Monday, May 10, 2010

Secrets Of Women (2005)

2005 - Secrets Of Women (La Perla Nera/Diamonds Film International)

[Italian title “Segreti Di Donna”, sometimes listed as “Secrets Of Woman”]

Director “Pierre Le Blanc”/Bruno Mattei Story Anthony Trenton, Bruno Mattei Screenplay Anthony Trenton Producer “Gianni”/Giovanni Paolucci Cinematography Luigi Ciccarese Music Flipper Editor Daniele Campelli Scenography Randy Garnier Production Manager Sammy Interno Costumes Chochy Nicdao

Cast Kathy Novak (Nicole Wilson), Yvette Yzon (Jane Dimao), Robert Davis

Synopsis from the Diamonds International Film website:

Nicole Wilson is a fascinating American sexologist who is invited in a Far East town to meet some patients of a colleague of hers, George Woo, who had a love affair with her in the past. Her friend and assistant Jane is with her. She's a beautiful oriental woman, and with her, Nicole wants to complete a book on women erotic fantasies. Nicole is immediately stroke by the fascinating exotic place, but she doesn't forget her book, and while she develops her erotic stories, the young girls assisted by doctor Woo starts meeting with her. Gradually, Nicole and Jane are kept by oriental pleasures, discovering the most exciting situations in an explosion of eroticism. George start courting again Nicole, but she doesn't want to open an old story again and before going back to the USA, she will abandon herself to extremely transgressing relationships, until they reach the peak of a sex triangle…But once this satisfying intercourse is ended, she will realize that surprises have not yet finished.

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