Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Orient Escape (2005)

2005 - Orient Escape (La Perla Nera/Diamonds Film International)

[Italian title “Fuga Orientale”]

Director “Pierre Le Blanc”/Bruno Mattei Story/Screenplay Anthony Trenton Producer “Gianni”/Giovanni Paolucci Cinematography Luigi Ciccarese Music Flipper Editor Daniele Campelli Scenography/Costumes Emanuela Rota

Cast Claudio Morales, Viktoria Steel, Eva Mackenzie, Jaime Queralt Llorca [listed on IMDB as “Jaume Queralt”] (Phil)

Synopsis from the Diamonds International Film website:

Mark and Lauren are a married couple crossing a very delicate moment of their life together, so trying to find gain the strong passion they had at the beginning of their relationship, they decide to have a romantic trip in Asia. Travelling they meet another couple, Phil and Sandra, becoming friends very soon.

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