suparman, Yasmin Yusuff, Malik Salamat


  1. FIRECRACKER has ARNIS or Philippine Stick Fighting in it and has much to commend it from the viewpoint of scenery,etc. and is a great escape piece to MANILA...

  2. Where are the pictures of behind the scenes of making the movie Firecracker a.k.a. Naked Fist? Kindly put them, especially the scenes of Jillian Kesner fighting two intruders inside the hotel room and the scenes of her in bra and panties while climbing down the ladder and making a run for it and fighting the two thugs in the empty warehouse while topless.