Thursday, November 12, 2009

Death Bond (1988)

1988 – Death Bond (Puzon Film Enterprises Inc)

Director Dominic Elmo Smith Writer Brian Burrell Producer “Pierre”/Pio C. Lee Executive Producers Conrad “Boy” Puzon, “Pierre”/Pio C. Lee Co-Producer Daniel Sales Cinematography Nonong Rasca Music “Jimmy”/Jaime Fabregas Editor Rodolfo Montecajon Sound Supervision/Sound Mixer Vic Macamay Production Designers Ronnie Cruz, Len Santos Associate Director Joe Towers Production Manager Glenn Parian Casting Director Vic Saad Fight Stunt Director Rey Sagum Car Stunt Director Baldo Marro Costume Designer Merlito Santos Set Designer Melchor Defensor Special Effects Jun Marbella Script Continuity Juliet Chentes Production Assistant Jerry Asuncion Field Soundman Donald Santos Camera Operators Pablo Bautista, Bernardo Gavino Electrician George Rosales Set Director Tanny Perez Wardrobe Master Ron Henry Tan Makeup Artist Teresa Mercader Stunt Coordinator Jolly Jogueta Post Production Manager Johnny Leoncio Sound Effects Editor Tony Gosalvez Assistant Sound Effects Editor Greg Torres Assistant Editors Willy Asuncion, Rene Dugtong Property Master Jerson Arididon Location Manager Dories Gallardo Transport Manager Lito Roranes Wardrobe Assistant Jude Quinito Property Assistant Angelito Estacio Set Carpenters Isko Ginoo, Romy Tarin Set Artist Jun Peregrino Setman Max Pangilinan Property Custodian Fe Herrera Field Cashier Meddy Tajonera Production Accountant Rita Pontanares Production Secretary Jossie Almazan Best Boys Jon-Jon Salazar, Alejandro Mendoza, Joey Litovio Titles Amang Buencamino

Cast Jeff Weston (Glass), Eves Hudson (Lt Lane), Darwyn Swalve (Donahue), Henry Strzalkowski (Stroh), Nick Nicholson (Lido), Jeff Griffith (Petey), Eli Marder (Sam), Casey Staub (Camille), Francis Nerone (Admiral Smith), Marvin Bund (Frank), Chantal Manz (Sylvie), Melissa Dozier (Ex-Wife), Guel Romero (Boyfriend), Warren McLean (John Lawrence), Allan Klem (Bodyguard 1), Gregory Walsh (Bodyguard 2), April Schutz (Young Lady), Aaron Staub (Young Kid), Tony O'Donne (Bartender), Dave Harrison (Bar Waiter), Joe Fisher (Rebel Leader 1), Albert Bronski (Rebel Leader 2), Philip Gordon (Helicopter Gunner), George Soeth (Helicopter Pilot), Robert Allen (Car Driver), Judy Smith (Hotel Receptionist)

On the set of Death Bond: Jeff Weston (left), Henry Strzalkowski (front), Darwyn Swalve (behind)


  1. In a post on Dvdmaniacs Nick Nicholson mentioned that DEATH BOND wasn't directed by Domino Elmo Smith as mentioned in the credits but by Eddie Rodriguez. Here's his entire post:

    Regarding that Death Bond film. If my memory serves me right that was from Cinex, and directed by Eddie Rodriguez. I think I died in a hail o bullets on a golf course...Henry and this monster of a guy named Darin or Darwin would do movie trivia all day long...

  2. I'm married to eves Hudson,aka Carolyn.
    Shes got three children and living in her home town in the isle of man.
    She still talks about her films and we have posters to prove to visitors that at one point in her life she was famous

  3. She hasn't changed one bit,apart from the permed hair,she's still beautiful.
    We keep guns away from her though.

  4. Hey Roger,
    That's awesome. She was definitely cool in that film!